The Unconditional Despise

Chapter 10

"it's true that time made me Emotionless. But that doesn't mean that i can't love someone.
I'm also a Human"



Days started passing normally
Jk started healing as they keep a nurse for his care. Still he is not healed properly. As he is nowadays remaining at mansion so yoongi is looking the whole work after him. YoonMi and Mrs.Min also take care of jk. But they didn't like the nurse at all.

AeRin on the other hand also started living her normal life.
Jaechan continuously saying her to marry Minho but she didn't wanted to.

Cause in her heart. There is a place for someone else. And he can't marry any other.
She herself always get mixed feelings about the one she wanted to be her life partner.

But the fact is she didn't know where he is. She didn't even know his name. She just meet him for once or twice. But still she knows that she has fallen for that boy.

Sometimes JaeChan even got angry on her for her stubbornness. But he also can't do anything except wait for her "yes".

JC: why the hell you didn't wanted to marry Minho. He is nice, caring, rich like me, and also he is known to me. My friend. You will be gonna happy with him.

He said more like shouting at her. AhYeon flinched at his tone but remained silent at her place. But there is not a single sign of fear in AeRin's eyes.

AR: cause I don't wanted marry him. How many times I tell you that I don't have any interest in marrying him.

She blurted back and he sighed. He rubbed his forehead and went near her. But before it she already left the hall and went inside her room. He clenched his fists in anger and hit the table there making AhYeon flinch again.
She with slow steps went near him and placed her hand above his shoulder.

Ay: give her time JaeChan ah... She will understand you.

She said in her sweet voice but he jerked her hand while breathing heavily. She looked at him with her teary eyes but it didn't affect him at all.

JC: whatever... Just convince her. It's your responsibility. Otherwise, you will also face consequences.

He said and she gulped down in fear. She quickly nodded and he left. She sighed heavily when he left and wiped her tears and sit there while rubbing her forehead.


On the other hand, AeRin come inside her room. She closed the door slightly and went towards her bed. She sit down there while holding her tears. Same time her eyes caught her table stand. She forwarded her hand and took out a black box from there and a little smile appear on her face.

She opened the box and her most precious thing caught her eyes.

She smiled while seeing the ball. As this is the only thing which give her happiness back.


...13 years ago...

Little 9 year old AeRin was crying while sitting on the garden. She was Hugging her j eyes while resting her head on it and continuously sobbing.

Soon, she felt a hand on her shoulder. She looked up and saw a little boy was there. He was looking at her with surprised look. He was probably 12 or 13 years old. He blinked his eyes for the several times and kneeled down there.

Boy: why are you crying? Did someone hit you?

AR: I'm missing my mom...

She said sobbing and the little boy felt pity for her. But then he got an idea and a innocent smile come in his face.

Boy: you know. My mother says that cry makes a person weak. If you will cry than people will tease you. And a person should never cry, he should be happy for what he got. He should not waste his time for the things he don't have.

He said cutely and innocently and AeRin look up at him with her doe like eyes. He smiled at her and wiped her tears with his own hands. This thing of his made AeRin smile.

Boy: Now never cry from now on. Cute people didn't cry.

He said and she showed him her pearl like teeths. He also smiled happily while showing her his Bunny like teeths. He is so cute, so innocent, also handsome.

AR: you are also cute...

Boy: thank you..

He says shyly while looking down. She can see him blushing. He looks so adorable when he blushes. Which make her smile wider. Till then he look at her like if he got something in his mind. She got confused.

Boy: here take this...

He said handling her a cute smiley yellow colour ball. She smiled and take it from him and he smiled back.

Boy: if you ever feel like cry or sad. Just look at it. It will vanish your sadness and you will become happy.

He said and she looked at ball. A smile appeared on her face looking at it. The boy scratches the back of his neck in shyness.

AR: what is your nam-

She was about to ask him but till then her nanny called her as now it is the time to go back to mansion. Her dad is looking for her.

Nanny: AeRin baby... Come let's go.

She said and AeRin got up. The boy also got up.

AR: okay.. meet you soon.. bye bye. Thank you for this ball.

Boy: your welcome...

He said and she turned around and grabbed her nanny's hand and left from there leaving the boy alone. The boy's bunny smile fade away when the girl disappeared from his site.



A smile crept on her face while looking at the ball. She wiped her tears while sniffing. She always wanted to meet that boy. But for her badluck she didn't saw him after that. His only thing remained with her is that smiley ball. She didn't even know his name.

She sighed while looking at the ball which has 'J' written over it. Only a letter J' probably the first letter of the boys name. But still she didn't know what to do.

AR: how will I gonna find you with that single letter... J

She murmured to herself and sighed.


