IV: Dolce Veleno: Part B

Chapter IV: Dolce Veleno (Part B)


Men…the race of men…every single one of them was full of desires and avid hunger.

"A…ah…" Melodic moans emitted from the lithe figure's throat. The blanket couldn't cover all the dirty evidence – traces of fiery desire let loose. The sheet rumpled, the bed creaked, convincing the realness of the act even though there was only the moon to witness everything that night. Moonlight illuminated every single kiss as its silver slivers heard the sweet nothing whisper and even sweeter moans.

The blanket couldn't completely hide all the marking traces as two silhouettes tangled together with lustful caresses and touches that were more passionate than the deep red color of blood.


Blurry mismatched eyes lowered, gazing at the man calling his name over and over, kissing him again and again as if he could never drink enough from his lips…as if nothing could really satisfy his thirst as his desire was insatiable.

Promise of the two demons in the night one couldn't find an angel.

"I love you…" The white-haired man whispered. Over and over again, he spoke of the words the two of them knew so well it was meaningless, for no matter how often the word 'love' was said, no matter how nectar-sweet each syllable was whispered, all those beautiful words no matter how many – a hundred or a thousand – they were nothing more than lies.

Men…the race of men…every single one of them was full of desires and avid hunger.

Those words were just as empty spoken by the person who never knew the true meaning of 'love'.

It was only lust that drove such desire to possess and never let go, was it not?

Kisses after kisses, and strangely, they deepened, tongue battling, twining, taking longer time for savoring as if longing – never wanting to let go.

"I…will never be yours."

Longing…wanting…desiring…perhaps just because it was unattainable, for if he had been careless even for one second, the ever elusive mist would have slipped away from his grip…

"Ah…Byakuran-san…" Lithe body covered with a fine sheen of sweats, the blue-haired beauty lifted his head up to meet with another fiery kiss - silky tresses of hair tumbling down like blue waterfall as deliciously pale throat was exposed. The accursed red eye gleamed in the darkness, looking like unflickering flame that could devour everything…

Except for the tears of a child whose body and soul were an only gift to offer.

The 'eye' never knew love, never knew its true meaning yet…

"I…will never let you have this child."

This man had made this child who had forgotten everything cry…even though those tears were supposed to dry away long, long ago…in the world of eternal darkness where the 'eye' and the little child had made their promise.

The wish.

Even though…the truest thing this little child he knew wanted…and longed for was still…

That heaven of angels.

Those winged people who always smiled at him. Those beautiful angels in heaven up high in the sky.

That child always said, ever so wistfully, that the sky was so great…so vast…and so high he couldn't reach.

Was it for that reason that he hated and detested the sky? Aspiring only to paint such sky with the color of blood…as much as he wished for the world to be completely in darkness.

"For he never desires you."

Mismatched eyes narrowed, slender hands pushing at the other's chest – not hard enough to push him away but to signify a stop. "And even if you…can fulfill my desire, you still have no rights in him."

For you are unable to dry that child's tears.

Amethyst-colored eyes shone with dreadful iciness under the moonlight; however, a smile crept across the white-haired man's face. "Are you trying to use me?" Yet it was a smile devoid of any gentleness or humor. And…

"Use me…and then kill me just like what you've just tried to do."

He couldn't be stopped anymore. Byakuran sank his teeth into the other's throat, leaving a bruise on the milky flesh as if to mark him, showing that he was his possession as his hand moved, trying to get more of those moans and screams from those enticing lips even though…

"Kufufu. It's…the same with you, isn't it?"

Those rosy lips, swollen by countless kisses, were still mocking him with that smile.


Why did he get so angry when he didn't feel any love?

"Do you hate me that much?"

Why did he feel so upset when everything was just a façade?

"Even if…I like you this much."

He was only pretending…pretending to care for this doll that had no real heart.

"My dear Mukuro-kun…"

Only wanting to crush, to shatter the Mist's ego and pride.

"I love you…"

…And so he lied, lying just so that he could wipe those tears he himself made him shed…


It was only an enemy. It was only a doll…a tool…this bloody-scented Mist that drew him in with twisted, dark fascination.

"I love you, Byakuran-sama."

Only wanting to break him. Only wanting to mark, to possess.

"You're the most disgusting mafia I've ever known."

Because there was no love, he was angry.

"For he never desires you."

Because there was no love, he was upset.

"You've no rights in him."

And because there was no love…

"I will make you love me…need me…unable to live without me."

