IV: Dolce Veleno: Part A

Moonlight shadow in solitary

It's just that I'm so thirsty...

The fruit I've sunk my teeth into...

Ravishes me with its sweet, sweet,

But deadly poison



Chapter IV: Dolce Veleno (Part A)


"It's raining already, huh?"

Byakuran tilted his head skyward, cold, clear droplets of rain falling down onto his palm. The sky was dull with dark-colored clouds. The trees whispered as they swayed in the blowing wind that seemed to croon louder and louder each passing minute. Leaves danced freely in the air as more and more crystalline raindrops fell.

"My, this is bad. I had the driver leave."

The white-haired man sighed softly before pulling the lithe body coming with him toward the closest shelter. The paper bags they held was a bit wet but luckily, the stuffs inside were still pretty safe.

It seemed this shopping arcade was still crowed even when it was raining. Perhaps it was because of its extraordinary charm that made people keep on walking around without worrying about the weather. In this city filled with skyscrapers, who would have thought there would be a shopping arcade magnificently fashioned after those old buildings you see in Milano. And in the middle of the park, the Fountain of Angels positioned there like a meeting place of lovers.

In the place such as this, if someone were to gaze at them, they would be nothing more than two ordinary people – those whose hands were never stained with blood. They'd look like friends…like…

Amethyst-colored eyes gazed at the blue haired beauty beside him. The white-haired man then took off his coat and put it around the other's shoulders.


"Byakuran-sama…?" Mismatched eyes moved from varieties of stuffs on the selling shelves he could see behind the shop mirror, fixing instead on the taller man who had just given him the warm coat.

The man merely smiled before shifting his gaze toward the things the other was looking at the moment before. "So…you like chocolate, Mukuro-kun?"

"…Yes." The blue haired-man replied, his slender hand grabbing the other's elbow. "But…I…I like Byakuran-sama better."

Byakuran's eyebrows lifted up slightly as if to question. However, there was no need for the lovely doll to answer as the taller man softly chuckled before leading the other into the shop.

The sweet scent of chocolate suddenly filled their nostrils as soon as the door was open. The chiming sound of the small silver bells told the owner he was having customers.

"Benvenuto. [1]" The owner of the shop was a middle-aged man whose friendliness was as pleasant as his homemade chocolate. "What chocolate would you like for today, sir?"

There were different kinds of chocolate, coming in various shapes. Some were kept in a crystal-clear bottle tied nicely with sweet-colored ribbon. Some were placed within stylish boxes. Yet, as for the one to pick…

The white-haired man smiled.

"Cioccolato per il mio amore. [2]"

He took a credit from his pocket and handed it to the seller before turning to whisper into his lovely doll's ear:

"Take as much as you want…since I already know that you like me better. "

"Oh, you're back, Irie-sama." Leonardo, the old man greeted as soon as he found the White Spell 2nd Rosa Squad leader already sitting in the waiting room.

"Leonardo-san, Where's Byakuran-san?" The glasses-wearing man asked, tightening his grip on the document in his hand. And even though he looked better than the day he last contacted via emergency line, the tiredness still showed on his a bit too pale face.

The gray-haired man gazed at the younger man in both understanding and pity. No matter how you look at it, Irie Shouichi was still too young for the burden. The load weighing down on those slim shoulders seemed to always be too much. But perhaps, it was for that very same reason that the man, a few years from being called a boy, tried so hard to prove himself, striving for the seemingly out-of-reach goal.

The old man shook his head slightly before replying:

"It's a pity. Byakuran-sama left 2 hours ago, sir."

"He's out!?" Shouichi almost jumped up from his seat.

Even if that man is known to be unable to stay still, at least…in this circumstance…

"Did he tell you where?"

"He said he would be out shopping, sir." Leonardo replied. He left the information about the Vongola mist guardian secret as ordered by the Millefiore boss himself, though.

