Let's Call It a Truce

Chapter 2

Let's Call It a Truce—

A Shizuo x Izaya Fanfiction


:: Part 2/2 ::


It's not like Shizuo hates cats. Cats are actually cute and adorable. And he loves how it comes to him without showing any slightest sign of fear. Thanks to his sharp smelling sense, he knows very well what fear smells like – he has never liked it. However, there are times when those cats become too bold.

It was an unforgettable day when all the people on the street stared at Heiwajima Shizuo in astonishment as well as curiosity. Whether they'd be brave enough to explore the cause of their curiosity would be completely another story, though.

But even Shizuo himself has to admit, it isn't every day people see Heiwajima Shizuo with paw prints and all-too-affectionate scratches all over his face and beloved bartender outfit.

Luckily, the cats' glowing big eyes and innocent mewling saved them from being rendered boneless.

Yes, it's not like Shizuo hates cats. But too bold kitties spell trouble.

And he doesn't want to get into any trouble – including trouble regarding controlling himself – especially on his sick leave days.

After all, he doesn't like violence.

Too bad he just has to be attacked.

Out of the dark corner of his apartment room, a shadow leaps at him. And Shizuo merely has time to react as something metal – from the gleam of it – and sharp strikes, aiming directly at his face. He rolls to the side and is ready to pull up the floor…or anything close at hand to use as weapon.

Izaya grins at Shizuo's reaction. Whether Shizu-chan intentionally ignored him or not, his reaction is as swift as ever. It isn't like Shizu-chan to let down his guard around him and treat him like he's a harmless little kitten. Orihara Izaya might be forever 21 but he has fangs and claws…and of course, brain.

And my, is it a very curious brain.

For it never stops trying to figure out what's going on in that protozoic brain of this organism called Heiwajima Shizuo.

Even if it's proven every time and any time another organism called Orihara Izaya is within this organism's vicinity of awareness that a certain phenomenon happens: A phenomenon that always leaves the very street of Ikebukuro in disarray as well as one very pleased and unscathed Izaya.

Orihara Izaya loves unexpected things for it adds to the fun and excitement. But it's another story when that unexpected things are out of his control. That is why he hates Heiwajima Shizuo. Yet, strangely, it has never occurred to him why Shizuo's unpredictability makes him so pleased.

"Izaya-kun~~ Why are you in my apartment?" The blond bartender croons not-so-sweetly as veins start popping on the once serene face.

…As long as the reaction he gets from Shizuo is anything aside from being ignored.

Now Heiwajima Shizuo looks ready to kill.

The information broker grins and again, raises his switchblade. "Can't you guess? I've been visiting here from time to time anyway."

Now with Shizuo's apartment being oh-so-empty, Izaya's pretty sure he'll be having an upper hand in their fight.

Unless Shizuo decides to use the floor.

Izaya frowns, remembering how Shizuo was damn ready to use the banister of his apartment as weapon.

But this is his apartment, he surely won't…

But when Izaya's back to reasoning, with Heiwajima Shizuo, he's always wrong.

Now I'll really have to stab him first.

For as he is pulling the floor up with his monstrous strength, Heiwajima Shizuo sneezes.

It is a very powerful sneeze.

Well, Shizuo doesn't mean for it to be so powerful. If he really means it, such sneeze would have destroyed his apartment…or perhaps the whole building already. Therefore, this is a not-so-powerful powerful sneeze.

Fortunately, since there isn't anything in the room to begin with. Shizuo's not-so-powerful powerful sneeze doesn't cause any damage to the furniture. It just blows the windows open along with…the only thing that happens to be an obvious victim in the room.

Namely, Orihara Izaya.

It is a common knowledge for the knowing people in Ikebukuro that Heiwajima Shizuo wants to kill Orihara Izaya.

Well, actually, Shizuo will want to kill anyone if his anger happens to rise. It is a gift that he also cools down just as fast. Maybe that is the reason why no one actually dies from Shizuo's rage yet.

They still need to be hospitalized, though.

Despite his ridiculously short temper, Heiwajima Shizuo's anger switch seems to be immediately toggled to 'ON' mode really easily just from a mere sight of Orihara Izaya. It looks like they are both natural enemies – like cats and dogs.

Shizuo has spent years hunting down Izaya. Their conflict, their twisted relationship seems to be never-ending…

Until now.

With one powerful sneeze, Izaya is surprised to find himself suddenly flying. The next moment, as everything starts to register in his brain, his red eyes grow wide in realization. He is being blown out of Shizuo's window and in less than a minute will soon become a bloody pulp on the underneath street.

After years and years of playing chase, it's going to end with…a sneeze?

It's not like he fears to embrace death but isn't this a bit too soon an unlikely?

He is going to die.

It is a common knowledge for the knowing people in Ikebukuro that Heiwajima Shizuo wants to kill Orihara Izaya.

Yes, Shizuo wants to kill him. Very much.

Every time Orihara Izaya opens his mouth and speaks, it ticks him off. Actually, even just his presence is enough to make him mad.

Years after years, he has been chasing, hunting down, wanting to kill him. And he really means it.

Yet, despite that, he doesn't know why his body seems to move on its own accord. As fast as he can, he runs toward the window, reaches his hand out and grabs Izaya's wrist – a wrist so slim he can easily crush if he really wants.

Instead of the 'kill him, kill him, kill him' that always keeps ringing in his head whenever the bastard shows up, the voice is suddenly replaced with 'save him, save him, save him'.

There is no other reason. And he doesn't want to think about it.

He is so becoming a charitable man.

He is going to hate himself after this.


Red eyes stare perplexedly at the blond bartender. However, Izaya quickly cools his expression, knowing the previous expression was probably the dumbest one he has ever made. Instead, he smirks.

"I thought you want me dead."

"Still do." The blond grumbles. "But after all those years I spent hunting you down, it'd be a bit unfair if I let you die easy by just falling off the building."

"So…you're having a cold?"

"You're disturbing my sick leave days." Shizuo grunts his reply and quickly pulls Izaya up before he himself completely changes his mind. "Is this also one of your plans?"

That smile plastering on the bastard's face is really annoying, after all.

Izaya's smile only grows wider.

"If I had known before that your dog nose won't be working when you've a cold, wouldn't I have tried something else other than swinging my switchblade at you?" The broker says before throwing the now useless blade away. "Shizu-chan isn't like Shizu-chan when he's sick."

There is no fun for the cat if the dog can't track.


"What do you say we call it a truce until you're fully recovered?"

Izaya expects Shizuo to say no but…


Because Shizu-chan isn't like Shizu-chan when he's sick, Izaya is pleased. He beams brightly before skipping out of Shizuo's apartment unscathed.

The next day Orihara Izaya visits the sick Heiwajima Shizuo with a basket of apples.



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