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What Are You Doing Here?

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Chapter Twenty-Five: What Are You Doing Here?

In Transfiguration…

Mr. Padfoot is half tempted just to cancel his subscription to the Daily Prophet. It's downright depressing these days.

Mr. Wormtail agrees. It's all death and destruction.

Mr. Prongs points out that what we're reading is the real world, even if it's depressing.

Mr. Padfoot knows that. But it doesn't mean he wants to read about it at breakfast. It puts a damper on his whole day.

Mr. Wormtail wonders why he reads it then. If it really is so torturous.

Mr. Prongs supposes it's because this is the world we're going to be part of in just a few months. We can't go into it completely ignorant, even if it would be easier to ignore it all now.

Mr. Mooney is impressed with Mr. Prongs' maturity on this subject.

Mr. Padfoot is shocked and horrified that Prongs has matured. What's happened to his best mate? Did they take him in the night and replace him with a good twin?

Who's 'they'?

The gremlins of course.

Mr. Moony is pretty sure gremlins don't actually exist.

Mr. Prongs is just being reasonable. We're only going to be children for a little while longer.

So we have to enjoy while we can, right?


And here Mr. Moony was actually thinking Mr. Prongs was worthwhile.

Mr. Prongs wonders what Mr. Moony could possibly mean by that.

Uh… nothing.

Mr. Padfoot wishes he had a copy of the paper with him now, actually.

Mr. Wormtail thought Mr. Padfoot wanted to cancel his subscription.

Mr. Padfoot is saddened by the depressing content of the paper, but that doesn't mean he can't miss the crossword. And he left his copy in the dorm this morning. Now he has nothing to do in class.

Mr. Moony once again suggests that he pay attention.

Mr. Padfoot feels that we've been over this already.

Mr. Moony was only suggesting it.

Mr. Prongs is rather offended. Isn't talking to us a suitable classroom pastime?

Mr. Padfoot supposes so.

Mr. Moony wonders how any of you pass anything.

Mr. Padfoot once again feels that we've been over this. Prongs and I are just that awesome.

Except in Charms. Lily bested us in Charms.

Mr. Padfoot would use the term "bested" loosely. Her teacup sounded like a dying cat.

Mr. Prongs disagrees. It was lovely. You just don't like opera, Padfoot.

Mr. Wormtail is with Mr. Padfoot on this one.

And Mr. Moony is with Mr. Prongs. He's sure Miss Evans would appreciate the compliment.

Mr. Padfoot feels that we've been missing something lately.

What is that?

A good, proper, old-fashioned prank.

Mr. Wormtail agrees.

Mr. Prongs does realize that it's been a while.

Mr. Padfoot blames it all on Prongs' now boringness as Head Boy.

Mr. Prongs refuses to have this argument again.

Mr. Wormtail wonders what Mr. Moony and Miss Evans are doing over there.

Mr. Prongs can't see them from here. Someone tell him what's going on!

Mr. Moony doesn't know what Mr. Padfoot is talking about.

Mr. Padfoot didn't say anything.

Yeah, Mr. Wormtail is the one who made that observation.

Oops. Mr. Moony meant Mr. Wormtail.

Mr. Padfoot demands to know what is going on. Mr. Moony is acting downright strange. And talking too closely with Miss Evans.

Mr. Moony breaks down and admits it.


Mr. Moony has let Miss Evans borrow his pen and parchment for the duration of this conversation.

What?! Traitor!

Moony! How could you!?

We trusted you!

You have betrayed the trust of the Marauders!

We ought to shun you, toss you out!

Mr. Moony (really him this time) is patiently waiting for Mr. Padfoot and Mr. Prongs to be finished.

Mr. Padfoot counts this is a grievous wound to his very soul!

Mr. Prongs cannot believe Mr. Moony would stoop so low!

Are you done yet?


Mr. Padfoot supposes we can stop now.

Mr. Prongs had fun doing it though.

Mr. Moony thinks Mr. Padfoot and Mr. Prongs are ridiculous. (And Miss Evans agrees.)

Mr. Wormtail knew something was up all along.

Well good for Mr. Wormtail.

Mr. Wormtail doesn't think there's any reason to be snippy.

Mr. Moony speaks on Miss Evans' behalf when he asks if Mr. Prongs actually meant all that about the paper and growing up.

Mr. Prongs meant every word. On his honor as a Marauder.

Mr. Padfoot doesn't believe there is much honor left to be had as a Marauder after this breach in security.

Mr. Moony begs Mr. Padfoot to stop being melodramatic.

Mr. Padfoot doesn't know what that means, but he won't stop!

Mr. Prongs asks if Miss Evans is still eavesdropping.

No, she's taking notes now.

Mr. Wormtail is not surprised.

Mr. Prongs then counts this as a success. She did say she was impressed with me…

Mr. Padfoot supposes Mr. Prongs would latch on to that little bit…

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