Try Escape(Five Nights at Freddy's 4 Fanfiction)

Unexpected meeting Pt.1

“P.O.V Jimmy”

I was in my room, Fear was haunting me totally, I walked back and forth in my room, waiting 12:00 AM, The lantern was on the bed, So far, the lights were on.

- “Why did it take so long But this is good, I have time to play around even see if everything is ready, I’d better prepare myself!” - I said as I went to my bed and taking the torch .- “Okay ,It’s almost time...”
The clock marked 12:00 AM, At the same time, the clock tolled and the lights went out.
- “I’m ready!” - I said with a sigh and lit the lantern.

“P.O.V Amanda”
I woke up there all night because of a nightmare, I’m going to the bathroom to clean my face.
- “What a nightmare that was Perhaps it was my biggest nightmare in my life ...?” - I thought enquano encarama my reflection in the mirror .- “Okay, Amanda, Calm down ... It was just a nightmare ...”I went to the kitchen to try to get rid of that feeling, Moreover, My name is Amanda, I am a 14 year old girl who lives in a way that apartment alone, I know I care, I’m 1.60 tall, my parents died in a car accident when I was 4, I was the only one left alive, I am supported by my relatives.- “But ... what that dream meant?” - I say there opening the refrigerator and taking a piece of chocolate cake.Suddenly, I hear a knock at the door.- “What ... Someone ...” - I’m going to the door, the opening and see a postman.- “Good evening, Miss Amanda, came a letter for you.” - The mailman said, opening the bag and pulling a letter and soon after, Going away.- “For me so so late?” - I closed the door and turned on the kitchen light and opened the envelope and pulled the letter.“Hi, Amanda, I’m sure that when you read this letter, you will want to kill me ... but come on ... First, I want to apologize for putting Jimmy in the mouth of Fredbear, I ... I did not know this would happen ... I ... I ... I never wanted ... But I did ... Now Jimmy is in a coma and you have no friend like Jimmy ... Just ... Please, I hope you understand Amanda ...Signed Billy ”When I finished reading the letter, I clenched my fists, Billy was the older brother Jimmy and also the person who caused that terrible accident, when I saw Jimmy’s mouth Fredbear and blood everywhere, I froze .. .- “It was all your fault ... Now ...” - tears come out of my eyes and clenched my fists.- “I ... I need to go to the hospital!” - I cried going to my room .- “Here we are ...”I picked an outfit and dress.Now, I was with a golden dress lolita with white details, A great tie was on my back, white socks a little transparent, golden sneakers,I have brown hair ranging up to shoulder height, also have green eyes, clear skin, I put a white headband with a golden jewel, in my ears, had gold hoop earrings, I put a black cord necklace with a golden jewel faceted in the shape of a heart and put a silver ring with a golden jewel.
- “Well, let’s see my equipment ...” - I said picking up my phone and entering a code for me to see my equipment.
-------------------------------------------------- ------
Amanda’s Equipment

Weapon: Golden Sword
Description: The favorite sword Amanda
Shield: None
Armor: lolita dress
Description: The favorite dress Amanda, which gave a lot of money ...
Accessories: Tiara
Description: The favorite tiara Amanda
-------------------------------------------------- ------
- “Okay, all the normal ...” - I said turning off my cell phone and keeping in a bag, I get all I need to go to the hospital: My Documents, My cell phone and charger, My medicine to make me sleep, a bottle of water and most importantly, a flashlight, After all, you never know what can happen.

“P.O.V Billy”

I was already in the hospital, I first went there reception.

- “Good evening, Miss.” - I said a receptionist, which was a young.
- “Good night, what do you want?” - The receptionist asked.
- “I came here to visit my brother, Jimmy, What’s in coma.-I said through authoritarian.
- “Oh yes ... The boy with eat bite in Fazbear Family Dinner ... Just wait a little ...” - The receptionist said putting some information about my brother’s visits Meanwhile, I see Amanda entering the hospital.
- “Hello, Amanda.” - I said comprimentando Amanda, but when she saw me, she freaked out ....
- “Your ... Shut up If it was not his fault and his friends, Jimmy would not be in a coma now!” - Amanda shouted with tears in her eyes.
- “Hey, If they fight, quarrel outside Please Here is a hospital, then Respect!” - A security guard said approaching us.
- “Hmpf, I think I can calm down ...” - Amanda calmed easy way.
- “What are you doing here?” - I asked.
- “I came to see Jimmy, Long time not seen him since the day of the accident.” - Amanda said crossing his arms.
- “What a Coincidence ... I came to do the same thing and I do not see it!” - I say surprised.
- “If you want, you can visit the boy.” - The receptionist said.
- “Fine with me.” - We both say at the same time.

“P.O.V Amanda”

So I and Billy gave our information, We went directly to the room where Jimmy was hospitalized When we arrived, we went in the direction of Jimmy, Multiple machines around him and a serum being given him, He was an all in your nose receiving oxygen and had a heart meter on a table.

- “Hey, little brother ... I’m here again ... I just ... I’m sorry for what happened, but do not worry, soon, we’ll be together again ... Oh yes, Amanda are here too.” -Billy said moving away from Jimmy, I’m going up to him and caught his hand.
- “Hey, Jimmy ... I, Amanda, I know you can hear me ... I hope you are well in some corner of your head ... Look, I’ll promise you one thing ... When you wake up, you will never cry and suffer hidden ... Cause I’ll be here ... forever. “- I said and kissed Jimmy’s hand, I turn my head and see that Billy fell asleep, after all, he did not eat anything before leaving home.
- “... It looks like ... It’s time to go ...” - I concentrate, Billy The sleeping body is totally shiny and he disappears, I did that, I sent home .- “Now nothing will hinder me. ”
I hold Jimmy’s hand tightly, close my eyes and focus a white pentagram appears on the floor, suddenly, I feel my body floating as if there was to the floor, I was now holding nothing and I was falling and ... I fainted.

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