Shouichi rubbed his temple, feeling like having a migrane from his boss' behavior. His brows knitted together as he seemed to be deep in thought. Then, finally, he sighed and gave the document he had with him to the old man. "Then, I'll leave this with you. Please hand it to Byakuran-san. And if he's back, please tell him to contact me immediately."

The old man nodded, taking the document. "...An urgent matter, it seems."

Shouichi sighed again. "Urgent…and important."

The rain didn't seem to be stopping. Crystal-clear droplets rolled down the window mirror, behind which the beautiful town of imitated Milano could be seen looking completely like a little town for dolls. Thunder rumbled loudly as lightning now and then flashed, temporarily illuminating the dull world under the raining sky as bright as day.

In the hotel room not far away from the shopping arcade, sitting so still on the plump armchair was one blue-haired beauty whose current innocent loveliness was quietly mocking the old self this beauty used to be. A bottle of animal-shaped chocolates lay on the circular table with its lid already open – more than half of content eaten.

Mismatched eyes stared out of the window as their owner sat there, unmoving…like a doll. A doll that stayed there, watching the little town below without ever feeling bored or tired…

A doll town for a living doll.

...Until the ritual got interrupted.

One soft towel was put on the wet blue head.

"If you stay like that, you'll get a cold, Mukuro-kun."

The white-haired man smiled before proceeding to towel those wet blue locks.

"..." Mismatched eyes still didn't shift from what they were looking out the window…didn't lose their fixated gaze…as if couldn't look away from a certain something. Byakuran raised his eyebrows before following the other's gaze.

The Fountain of Angels.

There, in the middle of the park, those beautiful angels sang the sweetest song never to be heard, for the musical tune from their harps and the whisper from their flutes – so close to perfect marble lips – was none other than the typical sound of nature to human's unable ears.

The echoing sound of the rain.

White wings, black marbles, golden instruments. Water came pouring down and down. Down from up there, high up in heaven.

A naughty kid took of his shoes, playing with the pouring rain. The kid laughed; running and jumping along the rain-soaked street. He laughed and laughed and jumped into the puddle and again laughed. He then skipped closer to the Fountain and splashed the water at his little sister who, in return, cried…so loud that their father and mother had to scold him.

As the doll sat there and watched, the scene started to replay, distorting itself behind the fog that veiled most of his memories…into another scene that once happened somewhere…a long time ago:

There was a quiet boy whose eyes, just like him, were of strange mismatched color. Ruby-red and sky-blue stared at a fountain which looked so much like the one below in the park. And then this little boy asked…a question to a tall man…whose face he couldn't remember.

If angels were real, how would this world be?

Yet the man, holding his little hand, replied:

Men create angels so that they can dream.

That man…whose hands and kindness were so warm…it seemed he couldn't remember…

…Couldn't remember how cruelly he had betrayed his trust.

For everything had been…was…just a lie, an illusion.

"...If we can create heaven, do you think there'll be angels?" The blue-haired beauty asked with voice barely above a whisper, for the question seemed to him like a request for a forbidden fruit and just for asking that made him feel so lost…so small and vulnerable…

For he wasn't sure whom the question was really for.


"Of course," an answer that wasn't really expected whispered back to him, so clear and audible, with a puff of warm breath. The warmth that wasn't so far away but so close…just in reach. "If you wish for angels, then there'll be angels."

Even if everything was a lie…just like this so-called heaven.

Strong hand cupped the doll's face, making him turn to meet with an angelic smile. Yet, those amethyst-colored orbs seemed to shine differently as thunder split the sky into halves.

"Or…is it that my lovely Mukuro-kun doesn't believe what I say anymore?"

Why…fearing…when there was nothing to fear?

Heaven can be created.

Why…still fearing…despite once already forgetting to feel so…?

Red…the color of blood.

Why…fearing to cry…even though the embrace of this man who wiped away his tears was so warm?

The dreadful frost of being alone.

And why…still fearing…even if heaven was in those arms as soon as he closed his eyes?

The fear to fall.



