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oh no she likes another boy


Bea Onyx transfers to hogwarts but draco malfoy catches feeling but she falls for regulus instead

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Beatrice Onyx

Draco malfoy

There was a transfer student coming today. I hope its a girl.

"So Draco the transfer student is Beatrice Onyx That Alternative Fashion Icon" Theodore Nott said looking up from his personal copy of the daily prophet.

"Are you joking the hot goth chick from america" I asked grabbing a ripe green apple.

"Yeah Thats the one" Theo said looking back down at the daily prophet.

"Attention Attention All Students To the great hall I repeat all students to the great hall" We heard Minerva Mcgonagall's voice announce to the school.

"She must be here" Theo stateded closing the daily prophet and coming to a stand.

"Ah lets refrain from using feminine pronouns on a person we dont know lets use gender neutral until we find out" Blaise Zabini said closing her fashion magazine.

"Right remind me of what the pronouns for gender neutral are again B" Theo asked.

"They/Them" Blaise said.

"Right they must be here come on lets get a move on" I said walking past the 2 boys heading to the great hall.

Theo and Blaise caught up with me as we walked into the great hall.

"Please be seated" Dumbledore said.

We all sat down.

"As most of you know we have a transfer student from america Beatrice Onyx i expect you all will give her a warm welcoming" Dumbledore spoke to the great hall.

Then Beatrice walked into the great hall.

Beatrice was wearing a pair of really baggy blue jeans paired with a t-shirt that had a very disturbing picture of a skeleton over a rotting corpse with dead children hung on a clothes line behind the skeleton that said 'CANNIBAL CORPSE' on it. She had on black and white bloody converse. She had on messy eyeliner as well as black lipstick. Her hair looked like she had rough intercourse. She looked very messy. But it was iconic.

"I will place the sorting hat on your head and you will be sorted into one of the 4 houses. There is Gryffindor for the brave and bold Hufflepuff for the kind and loyal Ravenclaw for the witty and quiet and Slytherin for the cunning and reserved." Professor Mcgonagal explained before placing the hat on her head.

"Hmm I know better be Slytherin" The sorting hat shouted.

The Slytherin table irrupted into cheers. Beatrice walked over to the green and silver table with excitement in her emerald eyes.

Blaise waved her over. She stalked over to us and sat across from me and Theo next to blaise.

"Hey Im Blaise Zabini What is your name" Blaise asked. He knew her name but wanted to be polite.

"Beatrice Onyx but call me Bea" Beatrice Introduced. (Bea is pronounced Bee)

"Okay Bea what are your pronouns" Blaise asked.

"She/They yours" Bea replied softly.

"He/Him Thanks for asking" Blaise paused "This is Theo and Draco Both are He/Him" Blaise finished.

"Cool well im gonna go for a smoke break care to join me" Bea asked standing up.

"Yea why not" Theo said.

"Draco Blaise" Bea offered.

"I suppose" Draco said standing up, Blaise following suit.

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