The prince (BL)


This is a boy x boy story. This story is about two young men named, Alister and William. Alister is a skinny 17 year young man. He lives in the poor side of the kingdom. His life is really tough knowing that his father passed away and him having to be the man of the family. He lives with his mother and his sister. His whole life changes once he meets someone special to him. The prince of Montia, William is a 18 year old young man, And the next king. His people depend on him to become the next king. His father depends on him. Just how Alister’s father passed, his mother did to. His mother passed away after William was born. He never got to know who his mother was. Soon enough he meets a special person as well and changed his life. What fate will these two young men have? Good or bad? Read to find out! This is my very first book I will post. Hopefully you all like it!!

Romance / Fantasy
Denise Hernandez
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Bumping into each other

Another day.
I stand up from my noisy bed.
It must be 7:30 in the morning. I groan having to wake up and work.

Mom and my little sister Zora are sound asleep. I smile knowing there okay.

We lived another day. I thought.

Outside our tiny house is lots of noise. Animals screeching, people yelling, and wind blowing. I close my eyes tightly having to wake up to this every single day.

“Al”? Mom says in a raspy voice.
“Yes ma”? I respond.
“Are you going to work again”? She frowned
“Yes mom. I have to, to keep us alive”. I fake smile. “You need to rest a day Al. You’ll hurt yourself”. She frowns even more.

“Don’t worry mom. I will be alright”. I finally smile.
I get up and leave mom and my sister on the bed.
I walk to our broken mirror on our wall. I fix my hair a bit and put my work cloths on. I had to save quite a bit of money for them.

I really wish we can just live in the castle even if it means we have to work our butts off.

I say bye to my half asleep mom on the bed. I give her a kiss on the forehead. “Bye Al”. She says. I smile in return.

I walk out. People all over the place already. I work at a farm. I help out with the crops and animals. I get paid $3 dollars each day. At least it’s more then what my father used to get.

My father passed away from a really bad cold a couple years ago. I was pretty young. I’m 17 now and this happened 8 years ago. He was my mother’s mate. She must have really been having a hard time.

I was pretty depressed that he passed. I was silent for two whole years. Then my mom started getting tired. I finally started helping my mom out at the end of the year when I was 12. I became the man of the house.

I finally get to my job and my boss yells at me saying to go milk the cows.

I do as they say. Everyday. It’s like prison.

They have three cows. I take a hour milking all three cows. My hands and neck were hurting after I finished. Now they have three buckets filled with milk.

My next task is to feed the chickens and take the eggs from them. As I finish there are 26 eggs in total. Wish we can have them to eat back home.

Then I help out with planting more wheat and veggies. At the end of the tiring day I go to my boss’s wife for the payment for today.

Instead of $3 I got 6 eggs and a bottle of milk. I was so happy. “Are you sure Ma’am“? I look her into her eyes.

“Yes of course Alister. You are our best worker here. You work really hard. I’m sure your family must be struggling a bit. This is the least I can do for you”. She smiles brightly.

“Thank you Ma’am”. I smile with a bit of tear in my eye. “Your welcome”. She said.

I leave to my house with 6 eggs and a bottle of milk. Now we have something good enough to eat. Something different apart from molded bread.

People are still all over the place. It’s 8:45 now. I look down at the basket of eggs making sure there okay. But the next thing I know is there flying in the air.

I bumped into someone and the eggs almost landed on the ground. I fell but the person I bumped into managed to catch the eggs.

We both fell. “Ah! The eggs! Where are they”?! I yell. “Here”. A deep voice interrupted my panic. I look up to see two hands with all six eggs still in one piece.

I grabbed them. the basket they were in is now broken as I sat on it when I fell. Great.

I look up to see deep dark brown hair and green eyes. It’s the prince!!! What is he doing here?

I stand up so fast like I’ve never before and reach a hand out. He takes my hand. “I’m so sorry my prince! Please forgive me for bumping into you”! I panic.

“SHH”! He whisper yelled at me. “Hu-“! I got interrupted.

He pulled me to a alley way between two buildings.
I can see all of his features. I’ve never seen him this close before.

What is he doing over here?? Why is he hiding with me in a alley?! What’s going on.

I stop thinking and I take in his scent. It smells like something I never smelled before. It smelled really good.

I look at his neck and want to stuff my nose on in it. Mom told me that once you find your mate there will be this scent from a person and that’s when you know it’s your mate.

But I wasn’t sure. It was a guy. I thought it’s supposed to be a female.

I’m still wondering why

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