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Slytherins Princess (Year One)

2. Diagon Alley

*3rd person. Ten days later*

The mother and daughter held hands as they walked through the crowded street. Saphire was resisting not wanting to gather her things for school. Jade was pulling her along. "We need to get you a wand. Come along now before I hex you young lady." Jade snarled at her daughter. Rolling her eyes Saphire stopped resisting. She allowed her mother to pull her to a shop. "I'll be right outside. Here's enough gallons for the wand." The mother said dropping some coins into her daughters hand.

*Saphires P.O.V*

I walked into the store cluthcing the gold. It was a crowded place. There were boxes everywhere. I felt my anxiety rising until a voice got my attention. "Ms. Riddle I presume?" The voice asked. I looked torwards the source of the voice. It was an old man. "Y-yes sir. I prefer Raine though sir." I said clutching the money tighter. "I understand why. Come dear. My name is Ollivander. Let's find you a wand." The man said with a kind smile. I walked to the counter and watched as the man disappeared behind a stack of boxes. Five minutes later he appeared with three boxes. He handed me the one on top. "Open it then just give the wand a flick." Ollivander said. I opened the box carefully and place the lid on the counter. I grabbed the wand that was inside then placed the rest of the box on the counter. I held the wand and took a deep breath before flicking it. I heard glass shatter and I opened my eyes to see the lamp broken. "Did I do that?" I asked concerned. "Yes dear but that's no problem." Ollivander said taking out his own wand. He muttered a spell that fixed the lamp. I put the wand back in the box. "Try this one." He said handing me another wand. I opened it and took out the wand. I gave this one a flick and boxes and papers flew everywhere. "Dear dear dear. Give me that." Ollivander said lightly snatching the wand. He started muttering to himself as he disappeared behind the shelves again. "This must be the one." He muttered as he handed me the box. I opened it and grabbed the wand. I gave it a flick and instead of damaging the store even more there was a magical feeling. I felt wind in my hair as a bright light surrounded me. I felt myself smiling. When the light faded I was smiling like crazy, so was Ollivander. "Well that must be the one for you dear." He smiled. "How much sir?" I asked. "Free for you." Ollivander said. The bell above the door jingled. "Well another customer. Have a wonderful day." He said handing me the box it belonge in. I put the wand back and smiled before turning. I bumped into the newcomer. "Sorry" I muttered before walking out. "Saphire dear." Mom called from beside the door. I walked over to her and smiled. We decided to go to the small pet store. "Mother may I get two pets. I really want that dog over there." I said pointing to the small puppy that was by itself. "Well dear I must say it is adorable but you are only supposed to get a toad, owl, rat, or cat. No dogs." Mother said softly. I pouted when she said that. "Well I want that dog. It's lonely just like me." I said walking over to it. It was a small lab. I started to pet it. "Saphire...ugh.. fine." Mom said giving into my demands. I smirked and picked up the dog. I walked over to the counter where Mom was talking to an older witch. "Let's see we have a few cats left. A cage full of rats. Three owls. The toads are unaccounted for at the moment." The woman said looking at a slip of parchment. "This dog. Does it get along well with cats?" Mom asked. "Only one." The woman said. "Which one?" Mom demanded. The witch walked out from behind the counter. I watched as she walked torwards a single bin by the door. She took out a small grey kitten. "The dog gets along with her." The witch said bringing the kitten to the counter. "We'll take both." Mom said as she took out her coin purse. We bought the two animals and walked out of the store. "We're heading home." Mom said. "What about the robes and books?" I asked. "Robes will be done at the house. Minty is a fine dressmaker. The books I already ordered they will be in my office at the school." Mom said holding my shoulder to guide me. We walked into an alley and disappareted. Once we were home I put the animals inside my room and put the bags on my bed. I sighed as I pulled out the trunk I needed for school. I started packing all my things into the trunk except for my new wand. "Miss I was told to make your robes for you." A voice squeaked from behind me. I turned to see Minty the house elf. "Of course." I said quietly and allowed her inside. She started her work as I as usual complained about Mom and Hogwarts.

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