The Unconditional Despise

Chapter 12

"Friends are those siblings, which god forget to give you"




Jk come out of the room after locking it and then sighed while rubbing his lip which is hurting a little.

He sighed and went to living room where V and Jimin were talking as they both are also with him here. And why not, they are together from their teens. And they are more than only friends. They are like real bros who share eachother's joy, sorrow, stress.

They both were busy discussing something when their eyes fell on jk's. His face was bruised and his lower lip was bleeding. And also his hair were messy like a lil kid.

They both started laughing after getting a amazed scene of jk. Mostly jimin. He was trying so hard to control his laugh.

Jk sighed after looking at them and sighed while going to another direction and Jimin and V followed him with a smirk.

V: Don't tell me... She attacked on you.

He asked while controling his laughed and jk sighef while rubbing his bruise. He went to the hall area and sat in the couch peacefully.

Jk: Bring me First aid...

He ordered and received maid there nodded and left the hall and soon come back with the first aid kit. She gave it to him with her shaking hands and soon left the hall when she received a glare from him.

V sighed and sat on the other couch and Jimin joined Jk.
Jk can see the funny sparkle on his face. He rolled his eyes and started applying the Bandage on his lip after putting the ointment.

He again heard his silent giggles and look at him.

Jk: laugh out if you want. Otherwise you will die.

He spat and Jimin laughed out loud finally. Eventho V was also laughing silently after seeing jk like that.

JM: okay sorry... But why did this happened.

Jk: that bitch was showing her pretty little power on me.

V: so.... You loss or gave up.

He asked with wide eyes and jk sighed. It isn't like he loss. He just don't wanted to show his power on her. Otherwise, she will definitely gonna dead.

Jk: which one you like better. Think what you wanted to. I don't care.

He said out and finished his bandage.

JM: Btw, how long will all this last.

He asked and jk look up at him and then sighed. He crossed his legs and lean back on the couch while closing his eyes like a boss.

Jk: I don't know... Let's see.

He said calmly and Jimin look at him with a "bish really!" Look.

V: her brother probably started searching for her. I got the news from one of our man that he actually attacked on our godown which is in out of the main city.

He said and jk smirked while still closing his eyes.

Jk: let him be... Afterall in the end, he will gonna loss it. He still didn't have any idea that where we are.

JM: yeah... That Bastard was thinking that you hide her somewhere in Seoul. But he didn't know that you took her to Shanghai.

He said in a mocking voice and jk smirked. Yes, he take her out of the country. He took her to Shanghai. And she is in one of his most private and secure hotels at top floor.

He also took Jimin and V with him as they support him in his every decision no matter good or bad. And they stopped all the work and went there to help him with their private Chopper.

V: but now, I have to go back. Cause yoongi hyung is dealing with that leader alone. He wanted to do a meeting and everyone knows hat you will not go anywhere now for some days.
So I have to go back to Handel it.

He said while sitting straight as the maid bring drinks for them. All took them and started drinking.
Jk took a sip of his wine and exhaled his breath closing his eyes again.

Jk: okay... When will you go back.

V: tomorrow at morning.

Jk: okay... But Jimin hyung will be here with me.

He said gaining Jimin's attention who was doing chit chat with his timepass. A.k.a girlfriend.

JM: hmm? Yeah don't worry. I will stay here for some days.

He said and finished his drink. V also finished his drink and slammed the glass on the table and got up with him while jk remain at his place on same position.

V: okay then, good night.

JM: good night... See you in the morning.

Jk: yeah... Good night.

He said and they both left and went to their respective rooms to sleep for some hours.
While jk remained at his place with eyes closed still sipping his wine.

Jk: Just wait and watch... Ahn JaeChan.

He finished his drink and slammed the glass on the table while wiping his mouth like psycho. And got and went to his room to sleep.


... next morning...

AeRin got while rubbing her eyes which are now puffy and red because of last night. Eventho she taught jk a unforgettable lesson but she himself was a little scare from it like if he again tried to do something.

Her movements got startled and she sit up on the bed quickly when she heard a clicking sound again. As someone was coming inside the room. And next minute she rolled her eyes and looked away and lay down on the bed again.

Jk: My angel woke up.

He said chuckling and entered the room and closed the door behind himself. He come inside and placed the tray of breakfast on the table near the bed.

Jk: get up... And have some breakfast. Otherwise you will gonna die.

He said and sat on the couch with crossed legs. While she was still laying on the bed while back facing him.

AR: I don't wanted to... I'm not hungry.

She spat and be clenched his jaw and got up. He went their and caught her by her elbow making her sit on the bed and shake her hard making her whimper.

Jk: don't you dare to show me your blunt attitude. Sweetheart. Otherwise, you will gonna face consequences.

He shout on her face and she look up back at him.


she spat out in anger and he clenched his jaw again. He gripped her hair tightly she winced in pain as her scalp is now becoming weak. He was just few inches away from her face.

Jk: How many time I have to said that you need to learn manners.

AR: leave me!

She said and he even get so close to her. He sniffed her and make a weird face. He again sniff her and look at her with "wtf" look. She got confused and jerked him hard.


She shouted on his face and he clenched his jaw and let go of her harshly. He ran his hand through his dark brown hair and wall to the closet.

he took out a sweat and a loose t-shirt and throw that on her face and she catches it successfully.

Jk: go and take a shower first. I don't talk to dirty bitches.

He mocked her and she look at him with wide eyes. He smirked and left the room after again locking and she remained on her spot with mouth opened.

AR: what did he just said?

She sniffed herself to know about the smell but got nothing. She again sniffed herself.

