Slytherins Princess (Year One)


Meet the unknown daughter of The Dark Lord, Saphire Riddle. She is the one who everyone doesn't know about except a few. When Saphire enters Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry she has to make many difficult choices. She struggles to make friends and to fit in with the students. She climbs her way to the top but at what cost?

Fantasy / Romance
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Authors note

Hey there! I hope you enjoy this story. It is a Harry Potter fanfiction therefore the most of the characters I do not own. All rights go to the creator of the HP universe (Aka J.K. Rowling). I am getting rather confindent in my writing but if it is not that good feel free to let me know. I will have a few OC's in the story. Also I will be switching the P.O.V's. If there is a certain scene you wish to have please contact me. (comment, post on my wall, ect.). I will be trying to add it in but I won't all the time. Uh. Okay. It is mostly a Draco Malfoy ff but it won't end the way you may expect. This may be a series therefore it will have book 1 (In this case year one) at the end of the title but it is not completely offical. (keyword: may). There also will be some pictures to give you an idea but all rights go to the owner of the pictures. Alright I will allow you to enjoy the story.

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