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Heaven's Angels

By BrownieLover47

Adventure / Romance


Clary POV:

"Clary! Dad wants you in the planning room right now!" My brother Jonathon called from his balcony. I was just sitting on the roof of our house to draw. I always sit here to sketch, draw and what not, sometimes to even think.

"Tell him that I'm coming in a sec!" I shouted back as I set my sketchbook down on the roof, stood up, extended my wings and flew down onto my balcony.

My name is Clarissa Adele Morgenstern, but I prefer to be called Clary. I am an angel in case you didn't get it yet and my father is basically one of the most important and powerful angels that ever existed. The angel of war and destruction. Whenever heaven is in trouble with hell and its dark angels, dad is at Gods' side to help him plan on how to start the war. My mother is basically the most important angel; well you can only be important when you are Gods' sister. My mum is also the angel of art. So basically any kind of art, dancing, drawing, painting, sculpting…everything.

My brother, Jonathon Christopher Morgenstern, has inherited all the looks of my dad: almost white hair, black eyes, sharp features and he is tall. Also John, or how I like to call him Johnny boy, has got fathers' temper, they both have a bit of a temper problem, but he could also be the best brother in the world when he wanted to be. All in all you don't want to get of the bad side of the Morgenstern boys.

I, in comparison, have all my mother's looks: flaming red hair, emerald green eyes, freckles all over my face, no curves at all and also really small. Also I have my mum's drawing talent and kindness, but when someone annoys me you don't want to get in my way, that's one of the rare things that I got from my dad.

My father's name is Valentine Morgenstern and my mother's Jocelyn Morgenstern, her maiden name was Fairchild. My mum has big gold wings and my father has silver wings, which are also one of the things that I inherited from my dad, his wings. John has got mums wings and when he extends them he truly is a beauty in himself. Well, all of my family is beautiful, everyone except me. You also probably know my other uncle, dads' brother, the famous angel Raziel. The one who created the Shadowhunters. I, by the way, am the angel of kindness and music. I can play any musical instruments and because my mother is so kind I got the kindness. My brother is the angel of the night, he put all the stars up into the sky and also positions the moon correctly. It is really cool to have a brother who can do that, always when I was sad I would sit on the roof, where I anyway spend most of my time, and he would fly up and sit next to me and then with one flick of his fingers he would write my name in the stars and tell me how special I am.

So all in all you could basically call me the princess of heaven.

Just then, to brake me out of my thoughts John burst into my room and said "Come on Clary, dad is waiting, or do you want to make him come up here himself"

"Oh sorry, just dozed off in my own little world for a bit. I'm on my way straight away" I told him, folded my wings into my back and walked past him to my father's planning room in the cellar.

"Dad, I'm here now. What's up?" I asked as I entered to find my dad leaning over a letter with his eyebrows furrowed together

"Clarissa! Finally. I've got a task for you and I need someone who I trust to do it" dad answered me and turned to look at me on his swivel chair.

At the word 'task' I got really interested, dad knew exactly that I love to go on adventures. "Well, what is it?" I asked excitedly

"Some angels have been going missing in the zone and I need someone to go check it out. But please be careful, you know that we are in the middle of planning a war with hell. Lucifer is once again trying to take over heaven and you are my only princess. I don't want to lose my baby girl" he told me.

For those who don't know, 'the zone' is a little space between heaven and hell. It also is the only place with a direct way to earth. It is the only zone where the mortal souls go when they die, then they will either be sent to heaven or hell. Basically the old cliché, but the angels call that place 'the zone'

"I know dad, we discuss this the whole time over dinner and you know that I can look after myself, also I'm going to do it" I said and as I finished talking dad got up from the place where he was sitting and hugged me.

"I know that you can look after yourself, you're my daughter after all. I'm still worried; there is something foul with all of this. Angels normally don't disappear just like that and you know it" he whispered into my hair

"I know dad. But I want to go now"

Then dad pulled away from our hug, kissed my forehead and said "Be careful"

I nodded and then ran back up the ground floor. "What did dad want?" John asked as I ran past the living room where he was now sitting in, watching television

"Oh he just gave me a task" I replied as I slipped on my shoes

"Okay, be careful! I want my sister back in one piece!" he shouted after me as I was already half-way out of the door

"Yeah!" I called back, extended my wings and flew away to the zone. As I reached it I straight away noticed that something was off. Normally the zone was all neat and bright to welcome the mortal souls but not it was darker and…dirty. "Hello!?" I called out. I had the feeling that I am being watched and in just that moment I heard a swooshing sound behind me and quickly turned around. Just in that moment I felt arms grab my arms and hold me against a muscular chest. I screamed out loud and tried to fight against whoever was holding me. Then I felt a hot breath against my ear and a hissing voice said "Look what we got here. Heavens Princess. Didn't expect you here missy, but I guess we'll have to give you the same treatment that we have to give all the angels that come here. Lucifer's command" that was no mistakenly a voice of a dark angel.

"What do you want from me?" I asked the man

"We want nothing from you, we just wanted to take over the zone and we have to eliminate all angels that dare to come here. Isn't that right Ayden?" the man said into the darkness. I flowed the direction of his voice to see a dark figure emerging out of the normally beige but now gray smoke. It was another man, he had so sharp features that they could cut glass, pure black eyes, like some of the dark angels, no whites, no pupil, no iris and also he had black hair with black wings. All dark angels had black wings with tips as sharp as knives and only a hand full of dark angels and his eyes.

"That is correct my friend. I'm afraid we'll have to send the poor princess of heaven to earth" The man in front of me said. Then he took one of my wings in his hand and whispered "Shame that I'll have to hurt these beauties" and with that he snapped the bone it the wing and I felt blinding pain. I let out a blood curling scream and tears started to flow out of my eye. The most painful thing that you could do to an angel was hurt its wings and it really is terrible. I can't fly until my wings have healed. When he would break my second wing an angel can get seriously injured, maybe not fly ever again or even worse, die.

"I think Lucifer will be disappointed in us when we snap her second wing, don't you think Ayden?" the man behind me asked. I was still crying in pain and I could almost not hear the anymore because my ears were ringing.

"Unfortunately you're right Damian" Ayden said as he stroked my still functioning wing.

"What should we then do with her" The man behind me, Damian, asked. I could practically feel the smirk in his voice

"Drop her" Ayden answered and this time he was grinning at Damian.

And as soon as that was said I fell the arms looses around me and I was falling down onto earth.

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