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Christmas Holidays in the Gryffindor Girls' Dorms


Christmas break at Hogwarts can sometimes get a little boring, so the Gryffindor girls find ways to entertain themselves. Specific warnings at the beginning of each chapter.

Erotica / Fantasy
Age Rating:

𝟏 | The Beginning (Hermione x Ginny x Parvati)

Ginny and Parvati enter with alcohol; Hermione lets her hair down. We all know what happens next.

[threesome; strapon; light bondage]

Hermione was just putting her novel on her bedside table and getting ready for a late-evening study session when the door to the dormitory slammed open. She looked up in surprise as Parvati and Ginny stumbled in, giggling.

“Hey, Hermione,” said Ginny. “Look at what I managed to sneak in!” she pulled a bottle of what looked suspiciously like Firewhiskey from inside her coat.

“I can see you two have already had some yourselves,” said Hermione dryly, observing their flushed faces.

“Come on, Hermione,” said Parvati, sitting down on the edge of her bed. “Join us, have some fun.”

“Yeah,” said Ginny, joining Parvati on the red and gold bedspread. “It’s the beginning of the Christmas holiday, and I happen to know that you have no homework.” She handed Hermione the open bottle.

Hermione sighed. She supposed she could afford to let her hair down every now and then. And Ginny was right, she had no homework. Although she had been hoping to work ahead a bit over the break...

“Very well.” She took the bottle from Ginny. “I suppose it can’t do too much harm.” Hermione took a brave, large swing from the bottle. She screwed up her face at the new taste and coughed a little. Ginny and Parvati burst out laughing. Hermione wondered absently when those two had started hanging out.

“There you go!” exclaimed Ginny. “Now we can have some fun!”

The three girls passed the bottle around, becoming louder and more animated as the evening progressed. Hermione came out of her dignified shell more and more, much to the delight of the others. “Shall we play spin the bottle?” she said finally.

Parvati and Ginny looked at her blankly.

“The kids at school used to play it,” Hermione explained, faltering a little. “I never did and it seemed like... fun. You take a bottle.” She grabbed the now-empty Firewhiskey bottle and placed it on the floor between them. “And spin it. And then whoever it lands on, you have to...” she ducked her head, blushing. “Kiss.”

Ginny grinned. “I love that idea! Parvati?”

She smiled too. “Exactly where this night needs to go.”

Hermione smiled, though a little uncertainly, as Ginny gestured for her to go first. She spun the bottle and it stopped when it pointed right between Parvati and Ginny. Hermione was about to reach to spin again, but Ginny stopped her.

“Let’s just cut straight to it, shall we?” she asked, looking at the other two girls. “This is what we’ve all been wanting to happen tonight, right?”

Sounds of agreement were made, and so Ginny moved over to Hermione, who was sitting on the floor against her bed. Ginny knelt in front of her and gently took Hermione’s face in her hands and very softly kissed the corner of her mouth. Hermione’s heart pounded in her chest as she leant forward, placing her hands on Ginny’s waist as she kissed her back.

Ginny smiled against her mouth and deepened the kiss as they both slowly rose to their knees, pressing their bodies together. Hermione parted her lips slightly, affording entrance to Ginny’s tongue.
Parvati, who had been watching with interest up to this point, now joined them. She knelt beside Ginny and brushed her fiery red hair to the side as she started peppering kisses over the neck and shoulder. Ginny moaned into Hermione’s mouth at this new stimulation, making Hermione’s knees feel weak.

Ginny’s hands began to roam lightly over Hermione’s body, carefully slipping under the pyjama shirt and splaying her fingers over her lower back. Hermione felt slightly light-headed but was unsure whether that was an effect of the alcohol or the amazing things Ginny was doing to her mouth. Was this really such a good idea when they were all verging on the border between tipsy and drunk? But Hermione decided that tonight was not the time for overthinking, so she cautiously tugged Ginny’s tank top out of the waistband of her skirt and broke the kiss to pull it over her head.

