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Once Upon A Time

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Chapter Forty: Once Upon A Time

In Charms…

Mr. Padfoot has an idea.

Mr. Wormtail has a bad feeling about this.

Mr. Prongs agrees. Mr. Padfoot's last idea in Charms class didn't end well.

Mr. Padfoot can't recall what exactly his last idea was.

Mr. Moony believes that was when we were all put in detention for three weeks for "serious destruction to the castle and fellow students".

Was that the exploding teapot incident?

Ohhhh yeah… Mr. Padfoot had forgotten about that.

Mr. Prongs is surprised. You certainly complained enough about it at the time.

Mr. Padfoot prides himself in his ability to live in the moment.

Mr. Moony doesn't even know what to say to that.

Mr. Prongs suggests that we just pretend that remark never happened.

Mr. Wormtail wishes Mr. Padfoot would not be quite so stuck up.

That's not possible.

What he said.

Mr. Padfoot doesn't think that this amount of abuse is warranted. I only said I had an idea…

Mr. Prongs doesn't really want to hear this idea. It won't end well.

Mr. Padfoot supposes this is because Mr. Prongs knows how irresistible Mr. Padfoot's ideas are.

Mr. Moony scoffs at the thought.

Actually, Mr. Prongs would agree with that.


Mr. Prongs doesn't want to hear the idea because he really doesn't want to be tempted into detention right now. His time with Lily is limited enough as is.

Mr. Padfoot would like to point out that it is not detention that you would be getting into, just fun. Detention might be an unfortunate side-effect, but is not the main attraction.

Mr. Wormtail's curiosity is getting the best of him. What is this idea?

Mr. Padfoot suggests that we play a story-telling game.

Mr. Prongs is confused. What is the nature of this game?

Mr. Wormtail likes games.

Thank you for the insightful comment, Wormtail.

Padfoot, be nice.

I suppose you're opposed to this game, Moony?

As a matter of fact, possibly not.

Mr. Prongs is shocked.

So is Mr. Wormtail.

Mr. Padfoot confesses that he is shocked as well. Why not, Moony?

Mr. Moony suggests that Mr. Padfoot not push his luck and just accept my curiosity, okay?

Okay! Okay! Mr. Padfoot is accepting.

Mr. Prongs' interest is even stronger than before now that Mr. Moony is also interested.

The game works like this. One of us starts a story and then we go around one at a time and each add a line.

Mr. Wormtail isn't sure how that will make a very good story.

Mr. Prongs suspects that disaster is the point.

Mr. Padfoot does enjoy disaster.

We know.

Do you not enjoy my love of disaster, Moony dear?

Don't call me that. And no. Usually it's… disastrous.

Mr. Prongs believes that's kinda the point.

Mr. Moony apologizes. He's not feeling very eloquent today.

Mr. Padfoot suggests that we begin the game. The class is almost over already.

Mr. Wormtail is in agreement.

Who will start?


Why me?

Cause you're least likely to make it strange and creepy.

Mr. Prongs sees the point there.

Mr. Wormtail wanted to be offended by that, but then he realized that Mr. Padfoot was correct.

Mr. Moony wonders not for the first time why he hangs out with you all.

Mr. Padfoot asks that Mr. Moony just start the story.

Alright then. Once upon a time in a far off land, a little boy screamed.

Oooh. That's a good beginning.

Don't break the story, Padfoot!

Right. My turn: He was scared because he had just found a boggart in his closet. Now you Prongs.

Why do I have to go last?

Because I said so. Go Prongs.

Mr. Prongs is no good at storytelling.

Too bad.

Fine: The boggart had turned into the one thing that scared him most.


Sush Moony. This is harder than it looks.

Your turn Wormtail.

The boy's mother came running and banished the boggart with a wave of her wand.

Mr. Padfoot is most upset that we don't hear what the boggart was.

Mr. Prongs suggests Mr. Padfoot just tell this story if he's going to be picky about what's in it.

Mr. Moony thinks Mr. Wormtail just vanished our plot.

Mr. Padfoot agrees. You guys stink at this.

Hey! I had a good beginning!

Mr. Wormtail begs that we not be forced into this game ever again.

Mr. Prongs concurs.

Mr. Padfoot is most upset you guys ruined my game.

Mr. Prongs thinks you should pick a better game next time.

Mr. Padfoot will then.



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