He didn't want…to let go.

"Even you can't stop me."

My beautiful doll, the lovely doll I'm trying to dye with my color, if you finally start to regain what you've forgotten…

The taller man turned the other face down. And though there was a pillow in his face, it couldn't stop the beauty's ringing laughter. Narrow hips moved towards the other as if in instinct as long fingers intruded the pink, puckered opening, for this body was too accustomed to the false angel's touch – even the softest caress could make his entire body flared with lust as if it were some drugs that was so addicting.

The body that couldn't say no to the love it was receiving even though such love was faked…even though he once tried to deny it.

That child…always running away from love, always fearing it.

Do you still remember…that foolish person that shed his tears for the heaven that would never welcome him, crying just because he couldn't leave behind his childish desire to be loved?

Fearing to fall.

The 'eye' never felt emotions, only desires and yet…

Only the desires of this arrogant man playing an angel…cannot become the sky to envelope your sorrow.

When the memories returned, when that child remembered everything, even though the sky was embracing him, he would detest that sky and…

"Kufufu. I'll be watching, then."

Hate it the most.

Never be careless, for my 'eye' will be watching you…

Whatever the answer was…

And you shouldn't forget…to look at yourself.

Far away, on the bed where a figure was supposed to be sleeping, violet eyes stared blankly at the ceiling. In her arms was a snowy owl which once belonged to a horrid enemy; however, right now this owl was the only reminder…the only connection to a certain someone she couldn't feel anymore.

Even though he used to be there.

My pride…I give it to you.

Not dead…yet not so alive.

That man whose presence she could always feel even when he was in a slumber he couldn't well rest…the one who bore so much sorrow…having to walk through dreams of others, for fearing his own dreams. He, whom she could always feel the slightest presence even when he was silent and not responding…

All now quiet. All now blank. Even though she knew he was still alive.

The shattered pride was painful…much more painful than being dead.

Mukuro-sama, I want to help you…

The obstructing barrier…she could feel it. It was so tall and strong that no matter how much she cried for him, he wouldn't hear a syllable. That man…who had given he the meaning of life…

The young girl choked, trying to stop her sobbing, telling herself she had to be strong, for it she cried now, she'd never know how much she'd weep more for the lost him – the one offering her his hand even though his eyes were so sad.

The sound of footsteps caught her attention. Chrome Dokuro got herself up from the bed and put on her shoes before moving to open the door.

Violet eyes stared at the one that should be asleep.

"Boss, you're still awake?"

The brown-eyed boy smiled apologetically at the girl. "Ah, well…umm…sorry, Chrome. Did I wake you?"

Chrome Dokuro shook her head. "No. I wasn't sleeping."



The supposed tenth Vongola scratched his cheek as the girl merely stared at him in silence. To be honest, he wasn't that good talking to a girl, especially now that he knew very well the reason of her being unable to sleep. Although he knew exactly what to do, knowing what the real problem was and how to solve it, he…didn't have the confidence.

For it was a gamble with the cost of lives.

He wanted to protect everyone, wanted everything to be back to normal, leaving it only a dream…a nightmare so that he could open his eyes and be on his bed in his home. But that wasn't it.

He wanted to protect everyone…but just saying that was much easier than really doing.

He was just a kid.

It was easy to speak of the ideals but when really looking at it, reality was a heavy burden he had to shoulder. The title 'boss' was something more than just roleplaying.

The boss was the sky to envelope everyone – the great, great sky.

Yet, had anyone ever wondered…that even the Sky could be afraid?

Could he really be trust to be responsible for everyone's life and safety? Even though he wanted to trust his friends, he was still worried. This was unlike the Melone base that had only a fraction of Millefiore's immense power. This was the entire Millefiore they'd be facing.

If something went wrong…if someone died, what would he do? He was, after all, a middle school student.

And this girl who was now staring at him…was one of those lives he had to protect and she was waiting for another life…that was in the hand of the enemy.

What should he say to her? Would he be daring enough to speak such sentence like 'Don't worry, I'll help you'?

"Ah, well…"

Yet, it seemed someone decided to save the day. A voice finally broke the tension as another figure appeared from the other end of the corridor.

"What're a boy and a girl doing together in this time they should be sleeping? But oh well…"

The speaker emerged from the shadow – blond hair gleaming in the dim light. The man, as always, had his favorite lollipop in his mouth.

"Actually, it isn't my matter."



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