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I Told You So

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Note: For all those confused about what exactly happened last chapter, here's an explanation: "It's hard to show what Lily was thinking because the boys just don't understand it. Pretty much, she wasn't looking so good (either coming down with something or it's just a lousy day) and James commented on it because he was worried, but in the process told her she looked awful. So she slaps him for saying she looks awful and then kisses him because he cared enough to ask if she was alright. :D"


Chapter Thirty-Nine: I Told You So

In Transfiguration…

I told you so.

You said that already, Moony.

Mr. Moony is well aware that he has begun to repeat himself, but he feels it's worth the repetition.

Mr. Prongs disagrees.

Mr. Padfoot thinks Mr. Prongs is just bitter that Mr. Moony was right.

Mr. Prongs would like to point out that Mr. Padfoot could have done something to change that.

Yeah. I could have. But I didn't.


Mr. Wormtail wishes he weren't so confused all the time.

Mr. Padfoot is sure you would be generally much less confused if you paid attention during breakfast.

Mr. Wormtail has better things to do during breakfast than to listen to all of you.

Mr. Moony wonders why it isn't possible to eat and listen at the same time.

I dunno. It just isn't. But will you guys just tell me what's going on already?

Mr. Padfoot had some fun with Miss McKinnon last night in a broom closet and Mr. Prongs and Miss Evans walked in on it during their patrols.


Mr. Prongs was not happy about this at all.

Mr. Wormtail wouldn't think so.

Neither was Lily.

Mr. Padfoot knows she wasn't happy alright.

Mr. Moony doesn't believe he heard this part.

Mr. Padfoot doesn't really wish to recall it.

By that Mr. Padfoot means that Miss Evans hexed him repeatedly while Miss MicKinnon and I stood by watching.

Mr. Padfoot was letting her win.

Suuuure. We'll go with that.

Mr. Wormtail wonders why Mr. Padfoot and Miss McKinnon haven't yet found a new place to snog besides broom closets.

Mr. Padfoot doesn't think there is a better place.

Mr. Wormtail would think it would be better not to be interrupted.

Mr. Padfoot supposes so.

Mr. Prongs wishes Mr. Padfoot had come to this conclusion several days ago.

I said I was sorry.

No you didn't.

I didn't?


I'm sorry then.




I'm sorry for traumatizing you and Evans with more than either of you ever wanted to see of me and my girlfriend last night because we were really having a whole lot of fun but it ruined your night. I'm also sorry that you didn't come several minutes later because then your reaction would have been really funny.

Mr. Prongs isn't sure what to make of that.

Mr. Moony thinks he knows what Mr. Padfoot means, but isn't certain he wants confirmation of it.

Mr. Wormtail finds this conversation really, really awkward. He wonders what everyone thinks of Gryffindor's chances for the House Cup this year.

Mr. Prongs believes that all depends on Quidditch. If we can beat Ravenclaw with a… fifty point spread, then it's in the bag.

Mr. Moony doesn't know about Quidditch, but he does know that if we get caught out after hours again, all our chances are shot.

Mr. Padfoot supposes we just won't get caught then.

Mr. Prongs thinks Mr. Padfoot just did get caught. With Miss McKinnon. I ought to turn both of you in though.

And we're back here again.

Noooooooooooooo. Please don't!

Mr. Prongs would if he didn't know it would get points taken off from the whole House. They don't deserve to pay for your stupidity.

And does Evans agree?


Mr. Moony would like to return to the part where he was gloating.

Mr. Prongs wonders when Mr. Moony will just give it up. So you warned us and we still walked in on Padfoot. So what?

I won't give it up. I was right. You didn't listen.

Awwwww, look Prongs! We're rubbing off on him!

Mr. Prongs considers that we indeed are. After all, sixth-year Moony wouldn't have gloated like this.

Don't try to turn this into a victory. You're not rubbing off on me.

Mr. Padfoot seriously doubts that.

As does Mr. Prongs.


Was that really necessary, Padfoot?


Mr. Wormtail. Really would like to go back to their previous discussion of the House Cup.

Mr. Prongs thinks we should go back to Mr. Moony's original idea.

What's that?

Mr. Moony believes Mr. Prongs is referring to the idea where Mr. Padfoot does his and Mr. Prongs' rounds as punishment for making us see that.

I didn't make you!

You could have found somewhere else.

No! Please! I don't deserve this! Anything! I'll do anything!


Mr. Prongs would like to cordially inform Mr. Padfoot that he will be covering rounds tonight from 9pm until midnight. Any resistance will be met with force.

Actually, are you certain this is a good idea, Prongs?


Yes. I am. Your sentence has been given, Padfoot.


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