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The Heart of the Worthy

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Chapter Forty-Five: The Heart of the Worthy

In Charms…

Mr. Padfoot has realized something tragic.

Mr. Moony would like Mr. Padfoot to think for a moment and determine if this is truly tragic or if he's being melodramatic again.

Mr. Prongs thinks Mr. Moony has excellent ideas sometimes.

Mr. Wormtail wishes the rest of you wouldn't draw out the suspense. What have you realized, Padfoot?

That we won't be here next year.

Mr. Moony is shocked to see how oblivious Mr. Padfoot truly is.

Mr. Prongs thought we already knew this.

Mr. Wormtail is confused.

Mr. Padfoot asks his fellow Marauders to consider that as of yet unforeseen implications of our absence next year.

Mr. Prongs has no clue what Mr. Padfoot is talking about and begs him to clarify.

Mr. Wormtail seconds this.

Next year there won't be any pranks at Hogwarts.


Oh, that hurts.

What a terrible thought.

Mr. Prongs begs Mr. Moony to cut the sarcasm. The rest of us were having a moment.

Mr. Moony insists that he wasn't being sarcastic.

Mr. Padfoot suggests that we do something about this.

Mr. Wormtail agrees. Hogwarts without pranks… well, it wouldn't be Hogwarts.

Mr. Prongs believes that some creative youngsters will rise up to take out place.

One day.

No need to be so gloomy about it, Moony.

Heh. Heh. Moony. Gloomy.

Mr. Padfoot is actively pretending Mr. Wormtail did not just say that.

Mr. Prongs is too.

Actually, Mr. Padfoot has an idea.

Mr. Moony is scared.

Mr. Padfoot is ignoring that too. Anyway, we should hold auditions.

For what?

For the next Pranksters of Hogwarts, of course.

In Transfiguration, the next week…

Alright gentlemen, I, Mr. Padfoot, now call this meeting to order—

Mr. Moony does think it needs to be this formal.

Mr. Padfoot agrees.

Mr. Moony resists the urge to throttle Mr. Padfoot.

Mr. Prongs suggests that we get back on topic. McGonagall's giving us the evil eye again.


So did anyone see any promise at the auditions?

Mr. Wormtail doesn't really think he's a qualified judge here—

Nonsense, Wormtail. You're a Marauder. Of course you're qualified.

Sadly Mr. Prongs can't say anything sticks out. And really though. Did we have to take all these detailed notes on the applicants? Lily's looking at me strange for having all these papers on my desk.

Mr. Padfoot insists that the notes are indeed necessary for an informed decision on who the next pranksters will be.

Looking at these students, Mr. Moony doesn't think any of them will be able to live up to our standard.

Mr. Wormtail doesn't think so either.

Mr. Padfoot would like to remind his fellow Marauders that our pranks have had years of dedication and practice behind them. We cannot expect our current abilities to be matched—

Mr. Prongs would like to point out that not even in our first year were we this terrible.

Mr. Moony believes that's what he was trying to say.

Mr. Wormtail would like to point out that if Harsmith and Lurkwood weren't Slytherins they'd be half-decent.


Mr. Prongs agrees. They were the best. But they're Slytherins.

Mr. Padfoot supposes so. Sorry guys. I thought this would work out better.

Mr. Moony assures Mr. Padfoot that it was a good idea.

Mr. Prongs issues an urgent warning to his fellow Marauders: McGonagall—

[twenty minutes and a trip to Dumbledore's office later…]

Mr. Moony would like to just say that we have the best headmaster ever.

Mr. Prongs seconds that.

Mr. Padfoot still can't believe that he just sat there and laughed.

Did you see McGonagall's face? She thought we were going to get it and then he just laughs at it…

Mr. Wormtail can't believe we didn't even get a detention.

Boys, I'd like to congratulate us on setting a disciplinary precedent: it is not against the rules to posses documents that rate other students on their worthiness as pranksters nor to hold auditions for non-existent positions.

Like Mr. Moony said: Professor Dumbledore is amazing.

Mr. Wormtail would like to point out, though, that our documents were confiscated all the same.

Mr. Moony doesn't consider that a great tragedy though. We weren't getting anywhere with them.

Mr. Padfoot find this sad. There will be no one to replace us. No more pranks. Nothing.

Mr. Wormtail finds that very sad indeed.

Mr. Moony agrees. Hogwarts needs pranks.

Mr. Prongs has an idea.


Do tell.

Mr. Prongs proposes a test. Next week, on our final night at Hogwarts, we will find a way to have Filch confiscate the Marauders' Map.

Mr. Padfoot thinks this is worst plan we've ever come up with.

Mr. Prongs begs Mr. Padfoot to hear him out.

Go on then.

Filch will keep the blank Map in his office, right? So, when there are finally pranksters with enough curiosity and talent at Hogwarts, they will be able to steal the Map. If they figure out how to read it, then they will truly be worthy of being our successors.

Mr. Wormtail finds this a most excellent plan.

As does Mr. Moony. This will be the test indeed. But how can we be sure that someone will know where to look?

Mr. Prongs has a solution to that. There's a potion Lily mentioned a week or two ago. I think we can adapt it and soak the Map in it. It will be enough to subtly draw a certain sort of person to it. We can make it so that any true prankster will be subtly drawn to take the Map instead of than anything else Filch might have. They'd notice it more, that's all, but it would be enough.

Mr. Moony thinks that's brilliant.

Mr. Padfoot agrees. The Map can only go to those worthy of it.

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