The Depravity of Wendy


In the Koopa Kingdom, boredom comes easily. But for the king's brat of a daughter, fun is very easy to come by. Join Wendy as she goes around the kingdom and beyond, having the kind of fun that'd make an adult star blush. (art is by wyerframez on Twidder, all characters are 18 and over)

Erotica / Fantasy
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Pilot: Wendy's Mansion

Seeing as it’s October while this is written, I thought this’d be a thematically appropriate pilot, to test the waters a little.

Summary: Wendy visits an old mansion the night before Halloween, and leaves with a creamy treat~

Halloween. A time of utter annoyance for our poor Wendy. It’s when all seven of her brothers get absolutely hyped up on sugar and completely interrupt her alone time. The only fun she did have was with wearing costumes, but the magic in that always wore off quick.

One year, on the day before Halloween, she was in her room, reluctantly putting on gothic attire. Her usual pink lipstick was replaced by black, and she wore a skimpy black dress. The color weren’t really her style; she was only dressing like this because she felt obligated to do so. God I can’t wait for Christmas, I’ll actually get something out of it... She sat on the edge of her bed, looking up at the ceiling and thinking of anything not Halloween. She didn’t get how any of her brothers loved the holiday so much.

Speaking of the devil, she nearly busted her ass when a knock on the door took her out of her thoughts. With an angry huff, she stomped to the door and opened up. “What do you want?!“, She yelled out. Iggy was standing there, a little dumbfounded at just how furious his sister was. But, he quickly bounced back into action and pulled her out of her room. “I know you don’t like Halloween that much, but I thought of something to change your mind.”

Wendy rolled her eyes and went along with it. If she didn’t, it’d make her look bad. “Alright fine, what is it?” With a grin, Iggy pulled out a world map and pointed a spot in the forest. In the middle of all the trees, there was a house. Wendy raised an eyebrow. “Green Stache’s old mansion? What’s over there?”

Iggy looked lost in thought for a hot minute before giving a shrug. “I dunno really. But the place is, uhm, atmospheric, so if you go there, you’ll really get into the spirit of the holiday.”

Wendy grumbled to herself as she listened. The spirit? What is this crap? Regardless, she was going to get this garbage over with, to hopefully be bothered a little less on Halloween night. “Alright fine, I’ll go there. But only me! It’d make me sick to have to go in there with you.” Without any other word, the rude princess pushed past Iggy to go find a free Lakitu.

There were times where Wendy regretted her immense wealth, and this was one of those times. The castle was huge, and finding a Lakitu was a pain in the ass. Just as she was about to lose all motivation to go to the mansion, she finally found one. With goggles that weren’t on right and constant hovering back and forth, this was obviously a rookie. She didn’t like it, but a rookie would have to do. “Hey cloud boy! Your boss’s daughter wants to hitch a ride somewhere!”

The rookie Lakitu stopped his pacing and lowered himself down to her level. With a somewhat annoyed look, he adjusted his goggles and looked Wendy up and down. “My name isn’t cloud boy. It’s Luke Laki-”

“Yeah yeah, I don’t care. Can you take the stick out of your bum and just fly me already?”

Luke’s annoyed look turned into a more angry one. This made Wendy smile; it’d make what she did next a lot more fun. Without waiting for him to say yes, she hopped into the backseat of his cloud. “I’m guessing you have to tell dad where you going, right?“, She asked.

Luke took a deep breath and nodded, before stating “Yes ma’am, I have to fill out a report before every-” Suddenly, Wendy’s hands went around his waist and to his crotch. She gently whispered “You don’t have to worry about making a report, you can just say I already ‘handled’ it.~”

Before Luke could ask what she meant, she stuffed her hands in his shorts and wrapped them around his cock. For someone presumably around the same age as her, he had quite the package. This will be a fun tool when I come back.~ With a gulp, Luke asked “W-where do you want to go?” Wendy pushed her big bosom against him, and said “Green Sta- I mean Luigi’s old mansion, on the double.”

With that, Luke located the mansion and flew Wendy there. The whole time, she was pumping his cock relentlessly, listening to him try to hold back his moans. She couldn’t see his face, but she pretty much knew it was contorted in pleasure. There was no reason not to think otherwise; time and time again her handjobs were praised for being out of this world. It was a privilege to get one from the bratty slut. In the time it took to get to the mansion, she made Luke cum twice. His will to hold back was strong, but it just wasn’t enough. After a wet kiss on the cheek and instructions to stick around outside, Wendy hopped out of the cloud. With a sort of strut, she entered the mansion, her body jiggling deliciously. Now, all I have to do is lounge around here for a bit, then four-eyes will be satisfied. Easy!

