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Christmas Holidays in the Gryffindor Girls' Dorms

𝟑 | The Library (Hermione x Parvati)

Parvati decides to spice up Hermione’s study session in the library.

[public sex; scissoring]

Parvati found Hermione in the library. “Hello, darling,” she said quietly, sliding onto the bench beside her.

Hermione looked up and tried not to blush. “Hi, Parvati,” she said. She and Parvati had never really hung out much before, and even though she had... well, seen her naked and all that, it was still weird to just hang out.

“Are you busy?” Parvati asked her.

“Not really,” Hermione said. “Why?”

“Well,” Parvati said slowly, moving closer to Hermione and putting a hand on her leg. She raised an eyebrow as her hand slid higher and under her skirt.

Hermione looked around. “Here?” she whispered eyes wide.

Parvati smirked in a way that made Hermione’s breath hitch and she felt that familiar tug in the bottom of her stomach.

Since it was the Christmas break, there was basically no one else in the library. Except of course for Madame Pince. For some reason, the thought of being caught thrilled Hermione more than it scared her.

After all, was there an explicit rule against having sex in the library?

Hermione nodded. “We’re gonna have to be quiet.”

Parvati’s grin widened. “Good luck with that.”

Hermione’s stomach fluttered as she turned to Parvati, straddling the bench so she could face her. With one hand on her cheek, Hermione gently kissed Parvati on the corner of her mouth. Parvati smiled and deepened the kiss, her hands on Hermione’s hips.

Hermione’s hands made their way down Parvati’s body, caressing her breasts through her clothes. They couldn’t exactly strip in the library, but it was easy for Hermione to imagine; and somehow feeling Parvati’s body warmth through her blouse was just as arousing.

While Parvati’s hands were still slowly making their way up Hermione’s legs, pushing under her skirt, Hermione’s fingers probed at Parvati’s crotch first.

“You’re not wearing underwear,” Hermione managed to murmur between kisses. Parvati simply smiled against her mouth and slowly began to kiss along Hermione’s jawline.

Hermione almost moaned but managed to swallow the noise. She swore she could feel Parvati smirk against the skin under her ear. Determined to get her back, Hermione licked her fingers quickly before starting to rub circles around Parvati’s clit.

Parvati inhaled sharply, pulling Hermione closer and focusing her attention to the particularly sensitive part of Hermione’s neck. She sucked at it and Hermione’s head fell back as she tried hard to keep quiet.

She carefully probed one finger into Parvati, slowly pumping in and out of her. Parvati moaned into Hermione’s neck, her teeth scraping her skin.

Hermione couldn’t help but smile a little and added a second finger, quickly finding the sensitive spot within. Every time she entered, she made sure to hit it.

Parvati was no longer kissing Hermione’s neck; she was using it to muffle her moans. Her hands caressed Hermione’s body, pulling her closer at her hips and fondling her breasts over her shirt. As she got closer, her hands gravitated for Hermione’s hair, and she gripped the curls as it became harder and harder to keep quiet.

Hermione fucked Parvati with her fingers, the tempo increasing as she tried to drive her over the edge. Parvati could feel the tension growing in her lower abdomen, begging to be released, and she rolled her hips to more fully feel Hermione inside her.

Finally, she came tumbling over the edge, her cry slightly muffled by Hermione’s shoulder. She leant against Hermione, her body still twitching from the orgasm. They were both out of breath and smiling and almost didn’t hear the fast-approaching footsteps.

“Madame Pince!” Hermione hissed, quickly licking the cum off her fingers, sitting properly on the bench and pretending to be engrossed in the book in front of her.

Parvati pushed her skirt down over her legs, hiding the wetness beneath.

Madame Pince appeared at the end of the row. “Miss Patil, Miss Granger!” she scolded.

“Sorry, Madame Pince,” Parvati said, trying not to grin. “We’ll be quiet.”

“Yes,” Madame Pince said. “You most certainly will, or I will have to throw you out of here.”

As she retreated, Parvati stifled a giggle. “Merlin, that was close!” she whispered.

Hermione couldn’t help but smile, her stomach fluttering with the excitement. Parvati slid in closer again.

“Where were we?” she asked coaxingly.

Smiling, Hermione leaned in, kissing Parvati softly on the lips. Parvati deepened the kiss, pushing her back gently until she laid on her back on the bench. One arm above Hermione’s head supporting her, Parvati leaned over her. As she lowered herself carefully into a kiss, her other hand went under Hermione’s skirt and deftly pulled her panties down to her knees.

With skilled fingers, Parvati rubbed circles around Hermione’s clit as she positioned herself; turning Hermione slightly to the side, she straddled one of her legs, so that their pussies could be in contact with each other.

When Hermione realized what she was doing, she braced her arms against the bench and rocked her hips up against Parvati’s.

Parvati laid a hand on Hermione’s midriff. “Lay still,” she said. “It’s my turn.”

So Hermione stayed still and looked up at Parvati in wonder as she began to rock back and forth, grinding her pussy against Hermione’s own. Her eyes were slightly closed, her mouth slightly open, holding onto Hermione’s thigh as she moved. Her movements were both graceful and erratic at the same time, a beautiful image of intimacy and pleasure.

As the tension rose inside both of them, Parvati ground against Hermione faster and harder. Hermione found it more and more difficult to stay still and twitched her hips up involuntarily. Their cunts rubbed against each other, stimulating their clits to the point where they couldn’t stop the moans from escaping their lips.

In the back of her mind, Hermione knew that making any sound meant more chance of getting discovered, but in the front of her mind was Parvati’s body swaying and rocking and the feeling of her pussy on hers.

Their scents mingled and lingered in the air as they came close to release. They both tumbled over the edge together, biting back cries of pleasure. Hermione laid her head back on the bench, eyes closed, her arms dangling over the edge. Parvati leant back, letting out a long sigh as the pleasure overwhelmed her body.

“Miss Patil! Miss Granger!”

Hermione and Parvati sat up, suddenly pulled out of their haze of pleasure.

At the end of the row, Madame Pince stood in a confused rage that can only be expressed by one who has come across a lot of angering situations, but none like the one they have just come upon.

Parvati glanced at Hermione and tried hard to stifle a giggle. Hermione’s face was pink and her hair was a mess and her panties hung off one ankle. They were truly an image of debauchery.

Hermione was the first to act, grabbing Parvati’s hand and tugging her off the bench as she made her escape. Parvati’s laughter soon joined by Hermione’s, echoed through the empty library as they ran through the stacks of books and out into the hallways.

The only evidence they left behind was Madame Pince’s shocked expression and Hermione’s panties, which had flown from her ankle as they fled, and lay under a table in the History of Magic, 100-500 AD section.

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