Pokemon Adventures: Soul

By Naeem Denis

Adventure / Action


Burdened with the loss of his parents, Soul sets out on a journey to overcome his past. Through his travels, Soul learns to face his weaknesses and take on new challenges through tough opponents and the Sinnoh League trial. On the way, he meets new people, and tackles the threat of an evil organization known as Syndicate; unaware of their grand scheme to control the Black Market in the Sinnoh Region.

So It Begins!

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My name, is Soul. My mother died giving birth to me, which made my father the only family I had for a while. My father was an assistant to the great Prof. Rowan, and he helped do research on Pokemon Evolution. He vowed to take care of me after my mom passed, and of course he promised to show me the wonders of pokemon through his research. Then a funny little accident occurred, when I was only seven years old. He got caught in a giant explosion while trying to save people’s lives during the Team Galactic Attack in Veilstone City. He was doing research on the legendary pokemon, Palkia and Dialga, in a nearby laboratory when everything started going out of control in the Galactic building. He died a hero, trying to save as many civilians and pokemon caught in the inferno as possible. I was too young...too weak to do anything. I will never forget that feeling of helplessness, unable to run in after him. To help him. What got me even angrier, was that the man who caused the explosion and created the problem, eventually got away. Though the Sinnoh region was saved from a major disaster thanks to the legendary pokedex holders Platinum, Diamond and Pearl, I was now left motherless and fatherless. I had no relatives to stay with, and I was pretty much left in this world, completely alone.

Prof. Rowan took me in under his wing, to honor my dad or out of pity, I don’t know which. Guess he just felt like he owed my old man or whatever. So I moved to Sandgem Town, near his central research facility. The other kids thought I was a "freak", since I lived in a science lab. So eventually I grew accustomed to not having friends, and I decided that I didn’t need people, or friends. I stayed away from them, only going to school and back to the lab to study hard, and maintain my grades and athleticism on my own. I was a genius in school, unrivaled in any sport or contest, reaching a far more advanced intellect than any of my peers. They mocked me for being such a loner, and eventually moved on to become trainers or breeders, or whatever it was they studied to become in school. However, I stayed behind, deciding that in order to become a great trainer, I had to learn as much as possible about pokemon.


It was a cool, windy night. I was standing in the midst of Route 201 with Professor Rowan by my side. We were studying the pokemon in the area, logging their daily routines into one of his new Pokedex’s; just trying to experience the daily life of the pokemon that lived there. Studying the pokemon was meaningless to me, I already knew all their attacks, their movement patterns, and all their abilities. I memorized these pokemon’s abilities when I was 10. Prof. Rowan thought it’d be important to see how they “maintain natural order and peace among each other,” another thing I truly didn’t care for.

We had been out in the field the entire day, just watching the pokemon live their lives, as a family…a family I was barely able to experience. I may not have said it, but deep down, I was jealous of the pokemon. All the pokemon seemed to live freely and happily. Running and playing with their young, and even interacting with each other in complete harmony.

"Soul, I believe that's enough observation for today, can you give me a basic synapse of what we have witnessed?" Prof. Rowan asked.
I let out a sigh,

"The pokemon here learn how to coexist with one another through some sort of team effort. Take the bidoof and the shinx for example," I pointed at the shinx cubs and baby bidoof walking to two separate dens, "The bidoof and bibarel help the shinx and luxio obtain water and fish to eat, since shinx and luxio are electric type pokemon, large amounts of water shorts out their power temporarily, making hunting for fish difficult. It appears in exchange for hunting fish to eat for the shinx, the luxio and shinx gather berries and other herbivore related foods for the bidoof. They work together to make ends meet and live happily among one another."

Prof. Rowan nodded; he looked quite pleased with my response. "Now, what observations have you made for yourself? What do you think?" he asked.

This was a personal question, he wanted to see how I think, and feel. As he asked that question, I began to understand that we were not out here for studies, well, not completely. He wanted me to understand companionship, and the power of a bond.

"Hmph…my observation is this: Pokemon live together and help each other not out of kindness or respect, but out of necessity…Survival of the fittest, if you will" I began.

Prof. Rowan looked puzzled, "Oh, do go on" he responded.

"It's simple," i said coldly, "if you have something I need, and I have something you need, we will work together to get what it is we want…as long as it is necessary and unavoidable trust, for example…"

I pointed my direction away from the bidoof and shinx, looking at the spinarak and staravia. "The staravia sometimes hunt the spinarak, but the ariados sometimes hunt the starly. They pick at each other's young as a form of natural order. It seems cruel of course, but it is a necessary evil, the natural balance of life" I said coldly.

