The Unconditional Despise

Chapter 13

"Sometimes, your own destiny plays games with you.
And you don't get idea that what is happening with you"



AeRin jumped down to the floor below her room and she landed on the same floor as the upper one was.

AR: damnit! This whole building is same.

She hissed while rubbing her knee and got up again to continue. She try to find another way to get out of their but found nothing. She bite her lower lip thinking what next to do.

"Should I went away from main door door of this floor.
But what if someone found me. That jerk! Ah no no...
Buy I don't have any other option and I still don't know the way yet. Argh! My life is a hell"

With a deep breath she entered inside the hall of the floor on which she landed. She come inside found everything was luxury as hell. But she quickly shake her head and continued to get their their.

After sometimes of walking alone in the hall she felt her throat was burning so she thought of drinking water. There was dining table nearby with jug and glass on it. She reached their and pour herself a glass of water and drank it within one gulp. She wiped her mouth with the long sleeves of jk's t-shirt which are on her body.

She roses her eyes all around the hall and soon her eyes landed on the door. A sparkling hopeful light filled her eyes and she went their. She pulled the doorknob and unlock it to ho outside.


For her shock the monster was already present their. He was standing their shirtless with a pretty smirk on his face.

Her forehead started sweating automatically after seeing him.
Her steps started going backwards when he entered inside.

Jk: where were you going doll?

He said in a calm yet deep tone. But AeRin can feel the anger in his voice.

AR: p-please let me go.

She pleaded him but he smirked and held her by her elbow jerking her hard making her yelp in pain.

Jk: didn't I fucking told you to not to use this pretty little mind of yours. HUH.

He shouted making her flinch. He never acted that way. She never saw his that side. So she doesn't know how to face him.

Jk: thanks jimin hyung, For calling me.

He said and she look up at him confusingly. She heard some footsteps and soon found a man entering inside.

He look at her with pity eyes but can't help her. Cause he has no right to do it. Also, he is here for jk not for her.

JM: it's okay Jungkook ah...

He said but it seems like the words was not in his favour. He felt bad for AeRin. He should not have done this. He should not call jk. But what happened sometime ago, he himself got so much panicked that he almost lost his mind's control.
He look at AeRin's pleading glossy eyes which are screaming for help. But can't help to look away.

Jk: and you! Now I will tell you what happens when someone not obey Jeon.

He said gripping her elbow tightly and she hissed in pain.
Buy the anger was clearly visible on her face and that angry and hate is only for one person... Jungkook.


She shouted at him and he clenched his jaw. She always triggered him nowadays. Mostly, when she call him Motherfucker. He didn't like it at all.

He pulled closure to his naked chest and carried her on his shoulder like a ragdoll. She started hitting his back but he had no effect of it.

AR: Put me down!


He shouted but she didn't stop struggling at all. But soon she heard sound of door knob. Like if he opened the door.
He came inside and closed the door and throws her harshly on the bed.

She screamed feeling like if her shoulder got broken. Her bone started hurting really Badly with the impact of his force. She started crying but soon his hard voice filled the room.

Jk: You know what I can do with you right now if you didn't listen to me. Huh.

He said while grabbing her jaw harshly making her shut her eye tightly. She pushed him and he got angry even more.

Jk: you bitch!

He said and hovered over her and pinned her hands above her head with his right bulky one and held her jaw roughly with his left hand.

AR: Let me go.

JK: shut up!

AR: let me go-

He cut her words with a forced kiss and started devouring her already broken state. He can hear her muffle cries but it didn't effect him at all. Cause she triggered him more with every other stupid step she takes.

He started getting aroused with her vanilla scent. He left her mouth and trailed his wet kisses to her collar bone and jaw line. She closed her eyes feeling disgusting with the every kiss he is placing on her skin. She struggled even more in his hold but still it was of no use as she was pinned by a beast not by a man.

AR: leave me- Ahh!!!

She felt a sudden sharp pain on her collar bone. As he just bite their. He bite it so harshly that it will surely leave the mark over her skin. Her wails were nothing infront of him. He was just completely changed into a beast who wanted to devour her so Badly.

But still the hope inside her not dead. She will struggle till her last Breath. She will try till her last Breath.
She gave a tight bite on his earlobe and he hissed at the sharp pain. He look up and found blood over it. He looked at her with jaw clenching and before she can do something more,.she felt a tight sting on her face.


He slapped her.

This slap was the real one. This slap was the cruel one. Which she never get before but now. Her eyes started filling up with warm tears. The impact of his slap was so high that she almost lost the capability of hearing for some seconds.

