The Marauders' Notes

Pretty Please?

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Chapter Twenty-Six: Pretty Please?

In Charms…

I'm really surprised that you're still passing notes.


What? We always pass notes. You just haven't noticed.


But now I know your secret.


Pssssst. Prongs! Who are you talking to?

Mr. Prongs wishes his friends would leave him alone for a moment.

Hey, Moony. You're sitting with him. Who's he talking to?

Mr. Moony believes he's sending notes to Miss Evans.

Mr. Padfoot considers that impossible. Evans never reads or returns his notes.

Dang it guys. We have a problem.

What did you do now?

Mr. Prongs didn't do anything! It's just that Evans knows our secret about note-passing now.

Lily, I beg you not to do anything about that. Please.


Why shouldn't I? You're Head Boy. You should pay attention in classes. And it's certainly not helping your friends if you never learn anything.


We learn things! We just don't see the need to pay attention once we have.


That's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard.


Mr. Padfoot agrees. This is a crisis.

Mr. Prongs is well aware of that.

Mr. Padfoot urges Mr. Prongs to do something about this. Quickly.

What doesn't Mr. Padfoot think Mr. Prongs is doing?

Very well. Continue with that please, good sir.

Gladly. Now leave me be.

Please, Lily. Don't turn us in. We don't need any more detentions.


And whose fault is that?


Our own. We know. But please? It's harmless.


You say that about everything.


Not everything. Honest. Please. We're not hurting anyone but ourselves.


A thought has occurred to Mr. Padfoot.


Mr. Padfoot recalls that it was Mr. Moony is the one who introduced Miss Evans to our note-passing.

Mr. Moony is aware of that.

Therefore, it was fault of Mr. Moony that we are now in this crisis.

Mr. Moony has a bad feeling about the direction this conversation is heading.

I know why you don't want me to turn you in.


You do? So you'll let it all go?


Not so fast. I never said that. I just said I know why you don't want to be in trouble right now, James Potter.


And why is that?


Because you don't want to get banned from another Quidditch game.


I haven't been banned this year! I've been at every game and practice.


You haven't been banned yet. Face it, Potter. Your track record isn't so great here.


Mr. Wormtail sees truth in Mr. Padfoot's statements.

Mr. Moony really doesn't like this conversation.

Mr. Padfoot thinks Mr. Moony should serve a suitable punishment for crisis instagatment.

Mr. Moony points out that "instagatment" isn't a word.

Well, it should be.

Too bad. It isn't.

Should be.


Should be.

Is—I am SO not playing this game with you.

Dang it.

My Quidditch playing aside, can you please not turn us in?


I'm Head Girl, Potter. I have to.


I'm Head Boy.


You should have turned yourself in.


That's not something I can do. Marauder's honor.


How's it coming Prongs?

Badly. Leave me alone.

Mr. Moony really doesn't like the sound of that.

Mr. Padfoot doesn't mind. What are a few more detentions on top of the ones he already has?

Mr. Moony is glad he doesn't have that problem.

Mr. Padfoot doesn't think of it as a problem, but a release.

Mr. Wormtail is beginning to think Mr. Padfoot has truly gone off the deep end.

Mr. Moony agrees.

Mr. Padfoot is perfectly fine, thank you very much.

Please, Lily. I'll do anything.


Anything? Really? You're willing to make that promise?


Yes. I'll do anything for you. I mean, I can't control my friends, but I'll do what you like.


Mr. Padfoot has remembered that Mr. Moony ought to be punished for his disloyalty.

Mr. Moony disagrees, once again.

Too bad.

Mr. Wormtail wonders what Mr. Padfoot has in mind.

Mr. Padfoot thinks Mr. Moony should be his slave for a day.

Mr. Moony thinks that's ridiculous.

Mr. Wormtail would like to point out that Mr. Moony's disloyalty was towards all of us, just not you, Padfoot. If anything Moony should be slaves to all of us for a day.

On separate days, of course.

Mr. Moony refuses. He will not be anyone's slave.

Mr. Padfoot would like to remind Mr. Moony that the offender doesn't get to choose his punishment.

Alright, Potter. I have one request.


Yes? What is it?


I won't turn you in if you don't ask me out ever again.




It's that or no deal.


Alright. Deal. I won't ask you out again. Unless you want me to.


I won't want you to.


Then what's the harm in adding that condition?


Fine. It's a deal.


Good news gentlemen. Crisis is averted.

Guys? What have you three been doing?!

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