Wendy walked through the entrance hall and looked around, trying to find a good place to kick up her feet. Unfortunately, Iggy wasn’t lying about the place being atmospheric. Everything was so damn dusty, and there were cobwebs everywhere. Not only that, but some of the furniture was just hideous. Wendy, only ever having known luxurious living conditions, was so baffled that she just had to whisper “How the hell can anyone live in this dump?” After the whispering was when the weird noises started coming up. There was giggling, and a little bit of strange music; it was as if someone was in the house. Well, she’d been forced into watching enough horror movies that she knew trying to investigate would be an awful idea. She dusted off a couch in what was presumably a living room, and sat around.

The noises were starting to get closer, and make Wendy nervous. She’d be crazy to say this wasn’t some experience though. The adrenaline that she felt due to fear was a good sensation. She started to kind of understand why her brothers like Halloween. But, a slight change of heart wasn’t going to keep her from what came next. She was just sitting down, listening to the noise, when she felt a long tongue drag across her neck. She quickly got up and turned around, and in front of her was a Boo boy. His hands quickly went over his now beet red face; but from what she could make out, he was pretty cute. Wide eyes, little fangs, a somewhat slim torso along with a tail as his lower body. If he wasn’t a ghost, she’d probably make him her little boyfriend for a bit.

Still, cuteness didn’t negate what he did. She wasn’t about to let him get away with licking her. She tried flicking his forehead, and surprisingly it worked. “Huh... Hey, what was that for? I don’t care if you live here, you don’t get to lick me!“, She shouted. Her yelling had a completely unexpected result. From his middle, where torso and tail met, a cock slid out. It was long, and already very hard. The Boo boy blushed harder.

Well, if he’s gonna be like this, I’m going to milk him for all he’s worth. Wendy took off the skimpy black dress. Now all that was left to consider her goth was the black lipstick. She bent down a little and, while looking up at the Boo, wrapped her lips around the tip of his cock. She could hear a little whimper of pleasure as she slowly bobbed her head down his length, not losing her gaze on him for a moment. She had to admit, he tasted really damn good for a ghost. Soon she started to get really into it, and that’s when she made a huge mistake.

She closed her eyes out of instinct, just trying to focus on the taste of the Boo’s meat. When suddenly, he started violently fucking her throat. Glkglkglk! Loud gags echoed around the room as she stood her ground, trying to win against the sudden assault. He was relentless, grabbing her head tight and slamming it up and down his cock. Usually Wendy was in control, so this was exhilarating for her. She wanted to look up, but knew he’d get flustered and stop this new experience. Soon he slammed her head down to the base and filled her belly with half a gallon of ectoplasm cum. Mmf... This is really a treat.~

Without opening her eyes still, she quickly pushed him away from her mouth and turned around. She got down on the floor, and stuck her fat scaly ass in the air. With a giggle, she said "You already gave me a treat, why not show me a trick?~"

She could feel him lingering around her ass. Any minute now... Suddenly, the Boo slammed into his ass, forcing a loud moan to escape Wendy's lips. "Fuck... Yes!~" Pretty much getting approval from the fat-assed slut, the Boo starting fucking her. Unlike his restless throat-fucking, he was using some technique for this. After all, she did want him to show a trick. He thrusted at different angles, trying to find her sweet spot. He could soon tell he hit the mark, because her moans started to become light howls. He held her head against the floor and focused all his attention there.

Meanwhile, Wendy was drooling all over the floor, her mind turning to mush. I've done it with so many guys in the castle... so why does he feel way better than any of them?~ Wendy felt enlightened, with knowledge that there was so much more pleasure that could be found in sex. Sex in general had started to get boring, but now this ghost was breathing new life into it. It was kind of ironic, now that she was kind of thinking about it. She couldn't form a full thought though, he was starting to amp it up, probably on his last leg.

Turns out, she was right. The Boo pulled back, then slammed balls deep to utterly fill her ass. The load was so strong, that it met its brother in Wendy's now bloated belly. She panted heavily, trying to catch her breath after such a wonderful fucking. She turned to finally look at the Boo, but he made himself invisible. She could tell, because the iconic giggling was still in the room. A quivering voice said "Will you come next year? You still have to meet my friends.~"

Wendy couldn't help but smile at the offer. For someone so good, it was cute. "I'll gladly visit again... I hope your friends are as good as you~", she said. With a snicker, the Boo replied "They might be better than me." That made Wendy's pussy quiver. Her mind ran as she thought of how the gangbang was going to feel. But, those worries were for next year. She was actually excited for Halloween now! Although, it was for unusual reasons.

After simply saying goodbye, Wendy got her dress back on and found Luke. She quickly hopped into the cloud and said "Put the petal to the metal, cloud boy. I'm going to ride your cock when we get back." Luke was visibly surprised with Wendy's sudden boldness, but complied. The mansion now sat devoid of actual life, and the Boo pumped his own cock as he passionately thought about the fun he just had.

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