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Christmas Holidays in the Gryffindor Girls' Dorms

𝟐 | Hermione takes some initiative (Hermione x Ginny)

Hermione decides to step out of her comfort zone and find out whether the threesome was a one-time thing.

Spoiler: it isn’t.

[lingerie; stockings; hickeys]

Hermione hesitated for a moment before knocking on Ginny’s dorm door. She held a robe around herself tightly, covering the lingerie set she wore underneath.

It had been a joke, an ironic present from friends back home. The set was bright red and included a lacy pushup bra, an absurdly small pair of underwear, and stockings. She had borrowed a pair of high heels from Parvati, and when she stood in front of the mirror not five minutes ago, she felt confident. Maybe even a bit sexy.

But not now. Now she wondered whether maybe she was reading too much into things. Maybe that night with Ginny and Parvati was just a onetime thing. Maybe it was just because they were a little drunk.

You’re in Gryffindor, for fuck’s sake, a voice in her head said. Be brave, step out of your comfort zone.

She took a deep breath, brushed her hair behind her ears and knocked on the door.

“Yeah?” came Ginny’s voice from inside.

“It’s Hermione.”

“Come in!”

Adjusting the robe around her, Hermione entered the room. Ginny lounged on her bed, her head hanging over the edge as she read a book upside-down. She looked past her book at Hermione and cocked her head to the side. “What are you wear-”

Her words died in her mouth as Hermione dropped the robe to the floor as alluringly as she could manage. Ginny rolled onto her stomach to look at her right-side-up. Hermione began to walk towards her, making sure to swing her hips and not wobble on the heels that she was now regretting wearing.

Ginny’s eyes were wide and grazed along Hermione’s curves, now accentuated by the various red lace panels. The hungry look in Ginny’s green eyes almost made Hermione want to cover up, but part of her revelled in the attention. As Hermione reached the bed, Ginny sat up, looking up into her eyes as Hermione stood over her. Ginny placed her hands lightly on Hermione’s bare waist.
For a moment, Hermione’s confidence faltered. “I thought... after, you know, that maybe...?”

Ginny smiled and said, “Absolutely,” before pulling Hermione’s face down into a crushing kiss. Already comfortable with each other, tongues were afforded entrance almost immediately. Hermione straddled Ginny’s lap, her fingers tangling in her messy red hair. Ginny pulled her closer, her hands travelling up and down her body, touching every inch that she could, her back, her waist, her ass.
The kisses became more frantic, lips sucking and teeth clacking against each other. Hermione slipped her hands under Ginny’s jumper, who broke the kiss momentarily to pull it over her head and toss it away. Hermione kicked off the heels and pushed Ginny onto her back on the bed. Ginny grinned, a little breathless, and slid herself farther onto the bed. Hermione made to pull the stockings off, but Ginny grabbed her hands.

“Keep them on,” she said and pulled Hermione on top of her.

For a moment, Hermione stayed there, her hands flat on either side of Ginny’s head, supporting her. She lost herself in the green eyes that stared up at her, feeling her heart pound in her chest and that familiar tight feeling down below.

Ginny finally pulled her down into another kiss, enjoying the feeling of Hermione’s weight on top of her. As their tongues intertwined, Ginny made quick work of the bright red bra. As Hermione tossed it away, Ginny grabbed her hips and flipped them over, so she was on top. She gasped in surprise and Ginny grinned, capturing the gasp into another kiss.

Hermione’s hands fumbled down to Ginny’s bra, undoing the clasp with some difficulty as Ginny kissed her air out of her. Ginny tossed the bra aside without breaking the kiss and then slowly moved down Hermione’s neck. She kissed and sucked hard, the idea of leaving her mark on Hermione’s skin thrilling her. Hermione’s hands grasped absentmindedly at the pillows above her, her eyes closed and her mouth open in an almost perpetual moan of pleasure.

