Slytherins Princess (Year One)

1. Beginning

*10 years ago* 3rd pov.

The woman walked swiftly down the cobblestone street carrying the baby in the blanket. She kept looking behind her afraid that the man she thought she loved would be behind her. She kept walking panic taking over her body. She held the baby closer and whispered in the baby's ear. She knew the child wouldn't understand but it calmed her down. She finally approached the door that would make her feel like she was safe. She knocked on the door and waited on the doorstep. She kept looking around in fear that she might get caught. After a minute the door opened to reveal an older woman. "Mother you must help us." The woman cried to her elder. The older woman looked at her daughters panic filled face. "Of course Jade." The old lady replied moving aside. The woman, Jade, walked into the house. "Now Jade. Tell me. What has happened?" The old woman asked shutting the door. "T-tom he's...he's gone mad!" Jade exclaimed breaking down into tears as she held her child close to her chest. "Gone mad? Hasn't he always been that way?" The older one asked. The mother earned a glare from Jade. "This isn't a joking matter Mother. Me and my child are in danger. He tried to kill us!" Jade said with a sniffle. "Jade dear, I highly doubt that the man would do that. He is such a kind lad." The old woman chuckled lightly. "MOTHER! DON'T YOU SEE THE FEAR IN MY EYES! DON'T YOU HEAR IT IN MY VOICE!" Jade screamed. The mother was taken aback by her daughters actions. "Oh dear. Alright. Well hand me the child. I shall put her to bed. Make yourself comfy my love." The woman said stretching her hands out to Jade. Jade hesitated on handing over her only child. Once the grandmother had hold of the child she walked off up the stairs. Jade was left alone in the dim lit room. She sat on a sofa as she tried to forget about the events that happened. She was in deep thought when the thud happened. She jumped up startled. The door was on the ground and the man was in the doorway. "You were ment to die." The man growled in a low voice as he walked to his wife. "Tom please! Stop!" Jade cried as she walked backwards. The man kept walking torwards her. "Where's the child?" He demanded. "Hidden from you! You will never have Sapphire as long as I live!" Jade screamed. "Then you must die." Tom said calmly taking out his wand. "Kill me and you lose everything!" Jade screeched. "Including the child?" Tom questioned as he stopped walking. "Y-yes, There is a binding curse placed between me and the child. Kill me then you kill her as well." Jade said with hot tears streaming down her delicate face. "Well then I must take you both. Where is the child Jade?" Tom asked. "Hidden." Jade repeated. Tom glared at his wife. Jade kept looking at the staircase in hoped that her mother wouldn't come down. Unfortunatly, Tom noticed that and laughed. Tom made his way to the staircase and watched his wife's reaction. She tensed up and tried to hold in a gasp. "You think I'm an idiot?" He demanded. "Anything but that Tom." Jade whispered. He started to smile. He walked up the stairs and down the hall. He heard his daughter cry from a room down the hall. "One step closer and I shall kill you myself." A voice snarled. Tom turned to see his mother in law standing in a doorway with her wand in her hand. "Oh you poor wretched woman. You honestly think that I would die by your hand? Ha! You shall take Jade's place in death." Tom laughed drawing his own wand. He pointed it at the old woman and muttered the killing curse. The woman fell to the floor dead. Tom made his way to the room where his daughter laid. He walked to the edge of the crib. "My dear, you will be useful to me in my plan. You shall be the one who carries our name. You are my heir if I ever perish. You are my Saphire." He whispered picking the small baby up. The baby stopped crying as she looked in her fathers eye's. Tom smiled. Not an evil smile and genuine smile of happiness. "Put her down." Jade said from the doorway. Tom turned and looked at her. "Oh my love you look like a wreck. How about you put that wand down. The child is unharmed as you can see." Tom said cradling the child. Jade's hand was shaking. Did she really want to kill the man she loved? Did she want to risk losing her baby girl while doing it? She wasn't going to give up that easily. He killed her mother and he would've killed her. "Tom please stop. You should know by now that I'm not one to harm unless needed." Jade said. "Then my dear, you must know that I'm one who does what he needs to do in order to thrive." Tom said walking torwards her. "You...YOU ARE INSANE!" Jade cried. "I know my love, I know." Tom smiled before he disapparated with the child. He was in the baby's room. He placed the girl in the crib and smiled. "Now love you must be quiet. Mommy will be here any minute." Tom said before he left. Jade apparated into the baby's room seconds afterwards. She picked up her child. "Now if you leave Jade. You must at least allow me to give my only daughter a gift." Tom smirked. Jade shook her head, "You wouldn't allow me to leave. Not after everything that just happened." "Maybe, or you may be wrong." Tom said calmly. Jade gulped and help Saphire tighter. "Jade stop being so uptight." Tom said approaching her and the baby. Tom slipped his wring off his finger and grabbed Saphires hand. Jade jerked the baby back earning a terrifying glare from her husband. He grabbed the baby's hand again. He slipped the ring on to the baby. Her finger of course was too small and the sight of the oversized ring made Tom chuckle. He leaned in and kissed her forehead. "My Saphire, Daddy will always love you no matter what he does." Tom whispered in her ear. Tom stood straight and looked at Jade. "I will look for you and the child. Let's play hide and seek my love." Tom said before exiting the room. Jade was able to apparate to the outskirts of Hogwarts before blacking out with the child still in her hands.

*Present Day. Saphires POV*
"I don't understand why I have to go to the school. I pretty much know everything." I groaned as I played with the ring on my finger. "Dear you should know by now that it is a safe place for you while I'm working. Besides we'll be closer." Mom said picking up my plate. "Yeah but what if they transferr you and I'm stuck there? And I never got my acceptance letter so I may not even go to Hogwarts." I pointed out. "They've been backed up. Trust me. And if they do transfer me then you have Severus to help you." Mom said. She adorded Snape. Not because they were friends but because he is some kind of powerful dude. I laid my head down trying to think of something to say. "Saph please understand. It doesn't matter how advanced you are but it matters that you attend school for not only your safety but for education. There may be some things you can learn there. Now that's the end of this discussion." Mom said in her serious voice which always scared me. Just then the family owl, Star, flew in threw the chimney. The owl had two thick envelopes. She dropped in the middle of the table and gave a small hoot. Mom walked ovver and grabbed the envelopes and handed one to me. She scratched Star's head and gave her a bowl of water and food. "Open it Saphire." Mom said when I placed the envelope on the table. I grabbed the enveloped again and opened it. I pulled out a slip of paper and read it.
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