His What

Chapter 4

After Narcissa and I returned to the Manor, I excused myself to my room to let the news the twins shared with me sink in. Three students my age, alone and on the run. I didn’t particularly care for them, in fact I found Granger annoying and Potter less than mediocre. Ron was alright, but then again his older brothers are good friends of mine, so I may be biased.

I wondered how they were doing. Where had they managed to hide? Potter’s escape must be the reason for my punishment. My father doesn’t have much of a disciplinary role in my life, he normally leaves that to the Malfoys. As my thoughts continued to flow about, I heard a knock on my door.

“Come in,” I yelled from my bed.

Draco stuck his head in and looked at me for a moment.


I was still peeved at him for the predicament I found myself in. I could admit to myself he wasn’t to blame, but I’d be damned if I told him that.

“I was wondering if you’d like to have dinner with me tonight? Your father has left for some business and my parents are having an evening out. Plus, I still have that surprise for you.”

“I suppose. What did you have in mind?”

“Well, I had the house elves prepare your favorite and I thought we could dine in the garden.”

“Which favorite? My favorite favorite or what everyone assumes to be my favorite?”

“Your favorite favorite.”

“Oh my goddess! I could kiss you, you wonderful little ferret you!”

“Don’t call me a ferret!” he grumbled.

“You know you like it when I say it,” I said giving him a quick peck on the cheek.

Draco continued to grumble as he led me down the stairs toward the garden. I could tell he regretted sharing that memory from his fourth year with me.

As we passed through the glass French doors to the garden, he grabbed my hand steering me away from where a table set for dinner stood towards a fleece blanket lay on the lawn. A box sat in the middle of the blanket rustling. I raised my eyebrow at Draco in question.

“Your surprise, open it.”

I lifted the lid and squealed in delight. Inside the box, a pair of green eyes looked up at me with curiosity. Carefully, I lifted the black ball of fur to my chest, humming a lullaby. The kitten snuggled into my chest, purring softly.

“Oh Draco, she’s darling!” I whispered, not wanting to disturb the bundle of joy I held.

“Actually, she’s a he.”

“Oh my sweet little prince! But what to call you?”

I racked my brains for a name to fit the baby creature in my arms. What name would fit this black fluff ball? Then I had it.

“Felix. I shall call you Felix.”

Upon hearing his name, Felix opened one eye and gave a mew of approval. Felix’s fur was long and stuck out in all directions. His paws seemed to be too large for his tiny body. I could already tell he was going to be a big boy.

“So, I take it you like him?”

“Like him? I love this little guy!”


“Yes, Fobby?”

“You-you-your dinner sir!” the house elf squeaked, snapping her fingers. The next instance two plates piled high with pizza rolls. I squealed in even more delight. I thought he had been joking about serving them. I carefully set Felix down on the blanket then raced to the table.

“I still can’t believe you like this rubbish,” Draco said wrinkling his nose.

“Then don’t eat them! I will,” I replied, snagging a roll. Draco rolled his eyes, popping one in his mouth. We sat in silence, enjoying our overly processed meal.

“I remember Freya used to bring these home as a treat. Especially, if I didn’t sass the tutors. My gods were they annoying.”

“Ha! It’s a wonder you even got to try them, Arty!”

“Draco? What happened?”

“What do you mean?”

“We were almost thick as thieves when I first arrived and then school started. You just shut me out.”

Draco was silent for a moment, thinking what I had said over. He looked down at his plate, hands fidgeting on the table.

“Artemis, I didn’t want to give you away or ruin your chance of making your own friends. Or bloke.”


“I see the way you and Blaise look at each other. Don’t worry, I’ll keep your secret. Be careful, though won’t you? He isn’t the most exclusive bloke.”

“That’s rich coming from you, isn’t it?”


“Draco, I appreciate your concern, but I can handle myself. Oh, and thank you for your explanation.”

I excused myself from the table and picked up Felix. I quickly made my way to my room and settled Felix on my bed. I grunted in frustration.

What does he know? Blaise would never lie to me! What a laugh, Draco hasn’t been honest nor faithful to Pansy since their fifth year.

“Gahh!” I shrieked kicking at my wardrobe.

“Ow! Bugger!”

Felix opened one eye to see me hopping around then went b ack to sleep. I could only hope a good night sleep would clear my mind for a better day.

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