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This Is So Not Happening

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Chapter Sixteen: This Is So Not Happening

In Defense Against the Dark Arts…

Mr. Padfoot would like to inquire how Miss Evans is treating Mr. Prongs as of late.

Mr. Prongs and Miss Evans are getting along famously. I think. Why? Should I be worried?

No, no need to be worried. Just wondering.

Mr. Moony wonders why Mr. Padfoot and Mr. Prongs are passing notes.

Um… because we're bored?

Mr. Prongs wonders if there is any other reason they ever pass notes.

Mr. Wormtail would like to point out that passing social notes during a test is an all-time high, er, ah, low for Messrs. Padfoot and Prongs.

Mr. Moony thinks his fellow Marauders should start on their tests. The class period won't last forever.

Thank goodness for that.



Take your test!


Mr. Prongs thinks we've gone and struck him speechless.

Mr. Padfoot offers a correction: I've gone and struck him speechless.

Mr. Wormtail wonders why Mr. Moony is passing notes with us if he's so worried about his test.

Mr. Moony has completed his test. Unlike these louts here who haven't even started.

Face it, Moony. This test is so not happening.

Mr. Prongs agrees with Mr. Padfoot. This is the third test today. And who cares? It's only a pre-test. There's no grade or anything.

Mr. Moony maintains that even pre-tests have educational value and you should at least try to take them.

Mr. Padfoot doesn't consider it worth the effort.

It's Friday afternoon, Moony. Let us live a little.

Mr. Wormtail had pictured Mr. Prongs' definition of "live a little" less like this and more like Mr. Padfoot's definition.

Mr. Padfoot wonders what his definition is.

Isn't it something along the lines of "snog every girl in sight"?

Oh. Right. Mr. Padfoot does agree with that definition.

Mr. Prongs does not agree.

That's 'cause Prongsie's definition includes only snogging Evans.

Mr. Moony wonders if Mr. Padfoot intends to assert any effort toward his schoolwork at all this year.

Mr. Padfoot does intend to graduate if that's what Mr. Moony is heading towards.

Mr. Moony points out that completing assignments is necessary for graduation.

Mr. Padfoot will soon be very annoyed if this is how Mr. Moony intends to be all year.

Mr. Moony wonders what Mr. Padfoot is referring to.

Mr. Padfoot would rather that Mr. Moony not be an interfering busy-body about schoolwork this year.

Mr. Prongs seconds that request.

Shut up, Prongs. I'll get to you in a second.

Mr. Wormtail thinks Mr. Prongs should be afraid, very afraid.

Mr. Prongs doesn't need Mr. Wormtail to point that out.

Mr. Moony would like to remind Mr. Padfoot that without his help, all of you would still be failing Second Year.

Why Second Year?

Because I do have some faith in you.


No kidding.

Mr. Padfoot would like to think he is a little better at magic than that.

Mr. Prongs would like to remind Mr. Padfoot of his abilities to remove his motorbike from the pond this summer.

Mr. Padfoot wonders if Mr. Prongs will ever let him live that one down.


Thanks mate.

Anytime. After all, what else are best mates for?

Mr. Wormtail advises that Mr. Padfoot not answer that question.

Mr. Padfoot offers his thanks for Mr. Moony for helping with his continued education at Hogwarts, but now begs him to keep to his own business.

Mr. Moony does not see this as a wise course of action, but will attempt to honor Mr. Padfoot's wishes.

Mr. Wormtail thinks Mr. Moony sounds like he's on Mr. Padfoot's deathbed.

Mr. Prongs certainly hopes not.

Mr. Padfoot seconds that. He doesn't want to die!

Mr. Wormtail wonders what Mr. Moony had in mind to tell Mr. Prongs about his schoolwork.

Aw, dang it Wormy! You didn't have to remind him!

Mr. Moony only wished to remind Mr. Prongs that he is now, as Head Boy, supposed to be a role model…

Mr. Prongs was trying to forget that bit.

Mr. Padfoot thinks Mr. Moony is a big spoilsport.

Mr. Moony is only being realistic and trying to help.

Mr. Prongs doesn't want to be a good role model. He's a Marauder.

Mr. Moony wonders if he should inform Miss Evans of this attitude.

No! Don't do that!

Mr. Wormtail wonders why Mr. Prongs is so vehement about this.

Mr. Prongs doesn't… doesn't want Miss Evans to… to think less of him for it.

So you'll be a good student to impress Miss Evans but not because you're Head Boy? Typical.

Awww. Young love.

Shut up, Padfoot.

At least my girlfriend accepts my mischievous nature.

Mr. Moony doesn't see why it's such a bad thing that Miss Evans motivates Mr. Prongs to be a better person and grow up a little.

It just is.

Maybe you should take a lesson from him and grow up a little yourself.

Grow up? Never! I don't want to grow up! Off to Neverland!

I never should have read him that book…

A/N: No, Moony, you really shouldn't have. So this chapter was inspired by this test in government that my friend and I totally didn't take. We had just finished the AP Calculus test and we got back to class and there was a test. We looked at each other and were just like "this is so not happening". So then she spent the rest of class doodling and I spent it writing this chapter for you lovely people.

Brownie points for anyone who can guess which book Padfoot shouldn't have read. (Come on, this is really a freebie!) If you guys want I can announce those who won brownie points next chapter. :)

So, thanks for reading and have a lovely week people!


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