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Luna x Ginny Oneshots

Reward for a (Quidditch) Job Well Done

Luna promises Ginny something special if the game against Hufflepuff goes well

[teasing; oral sex; strapon; some derogatory dirty talk]

The match against Hufflepuff was about to begin. Ginny was strapping on the last of her equipment, nerves a bit jittery as they always were before the game.

“Weasley!” Angelina called. “Lovegood’s here to wish you good luck.”

She looked over to see Luna standing awkwardly in the doorway, wearing a combination of Ravenclaw and Gryffindor colours. Ginny smiled as she made her way over. “Aren’t you afraid your fellow Ravenclaws will start to doubt your loyalty with all that red and gold you’ve got on?”

Luna smiled, leaning in closer to Ginny. “Do you need extra motivation for today?”

Ginny’s grin widened. “Absolutely, what did you have in mind?”

She stepped in closer and undid the front of her robe, showing her green and gold Holyhead Harpies lingerie that she wore underneath. “I think we’ll be able to think of something.”

Ginny raised her eyebrows, but Luna just smiled. “Good luck, Ginny! I’ll see you after the match.”

Ginny managed to slip away from the victory party in the Common Room up to her dorm. Luna sat on her bed in Holyhead Harpies lingerie and a broom-inspired dildo between her legs. Her long blonde hair fell over her shoulders and she batted her lashes at Ginny. “Do you think you could give me some pointers on how to ride this?”

Ginny was at the bedside in a second. “Oh, absolutely.”

Luna took the dildo into her mouth, sucking on it with her eyes locked on Ginny’s. Ginny watched her, slightly mesmerized, eyes leaving her face for a moment to graze along her curves, the green and gold lace that contrasted so nicely with her pale skin. Luna pulled it out with a satisfying pop and handed it to Ginny.

As Ginny knelt on the bed, Luna leaned back, half-lying on the pillows, legs spread wide, showing that the panties were crotchless for easy access.

“So, once you have the broom nice and wet.” Ginny sat between Luna’s legs. “You tease the lips a bit.” She ran the head through Luna’s folds. Luna sighed, moving her hips slightly to catch more friction, but Ginny took her sweet time. She slid the dildo up and down, catching Luna’s clit every time, making her inhale sharply.

“And how long do you do that?” Luna’s voice was breathier than usual.

Ginny grinned, continuing her teasing rhythm. “Oh,” she said casually. “As long as you deem necessary. And we’re in no rush.” She slowed her movements a bit, letting the head linger on Luna’s clit longer. Luna bit her lower lip, her hips bucking as she tried to increase the stimulation.

Finally, Ginny pressed the head of the dildo against her pussy, glancing at Luna for the okay, and then began to slowly push it inside. Luna moaned, eyes closed and head thrown back against the pillows, as she was filled up. Ginny was slow but unrelenting, watching as the dildo disappeared inside of her. Her strong fingers gripped the end, her other hand on the inside of Luna’s thigh, keeping her legs spread apart.

“Shall I slowly talk you through the rest too?” Ginny asked with mock sincerity, ghosting kisses over Luna’s stomach and inner thigh.

“I think – ah – hands-on experience would suffice,” Luna sighed, looking down at Ginny, who grinned again.

“As you wish,” she said, and slowly pulled the dildo out again, pushing it in faster this time. She quickly fell into a moderately fast rhythm, fucking the broom-inspired dildo into Luna’s pussy. Luna moaned loudly, hands grasping at the sheets and the pillows, gripping them tightly with each exclamation: “Ginny, ohmygod – ah – you’re so – right there – ah.”

One of Luna’s hands came down to rub at her clit, but Ginny swatted it away, bringing the pad of her thumb to it instead. Luna was getting close, and Ginny picked up the pace, rubbing her clit and pushing into her faster. Luna’s legs tried to close, squeezing around Ginny as the tension built inside her, but she simply pushed them aside, never missing a beat.

Luna came soon after, a cry muffled into the pillows and her back arching. Ginny slowed the pumps into Luna, pressing her lips to her inner thigh, whispering, “There you go, love, very good.” She softly kissed up Luna’s body as it shuddered in the aftershocks of her orgasm, making sure to move aside the green and gold cloth of her bra so that both nipples got their rightful attention. As she moved up to her collarbone, Luna pulled her up into a kiss, wasting no time as she slid a hand down Ginny’s quidditch pants and slid a finger through her folds.

