II: Oblivion Is Bliss

When everything and everyone

Becomes my enemy and when

There's nothing more you can do



Chapter II: Oblivion Is Bliss


"Byakuran-sama, there's an emergency line trying to connect in from our base in Japan, sir."

The white-haired don paused from his little game of lining up marshmallows. Piercing violet eyes darted toward the old man now working as his messenger – the way it should originally be.

"From Shou-chan? And contacting at a time like this…hmm…" Long fingers softly pressed the little piece of marshmallow in his hand – as if testing its suppleness. "This certainly isn't good news." Faking a sigh, the man leaned back in his sofa.

"Connect him in, Leo-kun."

This sixty-year-old man was the real Leonardo Lippi whom Irie Shouichi had originally suggested to work as his personal messenger. Despite his age, the old man seemed to work with much more efficiency and swiftness than those of younger generation he could called sons. His performance record was really admirable.

Byakuran didn't regret his waste of time letting the fake Leonardo Lippi in, though. For it if wasn't for such delayed arrival of this real one, he wouldn't have this lovely chance to capture the Vongola's ever-so-elusive mist.

That beautiful doll that would only listen to him…was right now sleeping, his consciousness trapped in a labyrinth so much more complicated than a simple death. Just because this beautiful doll…

…Couldn't ask for death.

My lovely doll…

Wet tongue slipped past soft pair of lips, licking and tasting the sugary flavor of his favorite sweet, thoroughly savoring the taste as if that snow-white little piece was actually the very flesh and skin of one certain beauty before biting and swallowing it whole.

It wasn't long until a familiar face appeared on the monitor.

It wasn't Irie Shouichi.

"Oh, it's you, Cervello." Still, the white-haired don didn't look surprised as he was still smiling. "How're things going over there?"

Even if he knew…

"…Our deepest apologies, Byakuran-sama, but our Melone base was attacked by the Vongola and sustained too many damages. Now we're taking refuge."

"Is that so? With that number of people, Vongola is truly impressive."

"If it wasn't for…unexpected betrayal, the result certainly wouldn't be like this, sir."

Byakuran slightly raised his eyebrows yet his hands were still busy with the marshmallows in the bag – seeming unaffected by the news at all.

"And what about Shou-chan? Surely he has something to say, hasn't he?"

The dark-skinned woman became silent for a brief moment before she finally said: "Irie-sama is sustaining injur-"

The screen suddenly went haywire as if unable to receive the signal. Yet it was only a moment before the image was back.


Now, on screen was Irie Shouichi.

"Why, hello, Shou-chan. I heard the situation there isn't so good?"

The Millefiore boss was smiling; however, his bright smile only made Irie Shouichi feel even more tensed. The glasses-wearing man gritted his teeth.

"…Some of the Black Spell betrayed. The 3rd unit, Aphelandra… I was too careless."

"Careless?" The marshmallows Byakuran was playing with could now be clearly seen lining up as the word 'Betrayal'. The white haired-don's smile widened. "That isn't the word I thought I would hear from Shou-chan."

Irie frowned. And even if the image displayed on the monitor didn't allow the other to see all, just the change of expression from his face made it enough to tell how stressed he was.


The other was putting pressure on him. The more he said he had faith in him, the more he had to strive to meet that expectation. This man was definitely pushing him even if he was still smiling. No. Byakuran liked to do that with everyone – forcing them with fallacy of pleasant words – just like how he loved to fool people with sweet poison.

The more the victim showed his panic, the more fun he got. If one were to be put under such pressure for too long a period, it was possible for one to really become nuts.


"It's alright. Lightning Gamma…it isn't really a surprise for that man to betray us. What's more important…I suppose Shou-chan's experiment isn't all gone with the attack, is it?"

Shouichi frowned again, noting very well the special stress Byakuran had put in the 'betray' word…as if to stake his gravest mistake.

The mistake caused by him being too trusting.

"…I've already backed up the important information. And even if the Vongola ever suspects anything…" The glasses-wearing man narrowed his eyes.

The betrayal of someone he had called a friend.

Byakuran chuckled, his violet eyes twinkling. "Alright. Then…"

Someone that, in normal circumstance, he knew would become his best friend or even…something more.

"Withdraw from Japan. Take all your men back here."


Shouichi's eyes immediately widened. He wasn't sure if he had heard the order right.

"What!? You want me to withdraw…"

Because he knew Don Millefiore, Byakuran, wasn't one to really worry about his subordinates' wellbeing.

"You hear me right. And Shou-chan~ you're still injured, right?"

He wouldn't care if anyone would die under his command as long as he could have what he wanted.

"…It's just a scratch. Besides, the Vongola rings…"

So, right now…

"Don't worry. Those 'gifts from the past' will soon be sent here." The white haired-man smiled before picking up a marshmallow from the 'Betrayal' pile and popping it into his mouth.

Just what is this man thinking?

"Reborn! Chrome…that girl! She is awake!"

The woman assassin whose title was Poison Scorpion, Bianchi quickly spread the good news as soon as Chrome returned to her consciousness, for the existence of this girl…meant the existence of another one.

"I see. This means Mukuro is still alive." The arcobaleno said, nodding. Yet instead of looking relief, the hitman baby seemed to be thinking.