Jungkook was half laying on his bed with his head rest on the headboard. He was reading the news on the social medias while the nurse was busy doing her bussines.

She than with the first side box. Come towards himself. She sit opposite to him and asked him.

Nurse: sir... It's time to change your bandage.

She said in a seductive voice and jk looked at her. He nodded and put his phone down and sit straight revealing his chest for her already thirsty eyes. He was already sitting there shirtless.
She licked her lower and starts doing the bandage. Which Didn't go unnoticed by him.

She was trying to seduce him from past some days and dear alpha knows it very well.
She placed her fingers on his hard chest trying to touch him and he twisted his eyes brows.

She continued doing her work but in a erotic way. He again placed her palm over his chest a he can't help but to smrk at her doings.

Jk: enjoying?

He asked and she looked at him with surprised expression. She didn't expect him to say that. She can't resist that he has a fucking hot body. She bit her lower lip seductively.

Nurse: you have a nice body. Sir.

She said getting closer to him and he smirked.

"I'm sure this slut is getting desperate for my dick inside her. It's okay. She is lucky this time".

He smirked thinking about it and then licked his lower lip.

Jk: wanna experience than?

He said and she got surprised. His dirty smirk was never leaving his face. She smirked back at him.

Nurse: I will be glad.

She said huskly and he smirked. He pulled her made her underneath him. He smirked and she smirked back at him.

Jk: strip then.



After making out with her he lay down on the bed breathing heavily as so was she. He tucked his lower lip to control his breathe and then opened his eyes. He got up and sat on the bed. He grabbed his boxers and jeans and wore them. He found her still laying down there which make him angry.

Jk: get up...

Nurse: I wanted to sleep for sometime.

She said pouting and he didn't know why he felt an urge to slap that pout of hers. He exhaled her breath.

Jk: it's my medicine time. Now get up.

He spat and she opened her eyes. She quickly nodded and got up from the bed she wore her white shirt and skirt again and combed her hair by her own hair. He again sat on his bed like a boss.
She opened the door to go outside but for her surprise YuMi was there.

YuMi saw her messy state. Her hair wasn't in a ponytail but sprawled on her shoulders. She even has some hickeys on her neck. The nurse got scared from YuMi's glare and bowed her left the room for sometime.

Jungkook noticed her and told her to come inside. But her facial expressions didn't changed at all. She saw how messy was the bed and he himself. But he didn't care at all. He picked his phone again and started roaming through social media.

YM: here, juice for you.

She said and give him the glass. He smiled genuinely and took it and drink it in one go. She didn't know what she is feeling but she didn't like what she was seeing through her own eyes.

Jk: thanks noona... Have a good night.

YM: too.

She said and left the room. She closed the door behind her self but her mind was still not easy.

"If he is in relationship with a girl. Why the heck he has to make out with that slut. He is cheating on his girlfriend. It's not a good thing."

She thought but then shrugged her shoulder and went from there.


...Next Day...

AeRin got ready to go somewhere. She grabbed her cars key and about to exit the hall.

JC: where are you going...

She heared a voice and sighed. She turned around to face her brother.

AR: oppa.. I wanted to meet the kids. So I'm going to gyeongju Orphanage.

JC: No... You are not going anywhere.

He said and she got surprised. But at the se time she becomes annoyed.

AR: why... Why I can't go out.

JC: butter... Try to understand, situation is still not over. There is harm outside. I'm sure Jeon's friends will try to get revenge.

He said and she rolled her eyes. Seriously now because of someone else she can't live her own life in her own way.

AR: oppa please... I know what I'm doing. And I know to defend myself. I can't imprison here like this. I didn't even seen the kids from more than one month. So please i have to go.

She said and went out in annoyance. Jaechan tried to stop her but she didn't listen. He sighed.


Today jk has to do something so important so he has to go out. He finished talking to his men and then He got Ready in a black ripped jeans with a navy blue shirt and wore his Goggles and was about to leave the room.

But he felt an hand around his chest. He rolled his eyes and turned around. He found the same nurse giving him a smirk.

Nurse: where are you going...

Jk: its none of your business. You are here, as my caretaker so mind your bussines.

He said and let go of his hold harshly. But still the girl has no shame. He opened few upper buttons of her shirt revealing her cleavage and went near him.

Nurse: why... Don't you have to do experiment.

She said with a smirk and he smirked back at her. He went towards her in a dangerously close way and she smirked.

Jk: I don't do same experiment twice.

He said and left from there leaving the girl with wide open eyes. She clenched her fists and hit the floor with her foot in anger.


AeRin finished meeting her kids as she went out her mansion after a long time. She spend her whole day with the kids. She enjoyed with them. They are her life. She is not a cook here but she owns this orphanage. But she likes to cook for children.

