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Rainbow Kisses and Unicorn Stickers

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This chapter's idea goes to The Imaginatrix. Well, it kinda ran away from me, but that was the intent. (Hope you understand, Trix.) I would also like to give the show Once Upon A Time credit for the idea of "rainbow kisses and unicorn stickers".


Chapter Forty-Two: Rainbow Kisses and Unicorn Stickers

In Potions...

Mr. Padfoot is bored.

Mr. Prongs wonders how this a new occurence.

Mr. Padfoot never said it was.

Mr. Moony does not have patience for bickering today.

Neither does Mr. Prongs.

Before you ask, Mr. Wormtail isn't in the mood either.

Mr. Padfoot wonders what happened to his friends to make them all so boring and grumpy.

Mr. Wormtail has a legitimate excuse.

Oh, and what is that?

My girlfriend broke up with me.

Mr. Padfoot indeed considers that to be a legitimate excuse.

Mr. Prongs offers his condolences to Mr. Wormtail.

As does Mr. Moony.

Mr. Padfoot wonders what Mr. Prongs' and Mr. Moony's excuse is.

Mr. Moony doesn't need one. Go away.

Well then. If you're going to be nasty about it. What about you, Prongs? Do you have an excuse?



Lily won't talk to me. She has a practice NEWT in Ancient Runes on Thursday and says I'm too distracting.

Mr. Padfoot has the utmost sympathy for Mr. Prongs.

Mr. Wormtail wonders if this exam is the reason that Mr. Moony is so upset.

Partially, yes.

Mr. Prongs misses his Lily.

Mr. Wormtail wishes his relationship had lasted more than two weeks.

Mr. Padfoot does agree that two weeks is a little pathetic.

Not helpful, Padfoot.

If you're all going to be grumpy I'm going to talk to Marlene instead.

You do that.

I will.



[Sirius writes on the corner of Marlene's notes.]

Psssst Marlene.


Care to help me cheer up my friends?

Depends… what do you have in mind?

Let me whisper in your ear…

Excellent idea. I'm in.


[A minute or two later]

Mr. Prongs insists that Mr. Padfoot cease and desist.

As does Mr. Wormtail.

Mr. Padfoot doesn't know what you guys are talking about.

Mr. Wormtail highly doubts that.

Mr. Prongs is referring to the sudden appearance of rainbow kisses and unicorn stickers all over himself, Mr. Wormtail, and Mr. Moony.

Mr. Padfoot thinks they look rather attractive.

Mr. Prongs disagrees. Get rid of them Padfoot.

Certainly Evans will talk to you now—


Mr. Padfoot must admit that he can do no such thing.

Mr. Wormtail wonders why on earth not.

Because I am not the one making them.


Mr. Padfoot is sorry, but he cannot help.

Mr. Prongs finds that to be ridiculous for several reasons.


One: you came up with this spell. Two: you're sitting next to her. Three: you can just ask her to stop.

Mr. Padfoot would like to point out that Mr. Prongs' argument is not exactly three points. It's more like one short point and one really long one that has been unnecessarily split—



[On Marlene's parchment.]

Thank you. I love you. You're awesome.

Love you too. Am I done now?

Yes. You were wonderful.

I'm sure.

Mr. Padfoot wonders if that is better.

Mr. Wormtail believes it is.

Mr. Prongs supposes so. And unfortunately he must point out his amazement than Slughorn hasn't given us detention yet. He's pretty sure rainbow kisses and unicorn stickers all over our bodies and uniforms are against school rules.

Mr. Padfoot thinks that's because Slughorn's over there fawning over the students who actually care about this class.

Mr. Wormtail supposes Mr. Padfoot has a point.

[A few minutes later.]

Mr. Padfoot would like to voice his concern at Mr. Moony's absence from this conversation.

Mr. Wormtail had noticed that. Moony? Are you okay?

Mr. Prongs would like to point out exactly how engrossed Mr. Moony is in his potion-making.

Mr. Padfoot had noticed that as well.

Mr. Wormtail is pretty sure he's not reading any of this.

Mr. Prongs seconds that.

Mr. Padfoot wonders what we could say about him—

Don't. Even. Think. About. It.

Mr. Padfoot was only going to say that Mr. Moony was the best friend he's ever had and that he doesn't know what he'd do without—

Mr. Prongs suggests that Mr. Padfoot shut up now.

Mr. Padfoot will take that excellent advice.

[Remus' cauldron explodes, drenching the Marauders and other Gryffindors nearby in his potion.]

Mr. Padfoot doesn't think this is funny at all.

Mr. Moony thinks it's hilarious.

Mr. Padfoot fails to see how turning Marlene's and my skin mauve is funny.

Mr. Wormtail supposes that at least you two match.

Mr. Padfoot doesn't see that as an advantage at all.

Mr. Prongs wonders how Mr. Moony managed to only turn Padfoot and Marlene mauve.

Mr. Moony will not give away his secrets, but only point out how simple it is to magically steal a few hairs when everyone is otherwise occupied.

Mr. Padfoot wonders when he will be normal-looking again. This shade isn't good with my eyes.

Mr. Moony supposes that it will fade in a week or two.


Mr. Moony supposes that Mr. Padfoot should think next time he decides to plaster a fellow Marauder with rainbow kisses and unicorn stickers.

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