All three girls looked at each other for a moment, a little breathless and more than a little tipsy, but all quite sure that this was what they wanted tonight. Hermione tried not to ogle when Parvati pulled off her jumper as well. She found her eyes raking over the curves of both the girls in front of her; even Ginny’s body seemed new and different from all of the times they had shared a room over the summer. Hermione felt hopelessly out of place as always, but that thought was quieter than usual, pushed to the back of her mind. So she carefully pulled off her shirt and tossed it to the side.

Ginny turned to Parvati now, and pulled their hips together forcefully, eliciting a gasp from the other girl. The redhead smirked and kissed her, sucking on Parvati’s bottom lip as she fiddled with the back of her bra.

Hermione came behind Parvati, helping Ginny with the hooks on the bright red bra. As Hermione slid the straps from her deep brown shoulders, she kissed down the side of Parvati’s neck and shoulder. Parvati switched her attention to Hermione, crushing their lips together in a rather frenzied way while deftly undoing Hermione’s bra. Hermione let it fall to the ground as her hands explored Parvati’s body, gently caressing her breasts.

Ginny took a more direct approach, pulling off her bra and turning Hermione’s body towards her slightly so that she would have access to the ample breasts that were always hidden by Hermione’s rather conservative wardrobe. She wasted no time taking a nipple between her lips and prodding the sensitive tip with her tongue. Hermione gasped, breaking her kiss with Parvati for a moment. The feeling that had been squirming in her lower abdomen, growing slowly stronger, now reared its head again. She felt that her panties were starting to soak through.

While Ginny continued to suck and nip at Hermione’s nipples, she slipped her hand between Parvati’s legs and under her skirt. She slowly massaged her crotch through the lacy fabric of her panties, inducing her wet juices start to soak her undergarments as well.

Soon, all three had shucked all of their clothing and climbed onto two beds that they had pushed together to serve their needs.

Hermione was unsure about this part and Ginny quickly took charge. She pushed Hermione onto her back, kissing her deep into the mattress. As she distracted her with her mouth, she moved her hand between Hermione’s legs, gently stroking her folds. Hermione trembled slightly at her touch and Ginny sucked hard on her lower lip for a moment before bringing her face down between her legs.

Parvati took advantage of Ginny’s absence from the top of Hermione’s body. She nipped at her lips before sucking messily at her neck. Hermione was sure that she would leave purple marks all over her, but it felt so damn good that she didn’t really care.

Ginny had been teasing her pussy with her tongue, gently licking the folds and making Hermione’s hips squirm with impatience. Finally, Ginny spread the folds with her fingers and began to lap in earnest. Hermione moaned, her eyes closed and her hands desperately searching for something to hold onto.

Parvati moved her attention over to Hermione’s breasts, kneading them slightly before capturing one of the hard nipples between her teeth. Hermione’s hands gripped the sheets tightly as the combination of Ginny and Parvati’s attentions overwhelmed her to the point where she could barely think straight.

“Oh my –” she gasped. “That’s so –” Her gasps turned into cries in short succession and Ginny knew she was close. She entered her with her tongue, reaching her hand up to tweak Hermione’s clit. Parvati upped the game as well, sucking at Hermione’s neck as she pinched and flicked her nipples.

Hermione’s hips arched and her entire body tensed and shuddered. She felt a shattering feeling of release throughout her body, releasing all that had been building up. Ginny let her ride out the orgasm before joining Parvati in raining gentle kisses all over her body. Hermione felt her body relax, feeling much more at ease than before.

“So, who’s next?” she asked.

Ginny gently kissed first Parvati and then Hermione. “Why don’t you start to take care of Parvati? I’ll watch and maybe join in later.”

Hermione smiled, letting a lingering hand slide off of Ginny’s ass as she slid away. Then she turned to Parvati, who eyed her curiously. She crawled towards her, eyes smoldering in a way that made Parvati squirm in all the best ways, until she was on top of the exquisite dark body.

She lowered herself into a kiss, brushing Parvati’s hair away from her face. She quickly kissed down her neck before returning to her lips, sucking and nipping with all the intensity she felt coursing through her body. Their teeth clicked as they tried to taste as much of each other as they could.

Parvati let her fingernails rake gently down Hermione’s back, stopping at the small of her back. She grabbed her ass, pulling Hermione down on top of her, enjoying the feeling of her weight over her body.

