The Unconditional Despise

Chapter 11


"Welcome to the devil's cage.
My Little Angel"





JC: what the hell you still didn't get to know is about my sister.

Man: so-sorry sir... We already attack every possible place related to Jeon but still we didn't get anything.

JC: Go throw that Bastard's underground areas, his companies whatever... I Want My SISTER.

He shouted at the man who is closed his eyes in fear. Jaechan can feel him shivering.
Now, two days has been passed. But still he did not get any sign, any info. about AeRin.

Man: we will sir...


He barked again and the main started sweating. He quickly nodded and said yes and hanged the call. Jaechan throws his phone and sit down on the couch while facepalming. He is so fucking stressed right now. His sister is his breath. And he can't let anything happen to her. He is trying every possible and impossible way to find her but still he and Minho didn't get any sign for her.

Also Jungkook. He is so powerful that he took her in a really very dark and right security place. He can't let her go. And now he started loathing her from his deep bottom of his heart which sometimes ago beats for her. Jaechan knows that it's definitely Jungkook. And he is trying every way to find or to get any kind of big or small sign but still for his badluck he didn't got anything.

He is worrying for his sister from two days. He didn't even eats anything. AhYeon and eunho can see his state and eunho even tried so many time to made eat something to him. But he didn't all he want now, is his sister. AhYeon also gets so much worry for her but still a slight hope is inside her heart that Jungkook will not do anything to her. She also met Jungkook when he was in relationship with AeRin. And she can bet that no matter how cruel or ruthless he is, but he will not gonna harm her.


AeRin's Pov..

My eyelids feeling so heavy and I was feeling like dizzy. My head was throbbing and there is still a slight amount of pain at side of my neck. I tried to move my foot but I can't.

I opened my eyes slowly to observe the surrounding around me. It was a room. I turned around so and saw the sky through the glass. Only skyscrapers can be Seen.

"Wait... When I was conscious last time. I was with Jungkook. Now where the hell I am."

I started got panicking and started jerking the tight roped which are tied around my feets and hands. It was definetely that Bastard's mind behind it.

She was jerking that roped to get herself free from them continuously. But it is of no use. She is imprisoned now. Her tears started falling. She never felt that much helpless. She wanted to go back to her brother, her friend, her nephew. Her family. She even didn't have any ideas how are they.

For continuous jerking the red marks started appearing in her smooth pale skin. But she has no care. She started crying. She wanted to go back. She is missing her family.

She was crying while facepalming herself till then she heared clicking sounds like if someone is entering. Her muscles automatically got tight. She looked up with anger filled eyes.

There a monster with a signature smirk in his handsome face was standing. He come I side and closed the door behind him. She wanted to go and beat him till his death and she can. But these fucking roped were tied around her.

AeRin is not like any other ordinary girl. She knows to protect herself. She knows to defend herself very well. She can beat Jungkook mercilessly right now at the moment. But that Bastard has tied her up.

When he saw her struggling, he smiked widely. His heavy footsteps started echoing in the Room. As it is dark night.

Jk: finally you woke up. I thought I gave you an overdose.

He said smirking and she clenched her jaw and fists.


She said again struggling with the ropes and Jungkook felt inner satisfaction. He went and sit there down on the couch with legs crossed.

Jk: Aigoo... Look at you, how helpless you are looking now.

He said chuckling and AeRin wanted to go and hit his head.
She was not feeling helpless now. She can't become weak in front of him.


she said out loud at him and his anger went ten folds up. He clenched his fists and jaw and went up and went towards her. He hates it when someone said any fucking shit about his late mother.

He went there and caught her by her hair make her look at into his dark black orbs. She can she how much damn dangerous he was looking at the moment. She can see the veins which are now popping out around his neck because of his anger.

Jk: You fucking Bitch... Mind you language otherwise I will cut that pretty little tongue of yours.

He said above her face as she can feel his hot alcoholic breaths on her lips and cheeks. But she didn't care. He jerked her head making her scalp burn in pain and she winced in pain.

Jk: don't you have dare to use this pretty little mouth. You don't have any idea how much power I have and what I can do with you right now at the moment.

He said while shaking her head making her scalp burn more and more but she laughed at his sentence.

AR: showing your power to a girl who is already tied huh. If you have real power than fucking free me, than you will get to know that how much power girls have.

She said with a challenging time and he twisted his eyes brows together. He liked that new blunt attitude of her. She was looking completely different person. Not the old one.
Also, her words made his blood boiled.

He quickly untied her hands and feets while his other hand was still gripping her head. He also wanted to see what power she got. He wanted to see the full side of the new AeRin. Also when if she is challenging him.

She quickly throws a punch on his face and he landed on the floor with his head got hit with the floor. He clenched his jaw and quickly turned around to found smirking.