AR: I'm smelling fine. That hoe definitely lost his senses.

She murmured and got up from the bed and eyed the whole room. She scratched her head again and make her step forward. And finally after some seconds, found the bathroom.

________________ night...


I again entered her room and found her sleeping on the bed peacefully. The cozy red blanket was covering her small, sexy body which I craved for always.

Her face was shining when the moonlight was going on her forehead. She was looking like Goddess which I wanted to devour so Badly right now. I licked my lower lip after looking at her and entered the room and closed the door behind me.

I went towards the bed and lay down beside her as she she was sleeping peacefully on the other side. Her back was facing me. So pushed my whole body towards her direction and went near her. I back hugged her and dig my face on her neck. She was smelling like sweet vanilla which I loved so Badly. I placed my hand on her waist and pulled her more closed to my hard chest. She whined in her sleep making me chuckle.

Warning: Mature content

I inhaled her scent and really she smells so damn good even when she was smelling like a trash in the morning. My hand started caressing her soft skin and I can feel heat arousing in me.

"Fuck, she is the only one who makes me feel like this"

I sniff her again while dugging my face in her soft flesh making her move while whining again. She changed her position and layed down straight giving me complete view and aceess to her Beautiful body. I smiled and moved my lips to her neck's crook. I sucked it slightly.

AR: umm..

And she moaned.

"Fuck, her moan make me so hard like rock"

I slided my hand inside the t-shirt she was wearing. I have to admit that she looks so damn Beautiful in my oversized clothes. She breathed heavily when I gave a slight squeeze to her left bosom above her bra which perfectly fit in my palm. She whined cutely and squirmed a little as she was in her Dreamland.

I smiled at her innocence and gave a caress to her stomach to her lower abdomen. She has so soft skin which feels so good against my hard flesh. That's why I always wanted to ruin her so Badly underneath me.

"Fuck, I'm arousing in her smell"

I have another caress to her lower abdomen and then she placed her right leg on my waist spreading her legs, as I am laying with the support of my left hip. I smirked at her and moved my hand inside her innerwear. Fuck she is so warm there. So good. So soft.

I started playing with her lips and gave it a slight pinch and she opened her mouth to suck breath. She is so sensitive there. My Little bird didn't know what I am going with her when she is sleeping peacefully.

I started rubbing my fingers over her cunts increasing the heat between my finger and her cunts. She moaned and her soft moan pleased me so well. I always wanted her to make feel her this. I spread her lips with the help of my index and middle finger and touched her wet and warm core. She is soaking there. I smirked at the effect of my doings which can her wet even in her sleep. She is soaking wet there. I pushed my index finger inside her hole making her squirm and she arched her back while whinning. I smiled and kissed her neck slightly not to want to wake her up. I started pumping her gently which feels so good even to me. I chuckled at the fact how much my cock will feel against her wet soaking core. Fuck! I wanted to ruin her so Badly.

AR: mmm..

She whined against my ear sending chills to my spine. Her moans are so good and pleasurable. It affects me so I increase my pace and finger her fastly and she moaned opening her mouth wide open. Her forehead was panting and her breaths were becoming unstable. I smirked and pushed my another finger inside her core and she opened her eyes while I was pumping her hard.
I look at her as she opened her mouth to say something but moaned when she felt my long fingers were stimulating her wet and warm core.

Jk: babe moan like that.

I said in my husky voice against her ear and she closed her eyes tightly panting heavily when her muscles contracted.

AR: ah Jungkook ah!

She moaned and I smirked. I quickly kissed her lips and she kissed me back. I increase my pace and started fingering her so fast that she can feel my love for her. She tucked her lower lip between her teeths and whined when I felt liquid on my hand. She cummed on my hand. Her first orgasm. I smirked and didn't stop at all and finger her continuously.


JK: Oh FUCK!!!!!

He breathed and opened his eyes. He was breathing heavily and his forehead was sweating.

Mature content Ends

He look at the clock at saw it was 12:30 a.m. midnight.

"I was dreaming."

"She never moaned my name...
Fuck! I had a wet dream. What is happening with me. Why she is leaving effects on me"

I look up at jimin hyung who is sleeping open mouth after we had so many drink shots some hours ago.

I sighed and got up. I made my way towards her room and entered the password and opened the door. My eyes fell on her figure Which laying on the bed. She is sleeping peacefully. She looked so cute like this.
An unwanted smile formed my lips and I closed the door again. And went back towards hall direction.

I felt something heavy on my pant so I look down.
There, my little friend woke up.

"Fuck bitch! I'm hard now and I need to solve this"

I took out my cellphone and dialled Amelia's number. Who is head maid here. And also a bitchy slut.

Girl: what happened Mr. Jeon.

She asked but jk can feel the smirk in her face.

Jk: in my room, within five minutes.

I said and hang. I look at jimin hyung who is sleeping with open mouth. I sighed and went towards my Room as now she will solve my problem.



After Jungkook left, I quickly jumped off the bed and starts doing my work again.
Whole night I was searching for a single way, which can help me to escape from here. I was not sleeping at all. Who can sleep peacefully in prison. Literally no one.

I again checked the window and tried to open it. I was trying this from past 1 hour.

AR: please open. Please. I need to escape.

She murmured and again tried to unlock it. Finally after some struggle I got success in opening it. A bright smile I can feel on my lips.


I opened it but gulped down in fear. It was risky task. If I fallen, I can hurt myself.

"But still I need to take that Risk."

"To save my life from this Bastard."

"To live my life again."

I sighed after closing my eyes and climbed the window and went to another floor.

AR: finally i can escape now. Good bye Bastard.
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