After meeting with the babies she went to a 5 star restaurant as she wanted to spend sometime alone.

She didn't know how to feel. But she wasn't feeling right. Jk's memory were still filling her mind. She wasn't getting right feelings about it. She sighed and closed her eyes while rubbing her forehead. Even the coffee is not helping her.

She sighed and got up and went to restroom to wash her face. A quick flashback of his smiled ran through her mind and she felt her heart getting weaker. She shake her head and again splash the water on her face while breathing heavily.

AR: Argh!!! Go go go... From my mind.

She shouted in frustration. She look up at herself in the mirror. She didn't know but she was feeling an urge to hit herself. Don't know why.

She wiped her face and look at the mirror again. She was alone in the restroom. But the next moment shocked her till her core.

She saw man standing just behind her. His reflection is clearly seen in the mirror. He was wearing a black hoodie with mask covering his face. His hair were blocking his eyes. And he was looking at her with Emotionless eyes.

She got shocked and turned around.

Man: miss me?

He said and she got surprised yet shock. The voice made her scare to her core. The voice was really very fimiliar. It was his voice. His.

AR: w-who?

She stutter while asking and the man laughed. He pulled his mask revealing his face and for her shock. It was Jk.

AR: y-you... You are alive.

She shout out in surprised tone. And he smirked.

Jk: we met again...

He said smirking and she gulped down. She don't know what to do. She pushed him there and quickly ran out of the bathroom. He clenched his s fists and ran behind her. She did not know where she was going but her steps were rapidly going forward.

She went towards upstairs and for her shock he was too running behind her. She quickly went towards the rooftop of the big building and tried to close the big door but his one leg was enough to stop her. He pushed the door and she jerked off there. He come to the rooftoo and close the door behind Him. Now she didn't have any way to go back downstairs.

She quickly got up and tried to found a way but there was nothing except him and her. He was standing at a far place the smirk is clearly visible on his face. He started taking his steps forward and she started taking her steps backwards.

AR: don't you dare to come near me. I will kill you.

Jk: I'm already killed AeRin. You already killed me. You already killed Jungkook. Now this is not the Jungkook AeRin. He is dead.

He said clenching his fists in anger and she gulped down in fear. His words were somehow leaving effects on her. They both were at at the rooftop. Only silence was surrounding them.

AeRin tried to got and tried to run but he held her by her arms and jerked her hard.

Jk: trying to play with me. Huh. You bitch. You fucking bitch. No one has dare to play with Jeon Jungkook and you. You got audacity for it. Huh.

He shouted and her while shaking her hard. She was somehow getting weaker against him. Right now she has to get out from here at any cost.

Jk: you know... I loved you. But you... You played with me. You played with my emotions, my feelings. Huh. Now you will face the consequences. Worst consequences.

She pushed him off and tried to run again but he caught her foot and pulled her back. But because of it she fallen from the rooftop. But before she can fall he grabbed her by her wrist. Her heartbeats left her lungs. She was Hella scared. Thebheight is killing her. Also she has phobia of heights. She closed her eyes tightly holding onto his hand and he smiked.

Jk: should I leave your hand. Huh.

AR: NoNo... Please don't leave me... Please. Please.

She begged him and he felt inner satisfaction. He smirked and almost lose the hold on her hand but she caught his hand by her both hands.

AR: please don't leave my hand. Please I'm begging you. Please.

Jk: why would I do that. Huh.

He said and she got shocked. She was looking at him in disbelief.

AR: please I'm begging you. I-i have acrophobia. Please.

She said tearing up and he smirked. He pulled her back towards himself and she landed on his chest. She sighed heavily when she found that she is out of danger. She was holding him so tightly. She rest her head on his chest and hugged him tightly. But he was standing there emotionless. Neither he hugged her. Nor he calmed her.

AR: thank you...

She Said sobbing hard in his chest and he felt lump in his throat. But then her another face took control over him. She was feeling relaxed in his holds so she stayed there holding him.

He closed his eyes and then took out something from his pants pocket he opened the cap of the injection and quickly inject the drug in her neck. She felt a sudden amount of pain in her neck. She look up at him. She found her vision is becoming blurr her body was getting numb. Soon she closed her eyes and landed onto him again. He hold her by her arms and then took out his phone to call someone

Jk: land here.. my work is done.

Man: okay boss.

The man said and hanged. He smirked and looked at her numb figure Emotionlessly. Soon the air got filled with the sound of the helicopter.

Soon a helicopter land on the bug rooftop of the building and the door gots open. He pick AeRin up in bridal Style and make his way there. He went inside it and layed her down there and sat beside her in a bossy manner. His smirk never leaving his face.

The guard close the door and soon the helicopter again started flying and went far away from the city.

Jk: welcome to the hell bitch....
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