The Unconditional Despise

Chapter 9

"When the sugar level increased limitless, it becomes the cause of diabetes.
Same, when your love for someone increased limitless, it becomes the cause of your pain."




A 17 years old girl come inside running happily. She went out for two days as she was busy in her competition.
And here, she come back to her home after winning. She has won so many prizes since she was 14. She is fond of cooking. She really likes to cook food.

When she was young she always saw her mother cooking delicious food for her and her big brother. And she got that talent from her. She again won a prize in cooking competition.

But soon her smile fade away when she saw a huge number of people inside the hall of their big mansion. She got confused to see a huge crowd. All were her dad's bussines patterns, clients and employees. She got inside and saw something unexpected.

There her father was laying dead in the coffin. She got the biggest shocked to see him laying there lifelessly. Her heart dropped in her stomach. She felt herself getting weaker by every other second. She just went out of the home for two days and now she saw her father was dead. Her prize fell down there and she kneeled down infront of her father's coffin.

AR: dad... D-dad what wrong with you. Dad..

She asked confusingly. Jaechan gulped down hard letting his tears fall down. He went near AeRin to calm her down. As now, he can see his sister's state is getting weaker.

JC: AeRin ah...

He said more like forcing his voice as the words were not coming out of his throat..

AR: oppa... What happened here.. what happened here after I left.

She asked breaking down into tears. And JaeChan calmed her down.

Jc: AeRin ah... He left us. He left us alone. You have to be strong.

He said and she broken down there. She hugged her brother crying and sobbing hard on his chest. He patted her back as he can completely understand her. For her, her dad was the most important person in the whole world. He was her supermodel.

JC: AeRin control yourself. You have to be strong.

He said Patting her back. Everyone there was feeling so pity for the brother and sister there. Their mother already left them when they were little kids. And now, their dad also left them. It's not like JaeChan is too young. He is a fully grown up 22 years old guy. He knows very well to Handel their bussines. But the thing is that before it, his dad was the boss. And now he have to took everything under his control with out even a complete experience.

Man: sir... I think we should do the funeral now.

The man whispered in JaeChan's ear and he nodded. He gestured Minho who was standing there to Handel AeRin and he left as he has to do so much work after all it's his responsibility.
Minho made AeRin drink water to calm her down as she was crying and sobbing continuously.

MH: go and change now. It's funeral time.

He said and she looked up at him. She nodded and wiped the tears and went towards her room. She went inside to change into some decent black dress for the funeral.

After that they all attend the funeral of the one of the powerful don of SK. But another thing which is roaming AeRin's mind was who killed her father.
The people their were gossiping that a newly become underground mafia killed him. He recently come in everyone's eyes. Also he is so dangerous. But who was he.



Next evening...

AeRin was sitting on the couch of their hall. Poor girl of 17 is missing her father so Badly that her tears were unstoppable falling down and she was wiping them continuously while sniffing.

Minho who is now currently staying here because of the tragedy happened in his friend's family. He saw AeRin was sitting there silently while crying. He sighed and went there and sat beside her. But she layed no attention.

MH: did you eat something...

AR: I don't want to. I'm not hungry.

She said sniffing and he sighed. He grabbed her by her forearms jerking her.

MH: come the hell out from your sorrow, Kid. How much long you will gonna starving.

He shouted and she break down there. He again sighed and rubbed his forehead wanted to hit his head. He never know how to talk sweetly with girls. He is just a heartless, emotionless monster afterall. Eventho it didn't affect him if AeRin is eating or starving but as she is JaeChan's baby sister. He is paying attention to her.

Soon JaeChan come there after finishing his call with his dad's manager. Cause now all the things will under him.
He saw AeRin crying again while facepalming. He went there and looked Minho in confusion.
Minho sighed and got up from there giving JaeChan place to sit beside her.

JC: butter... Why are you crying hmm....

AR: oppa.. i-im missing d-dad.

