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Summer of Love

A/N: I'd just like to say that I have written 25,000 words towards my novel in the past 19 days. Kinda proud of that. Dead tired though. But it's artistic abandon, so it's wonderful.

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And off for the Summer of Love... makes me think of It's a Wonderful Life and the two people walking back singing "Buffalo Gals". But that's just me.

Mr. Padfoot/Sirius Black-Bold Italic

Mr. Moony/Remus Lupin-Bold

Mr. Prongs/James Potter-Plain

Mr. Wormtail/Peter Pettigrew-Italic


Chapter Twelve: Summer of Love

Dearest Lily-Flower,

Words can barely describe how much I love you. Each moment that has passed since I last saw you has been empty. You are the light of my very existence. It is from this love for you that I have taken it upon myself to venture into the lofty realms of poetry to express my feelings:

Your hair is sweeter than roses

At your smile my mind decomposes

To you my heart proposes

That you and I go on a date-ses

Please Lily?

Yours with love,


Dear Moony,

Save me! I'm sooooo bored. All Prongs does is write to Evans. Every letter takes him hours to complete and he insists on having me listen to every single draft. It's horrible. Want a house guest?


My Beauteous Miss Evans,

These few weeks of summer have been only pain for me. I cannot go on if I cannot catch even a glimpse of you. I only hope that you return even a fraction of my feelings and longing for you. We're meant to be together, Lily. I know it. Please accept my offer for a date. It will be worth it. I promise.




No, I do not want a house guest. I have a job this summer and certainly don't care to babysit you. As for Lily, she has my greatest sympathies.



Please tell your pathetic and idiotic excuse for a best friend to stop writing to me. No, I will not go out with him. Sending me several letters a day will not change my mind.


Lily Evans

P.S. Tell him also that he should never become a poet. I don't think I've ever read anything more horrendous.

Dear Mr. Moony,

Mr. Prongs is overjoyed at Miss Evans' response to his letters. True, it was mistakenly addressed to Mr. Padfoot, but Mr. Prongs cannot be more elated. He has enclosed a copy for Mr. Moony's perusal.

-Mr. Prongs


We have trouble. By now you have no doubt received Prongs' letter. There is something seriously wrong with him. See what you've left me with?


P.S. He's carrying her letter around and practically drooling on it constantly. It's revolting. If I ever do anything like this, please hex me.


I never got the chance to thank you for covering prefect rounds for me. It was a huge help. Thank you.

How's your summer going? I've got a part time job at Flourish and Blotts for now, so I'm keeping pretty busy. Have you had the chance to look at our Arithmancy work yet? It looks challenging.


P.S. I'm sorry James is being such a jerk. I'll tell him to knock it off next time I see him, but I can't promise it will do any good. You have my sympathy.

Lily, my life, my love,

My friends mock and condemn me for my devotion to you. But they simply do not understand how much you mean to me. I would give you the world if only I could. Please, accept my offers. Just one date! I promise if you give me one date, then you will be begging for the second instead. Do not reject me, Lily. I love you.



Don't you have anyone else to write to? I'm very busy here. I agree that Prongs has serious issues as far as Miss Evans is concerned, but there's nothing we can do. Please direct future letters to Wormtail or your girlfriend. Speaking of which, why don't you just have her over if Prongs is ignoring you?



Thanks for your letter. It's nice to actually write to a sane person. Unlike some certain friends of yours.

You're welcome for the prefect cover. I'm happy to help out anytime. If anyone deserves it, you do. I'm so happy you have a job. Hopefully things will go as smoothly next summer as well. I hope your condition doesn't cause any troubles either.

My summer has been decent so far. Petunia is off with her boyfriend most days, so I don't see much of her—a relief for sure. Mostly I'm just trying to keep busy with summer homework and catch up on my reading. Oh, and dream up creative ways to murder your best friend. Really, no hard feelings.



I'd like to ask once more if you'd take me in. Or at least try to be the voice of reason to our deluded friend. Please. I'm begging you. This is painful to watch.




Fine. I'll try to talk to him. We're still meeting for dinner on Friday, right? I'll say something then. Please try not to let him do anything too drastic in the meantime, will you? I don't want to be included in Lily's wrath.




Lily Evans

A/N: I hereby swear never, ever to do a chapter like that again. I don't write love letters. I don't write poetry. I realize that now. Promise. No more. Anyway, hope you guys enjoyed it.


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