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Ignoring You

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Chapter Thirty-One: Ignoring You

In Charms…

Mr. Padfoot is finding himself to be lonely.

Mr. Prongs believes that is Mr. Padfoot's own fault.

Mr. Moony wonders how Mr. Wormtail is doing today.

Mr. Wormtail is doing fine, but wonders why Mr. Moony wants to know.

Mr. Padfoot finds Mr. Moony to be most unfair. He didn't even do anything this time!

Mr. Moony is being a good friend, Wormtail. Unlike some people.

Mr. Wormtail understands completely.

Mr. Padfoot is most puzzled. Why are you guys ignoring me? I haven't even done anything lately!

Mr. Prongs highly doubts that.

Mr. Moony is puzzled. It appears the parchment is malfunctioning.

That's not possible. Mr. Prongs is certain the parchment is incapable of malfunction. He enchanted it. He should know.

Well, Mr. Moony is seeing this odd scribbling showing up every so often…

HEY! Not nice, Moony.

See? There it is again.

Mr. Prongs is most puzzled by this occurrence. This isn't supposed to happen.

Not funny guys.

Mr. Wormtail is confused. Isn't it just Mr. Pa—oh! He's perplexed by these odd scribbles as well.

Mr. Padfoot senses something fishy going on here.

Mr. Moony wonders if Mr. Prongs has started his essay for tomorrow's Muggle Studies class.

Mr. Prongs has not. He was actually, well, he'd better not say.

Mr. Moony has a bad feeling about Mr. Prongs' unfinished thought.

Mr. Wormtail thinks Mr. Prongs might as well just tell Mr. Moony now.

Guys? Are you going to listen to me yet?

Mr. Prongs doesn't really want to.

Mr. Wormtail points out that it would be best to tell him now, when he's on the other side of the room.


Mr. Prongs supposes Mr. Wormtail has a point.

Mr. Moony has a very bad feeling indeed.


Mr. Prongs assures Mr. Moony it's nothing bad.

Mr. Padfoot gives up. He's going to go talk to Marlene. She's nice to me.

Pssst. Marlene. Marleeeene. Hello? Marlene!

What is it Sirius? I'm busy.

Too busy for me?


You're mean too.

I'm kidding. What's up?

Mr. Prongs would like to declare that we are indeed brilliant.

Mr. Moony would like to agree with that statement. Though he does feel a tad bit sorry for Mr. Padfoot.

Mr. Prongs isn't sorry at all. This is hilarious. Especially because Padfoot's right—he didn't do anything this time.

Mr. Wormtail is confused. Aren't we still playing?

Mr. Moony would like Mr. Wormtail to observe: Mr. Padfoot is no longer reading this conversation. Therefore we can be open about our intentions.

Ah. Of course. Mr. Wormtail understands perfectly.

I'm sorry they're ignoring you.

Yeah. I don't even know why! I didn't do anything! I swear!

One second. Lily's sitting behind Remus. I have to ask her something.


AHA! I knew it.

Knew what?

They're ignoring you on purpose. Lily can see the parchment from here. They're just messing with you. You're right: you didn't do anything. They're just trying to make you think you did.

You're amazing. Did you know that?


I'm not sure that's the proper response…

Well, it's what you're getting.

Meet me outside after class? For a proper thank you?

I thought you'd never ask.

Mr. Padfoot has found you knaves out! He shall now ignore you as punishment.

Mr. Prongs thinks Mr. Padfoot is doing a really good job with that.

Mr. Moony hopes Mr. Padfoot has fun. We certainly will.

Wait, are we not playing at all anymore?

No, Wormtail, we're not playing.

Mr. Moony is still waiting to hear about Mr. Prongs' essay.

Mr. Prongs doesn't want to say.

If Mr. Prongs won't, Mr. Wormtail will.

Mr. Prongs supposes he wouldn't mind Mr. Wormtail saying…

Prongs was planning to steal your essay tonight after you were asleep for "inspiration", Moony.

Mr. Moony is going to lock his essay in his trunk. And place protective hexes on it.

Mr. Prongs waves good-bye to his Muggle Studies grade as it plummets…


Mr. Moony was wondering how long that would take.

Ignoring you guys is no fun.

Mr. Prongs believes Mr. Wormtail now owes him five sickles.

Mr. Wormtail grudgingly agrees that he does.

Mr. Padfoot is inclined to change his mind. He could always go back to ignoring you guys…

Mr. Prongs thought we just established that to be an ineffective threat.

Mr. Padfoot disagrees. Ignoring you guys is a perfect punishment.

You have fun with that.

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