Not wanting to waste any more time, Hermione brought a hand down to the wet heat between Parvati’s legs. She gently stroked the soaked folds and lightly pinched her clit. Parvati’s breath hitched and Hermione smiled as she deepened the kiss, slipping her middle finger into the wet pussy. This earned her a moan as she pressed in further.

Before tonight, Hermione would have been embarrassed to admit that she had pleasured herself before. But now, at least that was coming to good use. Because by Merlin, it was heavenly having Parvati, popular beautiful Parvati, squirming and moaning at her slightest touch.

Ginny watched with lustful eyes, her fingers gravitating towards her own cunt. The sight of Parvati so undone at the hands of Hermione was too much to resist. Slowly she swirled her fingers in the wet folds between her legs, arching her back slightly in pleasure.

“Hermione, oh my g –” Parvati’s gasp was interrupted as Hermione added a second finger. She began to pick up the pace, fucking Parvati harder and faster, she juices seeping out and onto the sheets beneath them. Their kisses became more distracted, neither being able to concentrate on anything except what was happening between Parvati’s legs.

“Yes, yes! Oh my god!” she cried out into a kiss as Hermione pounded as hard as she could, trying to push her over the edge.

Ginny’s breaths became shorter, nearing her orgasm as well, eyes closed. Parvati’s moans and cries and the squelching of Hermione’s fingers were arousing as hell.

Shoving her fingers into Parvati’s pussy a couple more times, Hermione drove her over the edge.

“Fuck, Hermione!” Parvati screamed as the orgasm sent shockwaves through her body. Hermione watched her in fascination, her fingers still inside felt Parvati’s muscles spasm. Cum squeezed out of her pussy, covering Hermione’s hands in it.

Parvati, having ridden out the orgasm, grasped at Hermione’s cum-covered hand and slipped her fingers into her mouth, tasting herself. Satisfied, she pulled Hermione back in for a taste herself.

Across the bed, Ginny moaned as she fucked her fingers into herself, trying to reach the peak of pleasure on her own.

“This won’t do at all,” purred Parvati, still a bit breathless, as she crawled seductively towards her. “Shall we assist you?”

Parvati’s tone captured Ginny’s interest and she slowed her ministrations to concentrate on her. “What did you have in mind?”

“Hermione? Could you grab the chest from under my bed and bring it here?” Parvati said, grinning, without breaking eye contact with Ginny.

The chest was filled with things Hermione had only heard of, much less seen or handled in real life. Dildos, vibrators, strap-ons, handcuffs, and things she didn’t recognize.

“There’s a dear,” said Parvati, who set immediately to handcuffing Ginny to the headboard and blindfolding her. Then she pulled out one of her favourite strapons; the one that stimulated both parties involved and had a special lubrication spell on it. Before getting started, she turned to Hermione. “Join in whenever you want.”

She positioned herself between Ginny’s legs, spreading them far apart. She teased her cunt a bit with the head of the dildo, before starting to slowly slide it in. Ginny let out a sigh as she moved her hips to accommodate the length. Once she was fully in, Parvati lost no time beginning to pound at a fast pace, making Ginny grip the straps of the handcuffs tightly.

Ginny moaned and cried out in pleasure, her legs spread wide and cunt fucked harder and faster by the minute. “Fuck! Fuck yes, Parvati!” She would be coming soon at this rate.

Parvati relished in her current position over Ginny. She was spread out before her, naked, bound, and blindfolded, in her power. And the friction that the strap-on created between her legs added more pleasure to the power. She moved her hips as quickly as she could, fucking Ginny into the mattress, taking what she wanted.

Ginny came first, a wordless cry escaping her lips as pleasure exploded over her body. Parvati pounded in a few more times, partly because she could and partly to bring herself to orgasm as well. She pulled out and reached out to Hermione, who had been watching all this while gently touching herself, and pulled her into a bruising kiss as she rode out the waves of pleasure assaulting her body.

Finally, the three girls collapsed onto the mattress, totally spent, limbs tangled and pleasure centres still tingling. A few light kisses were exchanged as they settled in for the night.

“So, Hermione,” asked Ginny after they’d turned out the lights. “Better than homework, right?”

Hermione giggled, tracing a finger over the curves of Parvati’s breasts. “Most definitely.”

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