A Mad Man's Clause


A man from the past escapes the past but finds he never got far. A girl attempts to escape her life but finds she can never get far, Not until the Mad Man is gone. A crazed twist on the infamous Hyde and Jekyll

Mystery / Romance
Wina D.
Age Rating:



Raindrops beat heavily down the grimy buildings, washing away the filth along the streets. Vermin and street folks alike ran haphazardly, seeking shelter from the droplets. Chester swore loudly as the roof of his Daimler provided little cover from the rain. His coat was collecting more water than the damned roof. He was rather in a hurry to get to the asylum. Henry was up to one of his antics again and he had to stop him. He swerved at the bend, ignoring the shrieks of insults thrown his way. All he could do was pray he wasn’t too late.

A sigh of relief slipped past his cold lips as the tall gloomy building that housed England’s craziest of crazies, Hellingly Hospital came into view. He drove through the foreboding gates, parking right at the entrance. Without hesitation, he ran up the short stairs and banged on the oak wood doors. He shivered slightly, holding his coat tighter to his body, not that it was doing him any good. A loud thunder boomed, suddenly startling him. It was followed by cynical shrieks of laughter from somewhere beyond the doors. Just as he raised his hand to bang on the door again, it was pried open by a familiar face.

“Mr. Malley!” the orderly exclaimed, surprise marring his face. Clearly he wasn’t expecting to see him this night or any other time soon for that matter, considering he was supposed to be on vacation.

Chester, not in the mood for pleasantries, brushed past him. “Where’s Hen- Dr. Jekyll?”

“In his office.”

“Okay, thank you, Fred. Please ask Nurse Marge to meet me there.”

“Yes sir!” Fred sprinted towards the direction of the nurses’ lounge to relay the message. Chester marched along the familiar halls of his workplace, towards Henry’s office on the first floor. It was already past bedtime so most of the patients were locked in their rooms. Just a few orderlies and nurses lurked around the dark spaces, making sure each patient was in bed. Once he stood in front of the door with the name plate, Dr. Henry Jekyll, he knocked but there was no answer. He tried again but still no answer. He exhaled out in frustration.

“Chester?” A tiny voice called out to him from the distance. He turned to see Marge walking towards him, looking prim and proper though it was late. She was a sucker for orderliness. It was almost impossible to see her disoriented. It was such character that made her the head nurse of the hospital.

“Have you seen Henry, Marge?” he asked, unable to hide the worry and fear in his voice.

“No! What happened?”

He groaned, pushing his wet hair from his face. “Nothing, I’m hoping. He called me an hour and half ago, sounding crazy.”

She frowned, “Crazier than usual?” He nodded.

“Said he had finally done it but I don’t know what exactly. I really need to find him, Marge. Fred said he was in here but clearly he’s not.”

“Have you checked the lab in the basement? He mostly spends his time there.”

Chester palmed his forehead, “The lab! Of course! Thanks, Marge.” He bolted towards the lab housed at the bottom of the building. It was practically Henry’s sanctuary where he conducted his experiments. Of what? No one knew or bothered to know as long as they weren’t on the patients.

Henry Jekyll was an unusual man. He seemed to always have something up his sleeves and stayed away from the staff. He did get along quite well with the patients. When he wasn’t meeting patients, he was locked up in the lab conducting experiments. These experiments he had professed to Chester countless times would save a lot of patients. Now Chester was more of an administrator so he wasn’t too familiar with or curious about Henry’s ramblings most of the time but as long as he didn’t touch any of the patients or almost burn down the building again, he was fine with these experiments. It was what gave Henry some semblance of normalcy after all.

Chester hated it down in the basement and often avoided it at all cost. It looked like something out of a horror story. Graffiti covered walls, flickering lights and the strong stench of disinfectant. How Henry could stand this place was beyond him. The lab was just at the end of hall and he could see light shining through the small glass window. As he got closer, he heard mumblings, Henry’s mumblings. He got to the door and looked in through the window. All he could see were connecting beakers with a green substance flowing through the tubes but no Henry. He grabbed the knob trying to pry it open but it won’t budge. Just then Henry came into view, his round glasses traded in for protective ones. He wore a wide grin but Chester wasn’t sure if it was diabolical or genuine. He had a journal in hand as he twirled the green substance in a beaker.

Chester began knocking on the window to grab his attention. Henry’s eyes widened in surprise when he saw him. He dropped the book and beaker on the counter before making his way towards the door.

“Chester! What are you doing here?” he asked as soon as he opened the door.

“I could ask you the same, Henry!” the man retorted as he pushed past him into the room. The last time he had been in there, it was to help put out a fire started by yours truly. It certainly looked different from before. There were scores of jars of chemicals on shelves but that wasn’t what caught his eyes. He took slow steps towards a shelf on the left lined with jars. It wasn’t chemicals in these ones but rather─ brains. His face contorted into shock and disgust as he took a step back. “What the bloody hell are these, Henry?”

Henry chuckled in amusement, laying a hand on his shoulder. “They’re not human brains, if that’s what you’re thinking. These─ my friend, are animal brains, mostly monkeys’ and guinea pigs’. I used them for my research.”

Chester’s eyes just widened in more shock at the news, “Bloody hell!” He turned to look at him, “Where do you get monkey brains from?”

“I have my ways. Anyway…” He led him away from the shelves to his set up. “This is the future, Chester. I finally did it.”

