The Marauders' Notes

Flirting With Evans Again

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Chapter Three: Flirting with Evans... Again

In Transfiguration…

Mr. Prongs wonders what would happen if he were to pass a note to Miss Evans.

Mr. Padfoot advises against this. She is not nearly as permissive a prefect as our Moony.

Mr. Moony thinks this would be verging on idiotic. (By the way, he's ignoring that comment, Padfoot.)

Really? Some support here guys!

Mr. Padfoot has changed his mind. He wants nothing more that to scrape the remains of Mr. Prongs off the floor.

Mr. Prongs greatly appreciates Mr. Padfoot's help.

You're welcome.

If Mr. Prongs were to possibly pass a hypothetical note to Miss Evans, what might it say?

Mr. Padfoot has no interest in contributing to pointless notes. Especially because Miss Evans has a particular aversion to Mr. Padfoot's sense of humor.

Mr. Moony suggests that Mr. Prongs just tell her she's pretty and ask her out.

No! It needs to be more creative than that.

Mr. Padfoot is surprised by Mr. Moony's maliciousness.

Mr. Prongs seems to be missing something.

Mr. Moony means that Mr. Prongs should skip agonizing over wording and get to the good part.

The good part?

Mr. Padfoot means that part where you get hexed into oblivion, Prongs.

Mr. Prongs is doubting his friends' love and loyalty…

Mr. Moony apologizes for his earlier comments.

Mr. Padfoot does NOT apologize and looks forward to the aftereffects of Mr. Prongs' note.

Mr. Prongs thinks that you lot are extraordinarily unhelpful.

Mr. Padfoot tries hard.

[A few minutes later...]

Mr. Prongs wants Mr. Padfoot and Mr. Moony to review his note:

Dear Lily,

Will you go to Hogsmeade with me this week-end?


Mr. Padfoot is skeptical. This note certainly isn't very original.

Mr. Moony agrees with Mr. Padfoot for once.

Thanks a lot Moony.

Anytime Padfoot.

Mr. Prongs hopes that the simplicity and straightforwardness of this note will astound Miss Evans and appeal to her better nature.

Mr. Padfoot was under the impression that Miss Evans' better nature hates Mr. Prongs. Are there any recent developments that he is unaware of?

Mr. Prongs is offended that Mr. Padfoot thinks so of Miss Evans. Miss Evans loves Mr. Prongs.

She just doesn't know it yet?

Something like that.

You're crazy.

Shut up Padfoot. Moony?


Mr. Prongs wants Mr. Moony's constructive advice.

Mr. Padfoot is offended because his advice has been rejected.

Mr. Moony will constrict his advice to: short and simple is as good as anything.

Mr. Prongs is not sure what Mr. Moony means by that.

Mr. Moony means that all past evidence points to the fact that no matter what Mr. Prongs writes in his note, Miss Evans will be upset.

You really think it will upset her?

Mr. Padfoot thinks Mr. Prongs should quit worrying and just send the note!

Mr. Prongs is highly suspicious of Mr. Padfoot's sense of urgency.

Just do it already!

Fine. Here it goes...

[About five minutes, a fight, and an assigned detention later...]

Mr. Padfoot found that display highly amusing.

Mr. Prongs doesn't like Mr. Padfoot anymore.

Why not?

You're not the one with detention every night for a week!

Mr. Moony would like to point out that this detention will only get longer if McGonagall catches you passing notes in her class.

Mr. Padfoot doesn't care.

Mr. Prongs would be delighted if Mr. Padfoot would join him in detention.

Mr. Padfoot is surprised. He thought Mr. Prongs would have enjoyed time alone with Miss Evans.

Mr. Prongs disagrees. One: She hates my guts. Two: Its detention, not a date!

Mr. Moony thinks that maybe Mr. Prongs ought to leave Miss Evans alone for a while.


[A few minutes later.]

Mr. Moony would like to observe that mimed death scenes in response to a passed note never go over well with McGonagall.

Shut up Moony.

What? Cause you have a week of detention and you just lost 20 points for Gryffindor?

Mr. Padfoot would like to now take time to look forward to his detention-free week next week. He plans to spend the time with his newest girlfriend.


Mr. Moony would like to know if this is still Amy, or if Padfoot has a new girlfriend.

Mr. Padfoot's girlfriend is Mandy Ellington. Ravenclaw, fifth year.

Mr. Moony is astonished by the rate at which Mr. Padfoot goes through girlfriends.

What? They keep dumping me!

Mr. Prongs believes that this is because Mr. Padfoot's charm is only good at getting girls, not keeping them.

Mr. Padfoot's charm is good for everything and is improved by his dashing good looks.

Mr. Moony suggests that he might keep girls longer if he deflated his head.

Mr. Padfoot's head is attractively large!

Mr. Prongs has the misfortune to have to deal with his delusional friends.

You mean Moony?

No, I mean you!

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