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Battle of the Heroes

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Mr. Padfoot/Sirius Black-Bold Italic

Mr. Moony/Remus Lupin-Bold

Mr. Prongs/James Potter-Plain

Mr. Wormtail/Peter Pettigrew-Italic


Chapter Twenty: Battle of the Heroes

In Defense Against the Dark Arts…

Mr. Padfoot directs his army of gryphons to attack Mr. Prongs' army from the east, creating a deadlock for the ogres.

Mr. Prongs has his archers shoot down the gryphons and serve them as a delicacy in his camp that night.

Mr. Padfoot objects to this action. You can't just get rid of them!

Mr. Prongs is at liberty to do whatever he likes. He then sends his chimaera to stalk Mr. Padfoot's right flank while advancing his cavalry in the center of the front line.

Mr. Padfoot sends a champion to slay Mr. Prongs' chimaera.

Mr. Prongs' chimaera burns Mr. Padfoot's so-called champion to a crisp.

Mr. Padfoot's men mourn the loss of their champion and swear vengeance against Mr. Prongs' chimaera.

Mr. Prongs' chimaera is a fearsome beast. No man or champion has managed to slay it!

Mr. Moony thinks that would be obvious as Mr. Prongs' chimaera is still alive.

Mr. Prongs was making a dramatic point. No need to point out logical holes, Moony old chap.

Mr. Padfoot isn't sure what to make of "old chap". It's weird.

Mr. Prongs just felt like saying it.

Mr. Wormtail is most confused as to what is going on. What's a chimaera and why does Prongs have one?

A chimaera is an old mythological creature that breathes fire and is part dragon, part lion, and part goat.

So they don't exist?

No, you can still find some in Greece, I believe. They're a class XXXXX dangerous species and nearly impossible to kill.

Mr. Wormtail does not like the sound of that.

Mr. Padfoot and I are studying for Care of Magical Creatures, you see.

Oh. Mr. Wormtail is surprised to see that Mr. Padfoot and Mr. Prongs are studying.

Mr. Prongs asks Mr. Wormtail not to be silly. Padfoot and I are taking all the same classes as you. None of us are taking Care of Magical Creatures!

Mr. Wormtail knew that. He was just, ah, playing along.

While Mr. Prongs is distracted, Mr. Padfoot's rear guard of dark centaurs sneaks up from behind and attacks his right flank.

Mr. Prongs' men spring into action and release a baby dragon to eliminate Mr. Padfoot's centaurs. Once again, Mr. Padfoot's men are burnt to a crisp!

The remains of Mr. Padfoot's army make a hasty retreat and start searching for a dragon slayer.

Mr. Prongs sincerely hopes this champion is better than the last one. His dragon is in want of a workout.

Mr. Padfoot's champions are amazing. It's Mr. Prongs' beasts who need to tone it down a bit.

No chance.

Mr. Wormtail again asks what is going on.

We're playing a game, Wormtail. It's me verses Prongs. I'm going to wipe the blood of his men off the battle field with his dead body.

Mr. Moony really didn't want that mental image. That's disgusting.

Mr. Prongs denies the possibility of that. Mr. Padfoot will flee and surrender first! Mr. Prongs is fighting for his fair maiden and will not be defeated!

Mr. Wormtail doesn't think that Miss Evans will kiss Mr. Prongs for winning this.

Why ever not?

Because it's an imaginary game and she's just not that into you, Prongs.

Mr. Prongs is hurt.

Mr. Moony still advises that Mr. Prongs not ask for a kiss upon his victory. It won't help your already sorry and pathetic situation.

Mr. Prongs will reluctantly take that under advisement.

Mr. Padfoot's champions gather as a group at dawn to face off both the baby dragon and the chimaera.

Mr. Prongs' forces ready themselves for the easy task of taking out Mr. Padfoot's pathetic army.

Mr. Padfoot's army is fiercer than you imagine.

No it isn't.

Yes it is.

No it isn't.

Yes it is.













Cut it out.

Yes, Mum.

Mr. Padfoot's men start closing in on the chimaera.

Mr. Prongs' chimaera is hungry and looks forward to devouring the carcasses coming toward it.

Mr. Padfoot releases a wyvern to attack the baby dragon. The two become locked in a desperate struggle.

Mr. Prongs' baby dragon is rescued by his new pegasus.

Hey! You can't steal my pegasus!

I just did.

Mr. Padfoot's men start in an inquiry as to how Mr. Prongs managed to steal his pegasus.

Mr. Prongs considers an inquiry pointless. However he accomplished it, the pegasus was Mr. Padfoot's only hope of defeating the chimaera.

Mr. Moony releases a deadly contagion over both armies that infects all the men and creatures and kills them within a few minutes. He wins.

Mr. Padfoot declares this action cowardly and totally against the rules.

Mr. Prongs concurs. That's not allowed!

Mr. Moony doesn't care. He is victorious and tired of this game.

Spoil sport.

Yes, yes, I know. But I still won.

A/N: I really, really loved this chapter. It was a blast to write. I hope you guys liked it too. Thanks for reading and love you all!


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