“Did what?”

“A cure! Imagine a serum that can cure all mental illnesses, Chester. Just a dose and even the most aggressive of them can be tamed and cured.”

Chester turned to him in disbelief, “That’s impossible.”

“Until now. One single shot is all it takes. I haven’t tried it on humans yet but the brain structure of monkeys and humans are quite similar so I believe it would work.”

Chester couldn’t believe his ears. He had given Henry more credit than he deserved. The man was in fact crazy and should be locked up. Looking that him, he noticed the crazed look he always wore whenever he spoke of his experiments, one he had been ignoring for so long chalking it up to determination. Now he knew what it truly was. It was the look of an insane man and he was done indulging him. “Come with me, Henry.”

“Why? Aren’t you impressed?”

“I think I’ve seen enough. Just come with me.” He began walking out, not waiting for a response. A loud thunder rumbled outside, causing the light to flicker really low. A cold chill ran up Chester spine but he braved it and continued his way up the stairs. It was when he got to the counter before he turned to see Henry following slowly behind him, pushing his glasses up his nose. There were two orderlies and a nurse stationed behind the desk.

“Now what?” Henry asked somberly when he finally stopped before him.

“Grab him.” Chester commanded, his voice sounding cold. The two orderlies and nurse looked at him in shock. “What are you standing there for? I said grab him!” That shook them out of their daze and the two guys walked around the desk to hold Henry.

Henry tried to writhe out of their hold but he was powerless “What are you doing, Chester?” he gritted.

“Admitting you. You are crazy, Henry. I don’t know how I didn’t see it before. You need help, Henry, lots of it.” At this point, the hall was getting crowdy as the nurses and orderlies on duty came to see what was happening.

“You can’t do that.” Henry protested but it fell on deaf ears.

“Yes, I can and I will. Take him away.”

Henry was being dragged away like one of the patients and he had never felt so humiliated and angry in his entire life. Chester was failing to see the potential of his work. Or maybe, he might be planning to steal it. Surely he couldn’t let that happen. He struggled to get out the men’s grip but it was fruitless. He saw an opening though and bit hard on the hand of an orderly whose name he knew as Ray. That weakened the grip he had on him, giving him the opportunity to wrestle free. He pulled out a syringe filled with the green serum he had hidden in the pocket of his lab coat.

“Stay away from me.” He warned, pointing it at them.

“Henry!” he heard Marge call out before her face came into view. She wore a concerned look but it wasn’t meant for him. It was the same look she had when a patient was acting out aggressively. “You need to calm down.”

“I don’t need to do anything, Marge.” He retorted darkly, daring any of them to step closer.

“You have to stop this, Henry. It’s for your own good.” Chester’s voice added to reason causing him to chuckle cynically.

“And you happen to know what’s good for me, Chester. I show my life’s work and you turn on me, calling me crazy. YOU’RE CRAZY for not wanting to help these troubled people. They finally have the chance to be free of their demons once and for all and you don’t want that, you selfish bastard.”

“What you are talking about is impossible, Henry. No one drug is enough to cure mental illness.” Two orderlies had appeared behind Henry and he had signaled them to creep up and grab him. This however didn’t go unnoticed by Henry. He looked around and saw the look of pity on everyone’s face. They believed he was crazy. There was no hope for him now. If he was captured, his life’s work will be buried forever. His life would be over. With a resolve, he lifted the syringe. “Henry, don’t!”

But it was too late. He had already injected the serum into his system. A wide grin graced his face but it quickly turned into a grimace as a seizure shook his body. Everyone watched in horror as he convulsed violently on the floor. The two orderlies rushed to his side, trying to hold his thrashing body still. A gasp of horror escaped them when they saw that his pupils had shrunk into a tiny speck before returning to its normal size, the colour no more the usual brown but a shade, green as fresh grass on a spring day. Lightning cracked across the sky just beyond the window as his body shook one last time before it went still.

Chester sat beside the strapped down body of Henry wondering when or if he would wake up at all. He had been unconscious for two weeks. His vital signs were normal yet he was still stuck in a deep sleep. Guilt sat heavy on his chest and forced him to stay next to the unconscious man. Every day was a battle of uncertainties. What if Henry remained this way? What if he woke up with deformities? He had no idea what was in that serum and its effects. He bowed his head and mumbled a prayer.

A miracle maybe but his prayer was answered that morning. Henry’s eyes pried wide open suddenly. Chester shot up from his chair and ran over him, relief embracing his being. Henry blinked a few times, his brows furrowed and lips stretched thin. He moved but the straps restraining him hampered his movements.

“Henry” Chester called out. Slowly Henry turned his head to look at him. There laid no ounce of recognition. Terror shred through Chester, forcing him to stumble backwards. Henry looked fine but his eyes─ they had changed. They were no longer brown but a bright green. “Henry?”

The muscles on the man’s face relaxed as a sinister grin overtook his features. “I’m afraid he’s out for the moment but I can take a message.” All colour drained from his face. That man could not be Henry. He looked like him, had his voice but he was not the same man he once knew. “You look like you’ve seen a ghost.” The man grimaced as his gaze swept across the leather straps restraining him. “Would you mind taking these off, mate? I can hardly move.”

“What- Who the bloody hell are you?”

He gasped, eyes gleaming with mischief “Where are my manners? The name’s Eddie, Eddie Hyde.”

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