She said sobbing and JaeChan closed his eyes. He can feel her sorrow. He himself is going through an unbearable pain in his heart. Cause he lived his dad most in this whole world. And someone snatched him. Someone killed him.

He grabbed AeRin's hands and reveal her tear stained face. He sighed seeing her like that.

JC: AeRin ah.. you have to be strong now. Listen we can't change our past. But we can change our future. So for it, we have to be strong. And if you will not eat how will you gonna be strong. Huh. Afterall little baby sister works too much. And dad will also feel sad if he will see us living like this after him.

JC: so now you have to eat to be strong.

He said and gestured one their maid to bring some food from kitchen. The maid quickly nodded and went to the kitchen and come back with a plate of food.

She handed the plate carefully to the boss. And he turned towards AeRin again. He filled a spoon with rice and beans.

JC: now eat this. Open your mouth.

He said but she didn't did any movement. She was just sitting on the couch while Hugging her knees. He was feeling so hurt to see his little sister sad like this. But he knows that sorrow heals with time.

JC: if you will not gonna eat. Then I will also. And then I will become sick and then no one will be to look after our companies and you. And then oppa will also die.

He blurted out and little AeRin's eyes become wide opened. She quickly hit her brother on his broad back. She hates when he said something like this.afterall after their parents her brother is the only one she have in her life.
Her only family.

He chuckled and again look at her.

JC: now, will you eat or not.

He asked and she nodded while wiping her tears. Gosh! She is too naïve and that's why JaeChan always have to put his so much attention to her.

JC: here, aaaaaaaa....

He said while opening his mouth and she followed him and opened her mouth with the same sound making Minho chuckle at her naiveness.

Jaechan put the spoon filled with rice and beans in her mouth and she started chewing it slowly. She then took the spoon and feed her brother. He chuckled and ate with her hand. Both brother and sister feed eachother. Making a slight smile appear on whole servant staff's face also MinHo.

AR: oppa.. should I ask you something.

Naive AeRin said while arranging her bed as her brother was there with her cause he come to took a look at his sister.

JC: yes butter.. what happened.

AR: who was the person who killed dad.

She asked and JaeChan feel himself getting angry. His blood started boiling. But he took a sharp breath.

JC: He is guy. A new underground mafia leader. He recently come in the spotlight.

AR: why not our man kill him. And you? Just shoot him.

She said with a little broken voice and JaeChan sighed. He turned around and went near her.

JC: butter... It's not like our men can't kill him. But still, he has more power than us. And we didn't even completely know about him. He is really strong personality in the country and it is being difficult for us to find him and kill him.

He explained to AeRin and she just listened to him without saying anything nor blinking her eyes. She sighed and only put one question.

AR: what is his name...

JC: Jeon Jungkook. He is probably same as me. 21 or 22.

AR: Jeon Jungkoooooook... What kind of name is this. It's strange.

She murmured to herself scratching her tiny head. And JaeChan smiled at her naiveness.
He went there and kissed her forehead.

JC: don't think about it butter.. just sleep now. It's already so late. Okay.

He said and made her lay down. And covered her with her pink colour blanket. She smiled a little and fallen to her sleep.


--- one month)...

AeRin sighed while thinking about her old days. But then shook her head and continued writting on the topic she was thinking about. It was a nice sunny morning and sun also shining brightly with relaxable breezes blowing here and there.

One month has been passed and now she wanted to go to her old life back once again. But still she was feeling herself getting weaker. She don't know how to feel. From the day when she shoot jk till now, not a single Day been pass when she didn't think about him. She was feeling an amount of pain in her heart. She don't know what to do. Eventho she did right. She killed the one who killed her father. She took her revenge but still she is not feeling right.

She shook her head and continued writting. Till then she feel two little hands above her eyes. A smile crept on her face and she grabbed the tiny hands and kissed them.

AR: my lovely baby is here... Hmm.

She said cutely and the 4 year old boy pouted and stands infront of her making her chuckle.

Eunho: How you always find out that I'm there. Aunt it's not fair.

AR: it's fair baby. Everything is fair in love. Okay. Now, tell me did my baby eat something.