Prof. Rowan let out a deep breath. "You are very right. Soul," he stated, making his way back toward Sandgem Town, "However, the balance is there for a reason. This is why pokemon evolve; they evolve so they can grow not in just physical form, but to mature their mental state as well! Their bonds to their families and friends and their homes are crucial. In order to protect said young, they fight. Do you see? Working together and protecting something you care about ARE the epitome of life itself," He turned back to look at me, "Without this, a trainer, no, a living SOUL cannot grow into the being they are meant to become."

"Hmph…" I grunted, as I began to follow Prof. Rowan back home.

As we walked back home, we began to talk about the evolution of poliwag, and why it had two different final stage evolutions. We tend to debate and compare theory quite often. Prof. Rowan is very much like a new dad, and I respect him as such, even though we are completely unrelated. As we finally arrived in front of the lab after a short walk, Prof. Rowan stopped short at the steps.

"Soul, I have virtually taught you everything I know about pokemon. It is time you started your journey. You must travel the land and learn your own way, and come up with your own ideals." He said.

As much as I knew he was right, I did not want to leave. I didn't want to go until I was absolutely sure I had learned all I can about pokemon and battles.

" …do you think I'm ready?" I said coolly.

Prof. Rowan laughed, “Soul, you have memorized all of my research and theories on pokemon, and you literally understand the science of it all. You even mastered research on the entire pokemon population of the Sinnoh region! You are more than ready,” He said, placing a hand on my shoulder. I nodded, and we walked up the stone steps, and into the lab.

Prof. Rowan lead me into his Research and Development room. It was a huge white room, with many bright lights, and many machines that kept track of data. There was a single, but large brown desk in the middle of the room, covered with many blueprints and schematics. Prof. Rowan usually kept the three starter pokemon for the “top three” students from the official Trainer school, which is located in Jubalife City, in this room. He flipped a couple of switches on the wall, and I could hear all the machinery starting up and machinery booting up and printing results.

We walked over to the center of the room, and Prof. Rowan took a step behind the desk. He unlocked a safe, hidden underneath the desk, and pulled out a glass capsule containing a single pokeball. "You have been studying this pokemon for months. I can imagine you have learned a lot from it, and it has learned a lot from you. It is an extremely rare pokemon to find, especially in its special coloring, a perfect choice for you to start your journey with!” Prof. Rowan said, opening up the capsule. He took the pokeball out of the capsule, and handed it to me.

I took the ball from him without hesitation, and held it in my palm. “A poor walker, it often falls down. However, its strong pride makes it puff up its chest without a care. Also, it usually lives along shores in northern countries. Because of this, it’s a very skilled swimmer, and it dives for over 10 minutes to hunt,” I said, reciting the pokedex entry for a Piplup, “Proud, strong, and loyal. A perfect fit for a soldier,” said coldly.

I tossed the pokeball into the air. With a puff of smoke, the ball opened up, revealing a specially colored piplup. The piplup sat on the ground and began rubbing its eyes furiously, chirping madly, as though angered from being awoken out of its slumber.

"You may not need it, but take this anyway,” Prof. Rowan said, handing me a pokedex, “I’m sure you have memorized all the recorded entries from Kanto, Joho and Hoenn as well, but you can use it for an edge in battle against powerful foes. Use it wisely and never lose it!" he said with a stern face. Piplup looked up at us, with a confused glance.

"Piplup…" I crouched down to look it in the eyes, "From here on out, we will watch each other’s backs. We will grow strong. Together, we'll take the league down, and anyone who gets in our way." The piplup eagerly stood up getting completely riled up with my motivational speech.

"I need a leader, someone to take command when I am not around; who can lead with an iron fist. You will be named Emperor, the commander of this team,”

Prof. Rowan nodded, “I’m going to bed, shut off the lights behind you” he yawned, as he left Emperor and I behind.

I stood up, and looked down at Emperor, “Tomorrow morning we gather all our needs, and set out. We will become the best."

I held out my hand to Emperor. It nodded, and gave me its wing and we shook on our oath. I placed his pokeball on my waist, "Well, now that is settled, we need to get some rest before we move out..." I yawned, and we left the room. We left the laboratory and ran up a flight of steps, headed to my room to get some rest.

Soul, Age: 18

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