He felt some sort of liquid around his lower lip and wiped it with his thumb. He look that the blood was comming from it. He smirked and again went near her. She got fully and again land a another punch on his stomach. But this punch didn't effect him much Only he just losses his balance a little.

She grabbed his collar with her left hands and throws another punch on his face at which he backed away losing his balance a little. But his smirk was never leaving his face. He was just not raising his hand in her and let her keep throwing punches at himself. But he wanted he can make him underneath himself right now at the moment. But he didn't, cause he also wanted to see how much power she got. Her different side was making him attract to her more eventho he now loathed her completely.

She throws a punch a on his nose and he groaned in pain.
She went there and and grabbed his collar and kick him hard in his stomach making him groan in pain and he fell down there on the bed while breathing heavily.

She went there and wrapped her long slim fingers around his neck and started choking him. He can felt the pressure around his neck and he quickly gripped her wrists to free himself. She sat over his abdomen and started choking him hard.

AR: now you get to know how much power I got. Huh.

She said in his face while tightening the grips around his neck and he started coughing gasping for breath. He never felt so much submissive to any other girl like the way he was feeling underneath her.

The feeling of her sitting over his abdomen was giving him a different yet dirty feeling. He didn't know why but still wanted to let him due underneath her. Maybe he still has something for her in his heart.

Jk: Y-you Bitch..

He whispered while panting hardly and she smirked. She tighten her grips around his neck making his mouth wide open to suck some breath as he is now becoming breathless. He can get unconscious anytime. His eyelids already started feeling heavy. She come closer to his face and he can feel her breaths on his lips.

AR: dont even try to underestimate me. Mr. Jeon. I am not like other whores. I know how to defend myself.

She said while clenching her jaw as her hair are now sprawled on his already bruised face but he smirked. And next....

He quickly gave a tight thud on back of her neck from his right hand and switch the position. Now is she underneath him and he is above her. But for most awkward thing for her. He is between her legs. He come closure to her while smirking and gripped her hair again making her hiss in pain.

Jk: I know you are not like other whores. But don't worry.. I will make you one.

He said in a husky voice pressing his clothes manhood on her sensitive part and she gasped while her eyes became wide open in shock. She grabbed his collar and tried to roll again but now his holds were too strong.

He smirked when he saw her struggling.

Jk: yes... I will make you my personal prostitude...

He said smirking and her heart dropped down. Her blood turned cold. They are the only words which make her feel cold.



She felt a tight pain on her cheek. Yeah he just slapped her. This thing hit her ego.

She opened her eyes and turned around again while clenching her jaw in anger. She gripped his hair and starts pulling them hard making him groan.

Jk: Yahhhh!!!

He groaned and tighten his grip around her neck with his right hand.

AR: you bitchass jerk... How fucking dare you to slap me.

She said and starts shaking his head like a kid. And he graoned again.

Jk: this is getting fucking too much... Leave my hair you bitch...

AR: You dare to slap me... How fucking dare you.

She said while swinging his head around and he grabbed her wrists to let go of her holds but her grip around his hair were too much strong.

She said again turned around and made him underneath herself. They were continuously rolling on the bed.
This thing hit on AeRin's ego. No one in her whole life of 22 years even raise a hand on her. And he slapped her. Which makes her anger increases too much.

Jk: Arghhhh!!!!!!

He growled like a monster and glared her but she has no effect of it. He again did the same thing which he did some minutes ago.

He gave a tight thud on the back of her neck and she graoned in pain.

AR: AHHH you mother fuc--

He pulled her closure by her air and smashed his lips on her to shut her mouth eventho she was on top of him once again.
He again rolled on the bed with a light speed and hovered over her while never leaving her soft plump lips. Which seems like a sweet jelly to him which he continue wanted to lick, suck, eat.

He entered her mouth and started devouring her mouth mercilessly eventho he can she she is becoming breathless.
He himself did not have any idea why he always like to devour her eventho now he started loathing her from his bottom of heart. Because of her Motherfucker.. Father.

He was continuing sucking her tongue with his one while closing his eyes when he felt that her gripes around his collar is now getting lose.

Soon her both hand landed on the soft mattress as her eyes were already closed. He opened his eyes only to found her not doing any struggle underneath him.

He raised his head head and examined her face.

"Fuck bitch... Wrong timing."

Due to the impact of his hit on the back of her neck she losses her consciousness again and gets unconscious.

He was breathing heavily after a long devouring kiss while still looking at her with cold eyes.
He saw her stained face. And he wanted to touch caress it but his devilish side again took control over his mind and he got up fixing his shirt in his jeans and left the room and locked it with the personal code which only he knows.
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