EH: noooo.... Mamma is out and I didn't find appa. And I don't like food from maid's hands.

AR: aww my baby... It's okay. Come aunt will cook you some food.

She said getting up and pick up the four year old kid in her arms and went inside the mansion.


She finished making the rice cakes for her cute little nephew and then fed him the cakes. Till then her friend or sister in law also comeback to the home. Eunho exlaimed after seeing her.

EH: eomma.....

Eunho exclaim and AeRin look there. She smiled as AhYeon come after doing some shopping. As she and JaeChan has to go out for some bussines party.

AR: so done shopping. Huh.

Ay: yup. But the mall was Hella crowded. Baby you go, mamma brought so many toys for you.

She said and eunho got surprised he quickly got up and ran inside his room making the girls laugh.

AR: here, water for you.

She said and give her a glass of chilled water and sat beside her on the counter while drinking her coffee.
But took a sip of her coffee than a sudden flashback come in her mind.

Where jk and she were drinking coffee. She drinks the coffee which jk make for her and than she spilled the coffee on his white shirt. Her eyes become what open when she realised what she did. Jk was standing there with wide eyes being a statue.

She first got shocked yet scare but then his expression make her chuckle. And in no time she burst into laughter. She laugh out so loud and jk looked at her with "wtf" look. When she realised that it was not funny at all she shut her mouth and stands there with her head low. He come near her and she closed her eyes. But for her surprises he started laughing like a fool while facepalming himself. She look at him and then started laughing again. They both shared a joyful moment there.

A smile come on her face while remembering about that incident which didn't go unnoticed by AhYeon. She twisted her eyebrows.

Ay: thinking about your so-called boyfriend.

She said and AeRin come out of her thoughts. She cleared her throat and start drinking her coffee back.

AR: wait... Wtf. Yah why I will think about him. Huh.

Ay: cause I can see that.

AR: whatever....

Ay: well AeRin, I have to say that. You break a really handsome man's heart. I didn't find it good.

Ar: he deserves that... Ay, what do you mean by handsome.

She asked rasing eyebrows and AhYeon laughed.

Ay: why... He was so damn hot and sexy... And you spend your one year with him. Didn't you guys did something something... Hmm.

She asked with a teasing voice and she sighed and hang her head low. It's true they kissed a lot of times even the hotter ones.

Ay: or he didn't did anything to you. I mean it's so strange. If a young guy and girl live together and didn't did anything wrong. Hm

AR: I have full control on myself and my hormones. But that Bastard... Argh!

Ay: why.. did he try to do some thing with you.

AR: actually... Once, that horny Bastard tried to force me. He was completely aroused that time. Gosh! I was about to lose my virginity if I hadn't pushed him off.

She said and sighed closing her eyes and shaking her head. She found AhYeon laughing.

Ay: well, you are really a dumbass. Seriously, I mean who did this.

AR: yup. You really don't have any fucking same. If I was like you. I will probably also carrying a four year old eunho.

She said smirking and AhYeon's laugh fade away a little. She bit her lower lip but then quickly hide her emotions. And laughed back.

Ay: so what... Is there anything Wrong. Huh.

AR: oh please...

Ay: okay okay... I'm going. Okay. I have some work to do.

She said getting up and AeRin nodded and continue drinking her coffee. Till then she saw someone she didn't wanted to see. She rolled her eyes and turned around continuing her work.

Minho smirked while seeing her and went to the kitchen as he Found Bo one there. He went and stands beside her leaning on the counter. But she did not give any attention to him. He smirked and cupped her butt. She glared him and he pull his hand back scoffing.

AR: what the hell. ..

MH: why didn't you like it. Babygirl.

He said and she rolled her back. She glared him again and he chuckled.

AR: stop calling me that.

She said more like warning him. But this man has no same. Since the day he started admiring her beauty he started getting attracted towards her. Jaechan also don't have any problems with it. He is happy if Minho will marry AeRin. But AeRin didn't have any interest in him. Also AhYeon didn't like him a bit. He just flirts with girls all day.

