Peace until Dawn


Dawn and Draco have been best friends since their first year at Hogwarts. Attached at the hips since then, they have gone through their lot of adventures. But what happens when the Wizarding world enters a new area of war and fear. Will they able to save themselves?

Romance / Fantasy
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Dawn was an orphan but had been placed under the Malfoy’s protection since she was 12, At the end of their 4th year, she left the orphanage to spend the summer at the Malfoy’s manor. She and Draco spent their days playing Quidditch, talking and reading. They would even sneak muggle books in the mansion and read them under the covers once the night came. They tried to avoid everything that had happened on their previous year. They tried to ignore as much as they could the fact that Lucius and Narcissa would constantly disappear to go to what they called “business meeting”. The two teenagers weren’t stupid. They understood what was coming. They just tried to have fun for as long as they could. Draco knew what was waiting for him soon. Now was the last day of vacation before they would have to go back to Hogwarts for another year.

Dawn woke up as the sun was rising and stirred in her bed, contemplating what was probably one of her last days of peace and happiness. She looked outside as the raindrops rolled down the window of her bedroom. It was as if the weather understood what she was feeling inside. She wanted none of it. Not the war. Not the dead. Not the hate. She just wanted to be with him and be happy. Together. But that was just a dream that seemed so far away from reality. As a tear tainted her cheek she remembered when she met Draco. When her existing turned into her living. She had nothing before she met the blond boy. No family, no history, she was just surviving in the foster home. But when these grey eyes landed on her freckled face, she became someone. He was all she had. All she cared for and all she loved. And she was terrified that that would be taken away from her. She was brought back from reality when she heard her door crack open. She turned around briskly, wiping the tear hastily. She let out a breath she didn’t know she was holding when she saw Draco, a hand on the doorknob. The smile he was harboring a second ago was wiped away by a face of worry when he saw her wiping her cheek.

“Are you crying?” he asked worriedly as he closed the door and hurried to Dawn’s side.

“I’m fine Draco don’t worry” she assured him with a small smile.

The blond boy didn’t say anything and instead sat next to her and wrapped his arms around her body. She leaned into his embrace, resting her head on his shoulder.

“We’ll be okay” he whispered to her as he ran a hand through her hair.

Dawn closed her eyes, her body instantly relaxing at his touch.

“I’m scared Draco” she whispered back, taking his hand in hers.

“Me too” he confessed back, resting his chin on her head, intertwining their fingers.

The two friends stayed like that for a few moments, watching the rain pour on the window, their heart beating together.

Finally, Dawn let go of Draco’s hand and stood up, yawning.

“Get out” she instructed as he was getting up.

“What? Why?” the blond boy asked her, confused.

“I need to change” she answered, putting her hand on his torso to push him out.

A smirk formed on his lips at her words.

“can’t I stay for the show?” Draco asked her, grinning.

Dawn rolled her eyes at his comment and pushed him towards the door.

“Absolutely not.”

He pouted at her answer and was about to retort something when she shut the door in his face, a smile of satisfaction playing on her lips. Dawn got dressed quickly in sweatpants and oversized T-shirt and went to arrange her hair. As she was doing so, she caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror decorating her bathroom wall. Her freckles who became more preeminent with the sun was complementing well her light blue eyes. As she passed her finger through her dark hair, she wondered what her mother looked like. She did that often. Thinking about what her parents looked like. Or look like. She sighted to herself and got out of the bathroom. She walked towards Draco’s room and knocked on his door before opening it. An unvolunteered smile appeared on her face as she caught her best friend shirtless. As if he was reading her mind, he turned around and flexed his arms muscles, jokingly showing off.

“Like what you see darling?” Draco teased her, putting his flexed arm in her face.

She swatted his arm away with her hand and started laughing as he flexed his other arm.

“You’re so stupid” Dawn told him between giggles.

“But you like it” he smirked, now pulling his shirt up to show off his abs.

“Get over yourself and get your ass to breakfast” she told him, ignoring his comment.

“You’re no fuuuunnnnnn arghhh” Draco whined, letting go of his shirt.

Dawn rolled her eyes at his childish behavior and left the room, walking to the kitchen. She usually wasn’t even aloud in this part of the house, but that day Lucius and Narcissa were away. They caught her once in the kitchen the first time she came to the manor and shouted at her that these were the domestic quarters. Since then, she only made her own food behind their back. Luckily for her, the house elves liked her company and kept it a secret. That morning she decided to make pancakes for her and Draco. She tried. The house elves were in a good mood and didn’t even let her touch the pan, telling her she was too beautiful to make her own breakfast. She tried to argue with them, but they ended by shooing her away to the dining room. She could’ve ordered them to let her cook, but she didn’t like acting like she was superior to them. Draco was already seated at the table eating toasts when she arrived.

“whfat didg theym saidmm?” he asked, bits of toast falling from his mouth in the process.

Dawn pulled a disgust face as the boy swallowed thickly before asking again.

“I take it they didn’t let you cook?”

“No, they didn’t” she answered, taking a seat next to him. “Said I was too beautiful to make my own food”

“I agree” Draco commented, making the brunette smile.

“You’re only saying that because you don’t like my cooking” she pointed out, taking a toast from the silver plate in front of her.

The blond boy put a hand on his heart, faking horror.

“Of course not!” he almost shouted dramatically widening his eyes.

Dawn started laughing at his impression. She took a spoon full of jam and threw it his way, making him duck under the table.

“HOW DARE YOU” he shouted as he shot up, jam on his cheek.

Dawn was laughing hysterically at his expression, her heart felling with joy. But her moment was cut short, and her laugh vanished as she heard the front door opening. Draco’s expression fell as well, and he barely got time to wipe the jam from his cheek when his parent’s voices could be here throughout the manor. Dawn and him immediately corrected their postures, standing straight and eating in silence, their heads hanging low. The brunette cursed at herself for only wearing sweatpants and she hoped Lucius wouldn’t notice. Luckily for her only Narcissa popped her head through the door frame. The two teenagers relaxed noticeably at her sight and the elegant woman offered them a small smile. She looked tired and worn out. However, neither Draco nor Dawn wanted to ask about it. They knew too well the answer.

“Your father and I are very tired. Go up to your room now” Narcissa ordered, turning to Draco.

The blond boy only nodded before standing up, followed by Dawn. They walked up the stairs to their bedroom in silence. They both hated it when Draco’s parents came back from “business meetings” because they couldn’t help but imagine what was happening. Dawn followed Draco in his bedroom, not daring to say a word. As the Blond boy sat on his bed with his head in his hands, she went up to his bookshelf and chose his favorite book. She then went to sit next to him, her back resting on the wall and began reading out loud. As soon as the first words left her lips, the blond boy went to lay his head on her stomach and listen to her voice. Draco and Dawn spent their last day of vacation reading or talking together, eventually both falling asleep in the blond boy’s room, cuddled up together.


So here is the Prologue. Hope it’s not too bad.

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Have the greatest day ever.


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