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Gooey All Over My Face

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Chapter Twenty-Four: Gooey All Over My Face

In Defense Against the Dark Arts…

Mr. Moony is perplexed by the specks of chocolate on Mr. Prongs' face.

Mr. Padfoot seriously hopes Mr. Moony doesn't plan to lick them off.



I'm not going to lick Prongs' face! Where would you ever get such an idea?!

Mr. Prongs is very glad for this vehement refusal.

Mr. Padfoot only was thinking of how much Mr. Moony loves chocolate…

I might love chocolate, but that does not mean I want to lick it off my best mate's face! That's revolting! How could you even suggest such a thing?

Mr. Wormtail is really glad we're establishing all this. He doesn't know how he would have lived any longer without knowing the specifics of Mr. Moony's love of chocolate.

Mr. Padfoot would like to remind Mr. Moony that he did not actually suggest that he lick Prongs' face. He only expressed his hope that Mr. Moony would do no such thing.

Same difference.

Mr. Prongs would appreciate it if someone would get rid of this chocolate for him. It's not very nice. It's gooey and all over my face.

Mr. Padfoot is certain that Mr. Moony would be more than willing to offer his services.


Mr. Padfoot would like to once again point out that he didn't specifically suggest anything untoward there. Mr. Moony is jumping to conclusions.

Mr. Moony thinks it shouldn't matter. We all know you were thinking it.

Mr. Wormtail is amazed at Mr. Moony's newfound ability in mind-reading.

Mr. Moony does wonder how that chocolate came to be on Mr. Prongs' face.

Mr. Prongs assures Mr. Moony that he did nothing to deserve it.

Mr. Padfoot is under the impression that Miss Evans would disagree.

What did you do now, Prongs?

I wasn't doing anything! I swear!

Mr. Wormtail seriously doubts that.

Mr. Padfoot wonders at Mr. Prongs' blindness. You were totally doing something.

Just tell me, Padfoot.

He was flirting unashamedly with Evans again. What did you think?

I was not!

Oh? And asking her out and preening like a peacock isn't flirting now?


You were flirting with her, Prongs.

Mr. Moony fails to see what this flirting has to do with the chocolate on Prongs' face.

Interested, are we? I'm sure it would taste soooo gooooood.

Padfoot, I'm warning you…

Right. Right. Shutting up.


Mr. Prongs admits that the chocolate is the fault of Miss Evans.

How so?

Mr. Prongs wasn't really doing anything.

Yeah, you were.

Fine. Mr. Prongs was talking to her. And he might have asked her out. Several times.

Mr. Padfoot begs Mr. Prongs not to forget the hair-ruffling.

Oh yeah.

Mr. Padfoot thinks he counted at least a dozen passes through his hair in a two-minute conversation.

Then what?

She… uh, took offense to my… comments. And decided to shove a piece of cake in my face before stalking off.

Mr. Moony finds this very amusing indeed. He knew there was reason he liked Miss Evans.

Because she gives him an opportunity to lick yummy chocolate off Prongs' face?


Mr. Prongs has no idea why Mr. Padfoot wants Moony to lick my face so badly, but it's really disturbing. Please stop?

Mr. Wormtail wonders if Mr. Padfoot would like to lick Mr. Prongs' face instead.

Ewwwwww! No!

Mr. Moony wishes Mr. Padfoot were sitting a bit closer to him.


So I could hit you upside the head, you idiot!

Mr. Prongs wonders why Mr. Wormtail is so snarky today.

Mr. Wormtail had nightmares about Mrs. Norris last night. She was chasing me through the castle…

Mr. Moony offers his sympathies to Mr. Wormtail.

Mr. Prongs does as well.

Mr. Padfoot would like to boast that Mrs. Norris has nightmares about him.

Mr. Wormtail does not find that helpful in the least.

Think about it this way, Wormtail. Chocolate might just cure this depression.

Mr. Wormtail supposes it might…

Excellent. Prongs has some for you.

Mr. Wormtail should have seen that coming.

Yes, he should have.

Mr. Padfoot is indeed surprised Mr, Wormtail didn't see that coming.

Mr. Moony wonders when Mr. Padfoot is going to realize that no one wants to lick Prongs' face. It's disgusting.

Mr. Prongs thinks he actually has a rather nice face. But that doesn't mean he wants his friends to lick it.

Mr. Padfoot wonders if Miss Evans would like to lick the chocolate off Prongs' face… That would have been a pretty awesome tactic on her part—


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