AR: btw... You are alive.

She said chuckling and he rolled his eyes and leaned towards her.

MH: I am safe. Otherwise that so called boyfriend of yours almost hit me till my death.

He said gritting his teeths and AeRin just smirked. She continued doing her work.

MH: btw.. babes. I'm saying that now, everything is going normal. You even get what you wanted. Now, we should marry. I already talked about it to JaeChan.

He said and she glared him again. She fucking didn't have any interest in marrying that fucker at all. He is a cheap character guy. Which she hates definitely.

AR: should I say this to you again. I don't wanted to marry you. I don't have any interest.

She said and Minho clenched her teeth. But then smirked. He jerked her towards himself. And she landed on him.

MH: why... Am I not handsome... Am I not rich... Huh.

AR: you and your cheap mentality.

MH: baby... You are the only one who is ignoring me. Otherwise girls remain desperate for just my one touch on their bodies.

He said almost closing every distance. But befo he can kiss her she turned her head around.
He chuckled at her stubbornness. He cupped her face and made her look into his eyes. She got confused with what he was trying to do. He smirked and pecked her lips then neck which send a tingling sensation in her spine.

MH: marry me... I will treat you like a real queen.

He said huskily and she rolled her eyes and pushed him. But his smirk was never leaving his face.

AR: whatever.. keep your eyes on other girls. Cause I'm not like them.

She said and left the kitchen. He ran his hand through his dark long brown hairs while smrking.

MH: that what make me want you more and more. Babygirl.


"AR: Yes... It all was just a lie. I never loved you. It was my plane to attract you so that I can get my Revenge on you. Cause you! You are the reason behind my sorrows. ONLY YOU!!!"

Jk's eyes got open slowly while his head was only filled with her voice. Her betrays. He can hear the beep beep sound of the machine. The IVs are attached to his wrist. He was feeling an amount of pain on his chest. But not more than his heart which is still bleeding in pain.

He opened his eyes completely and found V sleeping there sitting beside him. He moved his finger which make V move in his sleep. And he turned around but same time his eyes become wide awake open when he saw that jk finally open his eyes after one month.
He got up shocked and surprised at the same time.

V: y+you woke up... Jungkook ah... Let me call doctor.

He Said more like whispering to hismelf and shouted doctors name. Soon their family or group doctor come inside.
He examined jk also till then Jimin come inside as yoongi was in the office. He got surprised to see jk laying there with open eyes.

Doc: Mr. Jeon... How are you feeling now.

Jk: I'm fine doctor. Im just feeling a little dizzy. And some amount of pain in my chest.

He said clearly. His voice was like always. Proud and hard. The doctor nodded and the nurse helped him in sitting on the bed. He saw that he was in his own room which is now looking like a ward. The doctor congratulated V and JM and told them about jks condition. But he was sitting there drown in his own thoughts

Finally their friend woke up now. They are so happy and relieved now.



JM: so how are you feeling.

Jk: do I look like a skull to you.

He asked and Jimin laughed.

JM: not at all...

He said and jk smirked. His aura was definitely like always. He didn't changed a bit. No one has audacity to change the big bad alpha.

V: btw... Who shoot you... Jaechan.? But we didn't find any information yet. How did this happened even after so much right security.

He asked out in blue and his expression got changed. His eyes become dark like coal again.
He clenched his fists while thinking about her. V sighed and continued.

V: now what will you gonna do..? Gonna kill him?

V asked not knowing what is going inside his mind. He just smirked making V and JM look at eachother in confusion.

Jk: kill?... Not bad idea. But I feel pleasure in torturing my enemies.

V: whatever... Wait let me bring a fruit juice for u.

He said and left. Jimin also went out as his phone started buzzing. But jk was still sitting on the same spot when clenching his fists tightly. His veins started showing in his neck giving the price how damn angry he was.

Jk: just and wait and watch for my return in your life. Ms. Ahn AeRin. I will make it miserable with my own bare hands.
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