Peace until Dawn

Chapter 1

Draco woke up the next morning around 6 pm and started to get up when he realized that Dawn was still asleep on his chest. A smile formed on his face as he watched her sleep. She looked so peaceful. So happy. And he liked to think that he was the one making her happy. His name being called in a whisper made his heart jump. He turned his head toward the door to see his mother watching him still dressed in her night robe. She was looking fondly at the two teenagers with a small smile.

“You scared me” Draco stated back in a whisper, trying not to wake Dawn up.

“I’m sorry but you two are so adorable together” Narcissa chuckled silently.

“What’s wrong mom?” Draco asked, his eyebrows furrowing in concern.

Narcissa almost never came to his room, especially not in the morning.

“Dark times are coming Draco.” Narcissa started, making the blond boy tense up at her words “You’ll have to take care of her”.

Draco looked down at Dawn, who was still fat asleep. His heart seemed to tightened at the thought of her in danger.

“Of course I will” he whispered, more to her than to his mother.

When he looked back at his mother, the spot where she was standing a second ago was now empty.

Dawn woke up to a familiar hand stroking her hair. She opened her eyes slowly and smiled in satisfaction when she saw her best friend looking down at her.

“finally.” Draco chuckled.

Dawn sighted and got up, still half asleep.

“What time is it?” she asked him in a groggy voice.

“7 pm.” The blond boy answered as he got up and walked towards his bathroom “we have to go or we will be late”.

Dawn stirred before finally getting up and going back to her bedroom to get dressed. She put on a black dress and her dr.martens before going down for breakfast. As soon as Draco and Dawn were done, they put on their coat and apparated with Narcissa and Lucius to the train station. The two teenagers gave a goodbye hug to the elegant woman before boarding the train in search of a compartment. As they walked down the train, Draco took a hold of Dawn’s hand, interviewing their fingers together. Even tho Dawn was used to this kind of gesture from the blond boy, it was becoming harder to ignore the feeling in her stomach each time they touched. Just as they were passing another compartment, Blaise’s head stuck out of it and offered them a smile.

“We saved some seats for you guys! Get your asses here” he shouted, making a few heads turn.

Dawn hugged Blaise as she entered the compartment, followed by Draco. In the compartment was Daphne, Pansy, Blaise and Theo. Dawn was very good friend with Daphne and Blaise, however the same could not be said regarding Pansy and Theo. Pansy has always hated her due to her closeness with Draco and Theo was constantly trying to get with her since their 3rd year, which annoyed her a lot. She took a seat between Blaise and Draco.

“You got even more beautiful over the summer Dawn” Theo said, sending a wink her way.

“Shut up Theo” grumbled Draco, sending daggers his way.

“Come on Draco! You could share” Theo pushed, eyeing Dawn up and down.

“Watch your mouth” Blaise warned, pointing his finger in the boy’s direction.

“Theo I swear if you don’t stop looking at me like I’m a piece of meat I will put my foot up your arse” threatened Dawn, already fed up by the boy’s comments.

Theo put his hand up in surrender, a smirk still on his lips.

“So” started Daphne, trying to diffuse the tension “how was your summer?”

Before any of them could answer, Pansy started talking, and that was it. They wouldn’t be able to talk for the next two hours or so at least. When Pansy started talking, there as nothing you could do to make her shut up. At some point Dawn fell asleep on Blaise’s shoulder, making Draco roll his eyes in jealousy.

Dawn awoke an hour later by the sound of her friends moving around. She stirred awake and got up, taking a hold of her bag.

“Finally awake?” teased Blaise with a smile.

The dark haired girl stuck out her tongue at him, making him shake his head in fake exasperation. Draco joined the group of Slytherin as they were making their way to the carriages.

“Hey there” he spoked softly, making his way next to Dawn.

“Hey” she answered, looking up at him with a smile.

The blond boy took a hold of her hand as he helped her in one of the carriage. However, before he could get in, Theo beat him to it and sat next to Dawn.

“Theo, move” Dawn told the boy coldly.

Draco smirked at the boy, proud of his girl. Theo sighted and went to seat next to Daphne instead, who rolled her eyes at the boy.

The six teenagers sat at the Slytherin table, waiting for the annual ceremony to begin. Dawn and Draco played rock paper scissors under the table during the sorting ceremony, too bored to pay attention. Once there was no first year who wasn’t into a house, Dumbledore started his speech. Dawn didn’t really paid attention to what he was saying. Well, until Umbridge cut him off. Lucius had told Draco and Dawn about Umbridge, and the brunette knew she didn’t like her one bit. Murmurs erupted in the room at the woman’s interruption; no one has ever interrupted Dumbledore like that. The petite woman recited a cheesy speech who made Dawn roll her eyes and the rest of the student pull disgusted faces as well. The tension in the room seemed to diffuse once the feast began. The Hall erupted in laughter and happiness again as food appeared on the table. Dawn didn’t wait another minute and immediately pilled her plate food, forgetting her manners.

“Dang, someone’s hungry” Draco teased, smiling at the girl.

Dawn flicked his forehead and started stuffing her mouth with food with a satisfied expression. Draco shook his head at the girl and started eating as well, but with more manners. Pansy threw a disgust glare in Dawn’s direction. The girl plastered her best fake smile on her face before flipping Pansy off, making sure to show her all the half-chewed food in her mouth. The mean girl huffed and turned to resume whatever conversation she had going on.

Later that night, Dawn couldn’t find any sleep. She had been staring at the ceiling of her dormitory for now over two hours when she decided she had enough. She sighted and sat up in her bed, looking around to find all of her roommates asleep. As silently as possible, she got up, and, putting a sweater on, slipped out of her dormitory. Luckily for her, no one was in the common room, making it easy for her to sneak out. The chilly air of September hit her soft skin as she walked through the dungeons of the castle. She walked slowly, not really knowing where to go. She wondered through the silent corridors for a few moments before she heard footsteps. She stopped in her tracks and stood, her feet on the stone cold floor. A mere second later, a familiar black cloak turned around the corner to reveal no one else than Severus Snape. The cold man stopped in his track once he caught sight of the girl.

“I see you want detention on your first night back Miss Brown” Severu Snape said in an icy voice.

Dawn only smiled at her Professor, her demeanor not changing an inch.

“I was actually looking for you Professor” She replied.

Severus Snape’s eyebrows shot up only so slightly.

“Really” He asked without an ounce of curiosity in his tone “And why is that?

“Tell me about the first war” she demanded, walking closer to her Professor.

The man’s expression went from cold to glacial in half a second. He looked down at the girl in front of him, trying to find any signs of humor in her eyes. He found none. For a second, Dawn thought he was going to tell her everything she wanted to know.

“Get back to your dormitory Miss Brown” was all he said before turning around and leaving as swiflty as he came.

Dawn cursed under her breath. She started walking back to the common room slowly, not eager to go back to bed. She knew she shouldn’t torture her mind about what was coming ; it won’t help. However, she couldn’t help but wonder what happened in the first war. She thought maybe it would help her predict what was to come.

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