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No, Really, I Mean It

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Chapter Twenty-Seven: No, Really, I Mean It

In Muggle Studies…

Mr. Padfoot is looking forward to this weekend.

Mr. Wormtail wonders what is so special about this weekend.

Mr. Padfoot is excited for the Gryffindor vs. Ravenclaw game on Saturday.

Mr. Prongs wonders why on earth that would be. Ravenclaw stinks. It's going to be an awful game.

Yes, Mr. Padfoot knows that. But Mr. Prongs has not considered Mr. Padfoot's favorite part of Quidditch.

Mr. Prongs wonders what that is.

Why, the after-party, of course.

Mr. Wormtail can't believe we didn't guess that.

Mr. Prongs agrees. Are you planning it this time, Padfoot?

Yeah. Are you guys up for a trip out to Honeydukes Friday night?

Mr. Prongs would be delighted.

As would Mr. Wormtail.

Moony? How about you?

Mr. Moony regrets to say that he will not being joining you Friday night. Hope you guys have fun though.

Why not?


Mr. Moony won't even be at school this weekend.




Mr. Prongs inquires as to where Mr. Moony will be.

Mr. Moony's mother is ill. He has to go home and care for her.

Mr. Wormtail has a strange sense of déjà vu from that statement.

Mr. Padfoot wants to bash his head on the desk at Mr. Wormtail's poor memory.

Mr. Prongs is hurt by Mr. Moony's lack of trust in his friends.

Mr. Padfoot agrees. We thought we were over this stage already.

Mr. Moony is puzzled as to what his friends are talking about.

Moony, it's okay. We know about your furry little problem.

Yeah. And the full moon isn't until Sunday night so you'll be fine. We can take it slow down the passage if you're feeling poorly.

What—Oh. Mr. Moony now understands what Mr. Padfoot and Mr. Prongs are on about.

Mr. Wormtail doesn't.

Mr. Padfoot really wants to bash his head on the desk.

Mr. Prongs asks that Mr. Wormtail remember first and second year. What was Mr. Moony's excuse at full moons for leaving us?

That he had to go home to see his mother because she was sick.

Please re-read the beginning of this conversation.

Ohhhh. Mr. Wormtail feels stupid now.

It's okay. Happens to the best of us.

Mr. Prongs assures Mr. Moony that he doesn't need to hide his secrets from them. That excuse doesn't work anymore.

Mr. Moony thinks his friends are jumping to conclusions.

Mr. Padfoot doesn't jump to conclusions.

Mr. Moony isn't even going to get into all the ways that statement is false.

Mr. Prongs is with Mr. Moony on this. Mr. Padfoot could win an award for his prowess at jumping to conclusions.

Mr. Moony would like to set his friends straight. His mother is actually ill. He's actually going home to see her this weekend.

Wait. What?

She's actually sick? That's not possible.

Mr. Moony is afraid to say that it is possible. It's serious. I'm going home to see her this weekend.

I'm Sirius.

Not funny, Padfoot. Not now.

Sorry, Moony.

It's fine. I leave Friday evening after classes are over.

Mr. Prongs wonders what Mr. Moony plans to do for the full moon.

Mr. Moony supposes he'll stay at home. There's a shed he uses to transform in during the summers.

Mr. Wormtail will miss Mr. Moony. He was looking forward to this month's adventure.

Mr. Moony was too. Sorry guys. I need to be with her.

Mr. Prongs offers his condolences. He'll miss Mr. Moony, but he understands that he needs to go. Hope your mum gets better.

Mr. Padfoot wonders is this is all some big ruse to hide the fact the Mr. Moony has a girlfriend—OW! What was that for?

Because you're in insensitive idiot, that's what.

Mr. Padfoot misses last year. Mr. Prongs was fun last year.

Mr. Moony is glad Mr. Prongs is showing some semblance of maturity. It's refreshing to not have to deal with idiocy all the time.

Mr. Padfoot takes offense to that.

Mr. Moony believes he has a point.

Mr. Padfoot has changed his mind. He's glad Mr. Moony is leaving. And he can take Mr. Prongs with him. He and Wormtail will have fun here without you.

Mr. Moony has no doubt they will.

Mr. Prongs highly doubts that Mr. Padfoot would want that. You'd miss us too much.

And Mr. Wormtail isn't sure he's up for the kind of fun Mr. Padfoot no doubt has in mind.

What kind of fun is that? The fun kind? Cause that's what I was thinking of.

No, the get girls kind.

Mr. Padfoot isn't going after guys with you if that's what you mean, Wormtail.

No! That's not what I meant. I meant that I don't really like parties. Or being in the middle of things.

See Padfoot? You'd be bored to tears without me.

Fine. You can stay.

Mr. Moony is glad because taking Prongs with him wasn't ever really an option.

Mr. Padfoot hopes Mr. Moony's transformation goes well without them there.

Yeah. Will you be alright, Moony?

I'll be fine. Thanks guys. Have fun at the game and the party.

We'll write!

Mr. Moony supposes you can if you like, but I'm only going to be gone for a few days.

Sniff. We'll miss you Mooooony! *sob* Hogwarts won't be the same without you! I don't know if I can take it!

Er, thanks Padfoot. I'll miss you too.

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