Ginny traced her fingers down Hermione’s chest and stomach until they stopped at the elastic waistband of her underwear. Hermione’s thighs twitched and Ginny smiled, slowly kissing her way down Hermione’s body. But instead of going straight for the now very wet pussy, she peppered kisses on the insides of her thighs. Hermione sighed, eyes closed; while this felt good, it wasn’t exactly what she wanted.

Of course, Ginny knew this and teased ever closer to where Hermione really wanted her mouth to be. She slowly rubbed the lace covering Hermione’s cunt, feeling her wetness seep through. She pushed the thong aside and lightly drew her tongue along Hermione’s folds.

Hermione moaned.

Smiling, Ginny began to lap in earnest, spreading Hermione’s legs to get in a better position. She moved her attention to the clit, sucking on it and gently scraping her teeth against it. Hermione inhaled sharply and her hand flew down to rest on Ginny’s head. Taking this as a sign to continue, Ginny playfully nipped at the clit.

“Oh...” Hermione moaned, her hips twitching slightly to more fully experience pleasure. “Fuck, yeah, right there.”

Ginny continued her ministrations, reaching a hand up to knead Hermione’s breasts, bringing her gently over the edge, the tightness releasing with an open-mouthed moan and an arched back. Hermione felt warm and content when Ginny flopped down beside her. She leaned a head on her shoulder.

“You know,” said Ginny. “I hardly got to see you in that getup.” She smiled down at Hermione. “Would you mind...?”

Blushing a little, Hermione put the bra and heels back on. She stood awkwardly in front of Ginny’s bed. “What should I do?” she asked quietly.

Ginny lounged on the bed, eyes raking over each curve and lacy panel. “How about a slow turn so I can see every angle?” Hermione turned slowly on the spot, self-consciously tucking a strand of hair behind her ear.

If it was possible to consume with only the eyes, that was what Ginny was doing. She drank in the curve of Hermione’s ass, cheeks separated by a thin red string. The stockings, fixed to the thong with straps, somehow elongated her legs, and the heels accentuated her thigs and ass. The red lingerie complemented her dark skin tone beautifully. Her nipples, hard, poked out through the lace bra, evidence of her arousal.

“God, you’re hot,” Ginny sighed, rising from the bed. Hermione barely had time to open her mouth to respond before Ginny captured her half-formed words in a kiss. Grabbing hold of her hips, Ginny pushed her back until their hit the wall. Hermione let out a sharp gasp and Ginny deepened the kiss.

Hermione groped at Ginny’s bare breasts, kneading them and gently rubbing her nipples. Ginny moaned into Hermione’s mouth and took one of her lips into her mouth, sucking and lightly biting it. She moved her lips down Hermione’s jaw and landed on a place on her neck, sucking hard in one place, the thought of the mark she would leave tugging at a place low in her abdomen.

Hermione moved her hands down Ginny’s waist and hips. Ginny still wore a pair of loose pyjama pants, so Hermione slid a hand down into her panties. Ginny sighed against Hermione’s skin, continuing to suck at her neck.

Hermione slowly drew her fingers through the folds that were already soaking wet. She lost no time inserting one finger, the second not far behind. As she pumped them in and out of Ginny’s pussy, Ginny’s kisses to Hermione’s neck became lighter and more distracted.

Ginny pressed her body closer to Hermione, the added friction that their bare breasts afforded her bringing her closer to orgasm.

Hermione upped the pace, her other hand grabbing at Ginny’s ass, increasing the tightening feeling in Ginny’s abdomen, begging to be released. Finally, Hermione added her thumb, rubbing at Ginny’s clit, and she came, shuddering and relying on Hermione’s support to remain standing.

Later that evening, Hermione stood in front of the mirror, inspecting her newly-acquired hickey. “That’s gonna be fun to hide,” she murmured. “An illusion charm might work.”

“Or don’t,” Ginny suggested from the bed, still admiring Hermione’s body. “Not many people at Hogwarts during the break. Besides, I like it.”

“Well, if you like it,” said Hermione with a smile, turning away from the mirror to look at Ginny. “I guess a little hickey-induced rumour wouldn’t be so bad.”

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