"…I have a bad feeling. Giannini, contact Tsuna. I want to know the movement of the Millefiore."

"Got it." The plump inventor nodded and immediately complied.

In the world of darkness behind close lids, in the slumber even deeper than dreams, there was a place where once the spirit could roam freely. However, right now, all that was left of that place was…a prison, caging the lonely soul inside thick, invisible walls, trapping him in the blinding space scarier than death itself.

Someone used to say…death was not scary. That someone used to know…death was not the end of everything.

There was a voice, so soft and yet so familiar, ringing from somewhere in the back of his contained memories.

Have you forgotten me?

That voice…sounded as if coming from his own self…but it didn't, for here, no matter how hard he tried, there was no voice escaping from his lips.

He couldn't see anything. He couldn't say anything.

He could only hear the voice that was like his own speaking.

Even if it didn't come from these lips.

Have you forgotten me? Have you forgotten me?

That voice kept whispering, asking.

Do you still remember our promise?


You soul…given to me…belongs to me…for eternity…in return of…my embrace…the love…you long for.

Asking for something this soul couldn't remember, for it had already forgotten.

Have you forgotten me? How could you forget me…when…I've never betrayed you?


The doll could remember nothing.

Don't you remember…there's only my embrace that welcomes you…even if this world has abandoned you?

Therefore, he felt nothing as he couldn't understand the screaming of the accursed red eye he had once sold his soul to. Didn't feel any pain even as his other half that desired absolute darkness in return of fulfilling his childish wish was screaming…

This beautiful doll could remember nothing.


Something warm and wet touched his face…moving up his cheek…before kissing either of his eyelids…so tenderly it was tickling.

Long, dark lashes fluttered open, revealing one clear cerulean eye from which crystal droplets of tears were streaming down non-stop…even if the owner of that sky-colored eye didn't know why. Yet, the reason didn't matter as long as the picture reflected in that eye was of his master, his owner, his…


The white-haired don smiled his trademark smile. Strong hand cupped the other's pretty face before leaning in, kissing the tears away. The blue haired-beauty didn't move. Nor did he show any sign of disgust as he let his master touch him as much as he wanted; kissing, touching and even licking his face.

As if to say he was his possession.

And he was.

"I come to visit. How was your operation? Does it still hurt that much?"

"…No. It didn't. It doesn't hurt."

It didn't hurt because he had already forgotten everything.

Slender hand rested on the gauze on his right eye under which the accursed red eye that had the memories of six realms was now hidden. "The doctor said the eye accepted me as its owner easier than he first thought…"

It didn't hurt…because that eye wouldn't hurt the one it had claimed as its rightful owner – one who had given it both the body and the soul.

Strong hand caressed the doll's face, long fingers wiping away the tears staining those pale cheeks. Violet eyes looked closely at those tears before the white haired-don finally voiced"

"And these tears…?"

"…Just a nightmare, Byakuran-sama." The blue haired-man replied before abruptly changing the subject. "…I heard our base in Japan was taken by the Vongola. Is that true?"

"…Quite true. But don't worry. I already have a plan. Now…I want to hear more about this dream of yours." The don's fingers were now playing with his newest toy's silky blue tresses as he marveled at the softness of them. "I want to know…what made my lovely Mukuro-kun cry."

"…" For a long while, the blue haired-beauty was silent. He didn't want to talk about it because he didn't know…and didn't want to know. He just wanted to forget everything. But…he couldn't deny his master. Didn't want to deny him. "I…"

Slowly, he began. "I heard a voice…"

A voice that was very much like his but it wasn't.

"The voice that was like my own…calling me…asking if I have already forgotten our promise. He said…" Blue eye stared ahead yet it didn't look at anything in particular…because he knew…the thing he was looking for…wasn't there. "He told me…there is only his embrace…that welcomes me when this world has…abandoned me…"

On hearing that, Byakuran smiled, one arm pulling the lithe body close, forcing him to lean onto his chest. "…And does Mukuro-kun…believe him?"

"…" Mukuro closed his eyes, slender arms embracing the taller man tightly. "I only believe you, Byakuran-sama."

Byakuran's smile widened. "Really? You're so cute, Mukuro-kun." The taller man said before pinning the smaller man onto the bed and crawling on top of him. He immediately ravished the other's deliciously exposed throat, earning sweet moans from the lithe body underneath him.

The blue haired-man's arms then wrapped around the other's neck as he begged him with unbearable need – desperate for his master's touch – at the same time wanting nothing more than to make his master satisfied. Just because of those lies he spoke. Just because…

This lovely doll was too oblivious to notice…those Amethyst-colored eyes that were so cold…colder than the glacier in dreadful winter.

You're really a stubborn one, Mukuro-kun.

Strong hands caressed the beauty underneath; touching him all the way he wanted. There was no word of denial…or even just a mocking laughter that strongly stated the disapproval.

There were only sweetest of sweet moans coming from complete willingness.


And as the tips of those naughty fingers circled the pink nubs of flesh that were hardened because of fiery desire…tweaking them teasingly until the blue haired-beauty couldn't stop moaning…


The pretty doll's nightmare was then entirely forgotten.

Byakuran's smile wasn't so angelic as his now favorite toy closed his eyes.

Maybe…it's a bit too soon to use you.



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