Mismatched eyes slowly closed.

"Please…hold me."

Hours had past. Dusk had aged into night. The rain had finally stopped, leaving only the pale face of the waxing moon in the sky. Slivers of light shone through the ink-black darkness upon the now sleeping earth. The street that was once crowded, now became but a place for ghost. And the Fountain of Angels became even more silent as there were no more children to play and splash.

There were only sound of gently pouring water and the whistling of night wind.

Yet, in such time when living things were sleeping, one pair of eyes didn't close as their owner stayed and watched…watched the world and the dark night sky…just like how they had been watching it since the beginning of the endless cycle…watching them and always wishing…for the sky to be of black color…for eternity.

Blood-red eye glowed eerily in the shadow. The lithe, naked figure slipped away from the warm embrace that held the 'doll' in its peaceful sleep. Moonlight chased away dark shadow, playing upon the milky complexion of the moving silhouette. In its grip…was sharp, deadly knife.

The blade, like a silent bane, pressed upon the nape of the sleeping victim's neck.

The wind blew, causing one dark cloud to mischievously veil away the moonlight. The bed creaked softly. The knife was just waiting to taste blood.

"Trying to kill me while I'm sleeping. Not a bad idea."

Yet, when the cloud moved away and the silver moonlight was back, the image reflected in the blade were violet orbs as sharp as the knife itself.

"Kufufu. As expected from the boss of Millefiore. Your sense is really sharp." The one with the weapon smiled, pressing a hand on the other's chest as if in warning not to move.

Byakuran smiled back…still smiled without showing any fear. Piercing violet eyes lifted up to meet with his attacker's glowing red one. Red…like unflickering flame.

"You…aren't Mukuro-kun. You're the 'eye', I suppose? Well, I appreciate your attempt to free your owner. So loyal."

The other's mismatched eyes seemed to sparkle dangerously as they narrowed. And the hand on his chest seemed to press harder as the beauty straddling him shifted, long blue tresses softly caressing his skin.

"It seems your blockage weakens when you're sleeping. Or…is it because…kufufu…you start to really fall for this kid?"

The white-haired don gazed at the perfect picture before him: Pale moonlight illuminated flawless white skin, unabashedly showing each of his love marks. And those slim hips that moved ever-so-seductively as if it was natural. And…

"Why, he's worth having, isn't he, this Mukuro-kun? Certainly, he tastes really nice. I haven't started to get bored yet."

This beauty who never cried despite having eyes that reflected so much sorrow it leaked from behind the façade…

Thin lips stretched into a smile as slender hand pressed the knife closer to the other's neck. "No matter what you think, this kid and I are but one person. No matter what color you try to dye him; my color will still be there, inseparable."

"I see." Byakuran chuckled. "Actually, I prefer the old Mukuro-kun."

The enticing mist…ever so mysterious and elusive.

Amethyst-colored eyes twinkled in amusement. The taller man abruptly snatched the smaller one's arm, quickly switching their position, pinning the other underneath. Strong hands held the beauty's slim wrists down firmly so that the dangerous knife lay safely still.

When caught, it wouldn't be easy for one to let go…even if…

"Now that I've told you that…love me?"

I have to make you my obedient little doll.

Warm lips caressed soft cheek, whispering an offer so sweet…so gently before moving to the ear, letting sneaky tongue tease the other's earlobe.

"Especially, when our goals are the same."

To create one's own heaven. A human striving to be a god.

"Kufufu. You're so…human."

A false angel who never allowed refusal.

Long, dark lashes lowered.

"I'll tell you this…that I cannot object to this kid's will."


Byakuran smiled, tilting the other's chin up, fingers playing with petal-soft lips.

"That…" The blue-haired man smirked. "Is the only reason I haven't killed you yet."

That was before another pair of lips sealed his words.



Italian-English note:

[1] Welcome

[2] Chocolate for my love

(A/N: I'm not sure if the Italian is really correct, though.)

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