Ginny chuckled against her lips. “Someone’s eager.”

“Well,” Luna said, flipping them over so she straddled Ginny. “After your performance in the game, I’d say you deserve it.”

Ginny placed her hands on Luna’s hips, running her thumbs between the cloth of her underwear and her bare skin. “And what exactly do I deserve?” she asked in a lower tone.

Luna smiled mysteriously and slid to the side of the bed, motioning for Ginny to follow. When Ginny sat at the edge of the bed, Luna moved the pillows behind her. “Lie down,” she said quietly. “And relax.”

With a raised eyebrow, Ginny laid back, legs dangling over the edge of the bed. Luna quickly pulled off Ginny’s quidditch pants and then her underwear. All obstacles aside, she knelt between her legs and put them over her shoulders before diving face-first into Ginny’s wet pussy. Ginny moaned as Luna went to work, hands on Ginny’s hips, tongue sliding through her folds.

Ginny soon realized that with her legs around Luna, she could guide her where she wanted her and press her in further. This she did readily, first clamping around her clit with her lips, tongue leaving no part untouched. Ginny’s hips bucked, feeling the texture of her tongue drag over such a sensitive part of her. She pulled away for only a moment to suck on her fingers, but her mouth was on her clit again in a moment.

A finger pressed into Ginny easily since she was slick with arousal, and was soon joined by a second. Luna’s rhythm was unforgiving, but not in speed, but in thoroughness; she synced up the rhythm of her mouth and fingers and left no place untouched. Ginny’s legs tightened around her as she neared her climax, but Luna did not miss a beat, even letting her free hand go up under Ginny’s shirt and tweak at a nipple a bit.

When Ginny came undone, Luna was not near finished. She looked up at Ginny from where she knelt on the ground. “So, what’s your pleasure?”

“Hmmm?” Ginny asked, still in a bit of a post-orgasm haze.

“That was just for your goal in the first ten minutes,” Luna said lightly. “There’s still your penalty goal, three particularly impressive interceptions–”

“Alright then,” Ginny said, sitting up. “My pleasure, huh? Well, then I think it’s time I grab the strap.”

Strap-ons in the wizarding world were great because they were enchanted to stimulate the strapped as well as the strappee. So when Ginny first sank into Luna’s wet pussy, she felt it to her core as though the strap was her own cock.

Luna lay on her stomach, hips and ass slightly raised to give Ginny access to her pussy, moans muffled by the pillows. Ginny half-knelt between her legs, hands on Luna’s hips as she supported herself. Her pace was gruelling as she fucked Luna into the bed so all Luna could do was lie there and take it – which she did not mind in the slightest.

Luna’s Holyhead Harpies lingerie had long been discarded and Ginny’s hands roamed as her hips snapped against Luna’s. When a moment of dominance came over her – “I sure hope you’re enjoying my cock, since you offered your body as a reward like a little slut” – she pressed Luna’s face into the bed or pulled her arms behind her back, pinning them with a single hand. Luna would simply prop up her ass a little farther and keen into the bedclothes in appreciation.

But now, as Ginny could feel herself nearing the edge and knew Luna was getting close as well, she slid a hand under her and rubbed Luna’s clit. Another thing about the magic of strapons was that when Ginny came, her cum came out the other side and into Luna, for whom the sensation of being filled like that pushed her ever close to her own orgasm. Ginny rode out her orgasm, fucking into Luna at the same breakneck speed, one hand tightly grasping her hip while the other rubbed her clit.

Luna came with another muffled cry, toes curling and hands grasping at the sheets. Ginny thrust a few more times – because it felt so good, damnit – before pulling out and collapsing at Luna’s side. Luna rolled onto her side, dreamy smile on her face, and pressed a chaste kiss to Ginny’s cheek.

“So, I’d say that counts for probably the penalty goal,” Luna mused. “Or perhaps the interceptions...”

Ginny laughed. “I think I’m gonna have to take a rain check on the rest of my reward.” She kissed Luna softly. “I’m pretty much spent.”

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