Jk: you like when I became furious huh. It's okay. I have a solution to cut these feathers of yours.

He said while grabbing her hair in his tight fist and she just closed her eyes not want to see that beast.

Jk: we are marrying within 10 days.

He said and she felt like if her soul left her body. She look up at him with wide glossy eyes.

AR: w-what!

Jk: you heard me.... We are getting married.

He said with a smirk as she clenched her jaw.

No! She don't wanted it. She has so many dreams about her future husband. She wanted to marry a guy who could give her love, care. Not a beast who just always Try to force.

Never!! Her heart screamed.

AR: I will not..

Jk: what?



She felt another sting as he slapped her again.
Yeah he slapped her twice. With full force and power. This break her heart. But this can't break her mind.

He held her by her elbow while shaking her hard towards himself and shouts at her face.


He shouted at her face making her almost lost her mind. Her heart dropped in her stomach.

She doesn't wanted to make the happiest day of her life into worst day of her life. But it is happening.
Sometimes what you wish, you will not got and this made us sad, angry, hated.

He finished and got up from the bed. He took out another shirt from the closet and left the room while wearing it not paying any attention to her broken state.

She facepalmed herself and started to crying and sobbing.

AR: I hate you...

She murmured but it was enough for jk to hear her words before leaving the room. He felt a pang on his heart but controls his emotions.

Jk: I hate you too.

He said to himself and walked away closing the door.


Jk walk in the hallway where Jimin was sitting while rubbing his both hands and thinking about something. Jk went there and sat while leaning on the couch and close his eyes.

Jk: hyung... If you weren't present there, that bitch would've run away.

JM: it's okay Jungkook ah...


Jimin was sleeping peacefully on the couch when he heard some cracking noise. He got disturbed so he opened his eyes annoyingly.

JM: Argh! Who the hell is at this hour.

He got up and Again heard something. He got confused as the sound was coming from the room where jk kept AeRin. He went there to check what happened.

He entered the password as he and jk both knows the password and then enter the room.
For security things jk can only believe V, Jimin and yoongi. So jimin knows the password of the room.

He entered but found nothing. Soon his eyes landed on the big glass which was open also AeRin wasn't present in the room. He even checked in the bathroom.
But she was nowhere.

He got an idea that she definitely run away. He started rubbing his forehead and quickly took out his phone to dial jk's number.


Girl: baby please...

She sighed heavily while trailing her fingers down on his hard chest. She was sitting on his abdomen as she just finished him riding.

He smirked seeing her like that.

Jk: still desperate...

Girl: yeah! let's go for another round.

She said shamelessly while leaning on his chest and started kissing his jawline and neck which is already had some of her hickeys as she was a wild cat.

Jk: No... I have to go.

He said getting up leaving the blanket and starts Searching for his clothes. He found his jeans on the floor and wore it and start searching for his shirt which was nearby door.

He went there and grabbed it and starts wearing it.
The girl sat up while revealing her cleavage to him.

Girl: but where you have to go at this hour. It's midnight Jungkook.

She said while biting her lower lip seductively and sit up straight giving him complete view of her cleavage till her breasts.
He smirked knowing how much desperate she still is to get fuck again.

Jk: I'm going to do some work and now your work is finished. So get up wore your clothes and yeah... Remember to clean my room before leaving.

He said and she pouted. She sighed and got up while picking her clothes from the floor and wore them. Till then jk's phone started ringing do he took it out to look who is it at this hour.

Jk: yeah Hyung...

JM: Jungkook ah... AeRin isn't in her room.

Jk: what!!!!

JM: come here quickly.

Jk: I'm on my way. Find her till then.

//Flashback Ends//

Jk sighed and got up. He locked AeRin in his room this time which so security tight for his own safety.

JM: well Jungkook ah... I still doubt if we are doing right.

He said and jk look up at him.

Jk: what do you mean by this hyung... I am absolutely right. Also, I hate her from bottom of my heart. I hate every single thing about her.

He said gritting her teeths and Jimin looked at him.

JM: but Jungko-

JK: No more argues hyung... Please.

He said and get up from his place making Jimin sigh.

Jk: it's late night. Go and sleep. I'm also going to sleep.

JM: hmm...

Jk come back to the room where he left AeRin.
This time, he found her sleeping on his bed. He can't help but to look at her Emotionlessly.

She was sleeping while still sobbing. Her face has dried tear stans and slap marks given by him.

He actually slapped her for he first time. He slapped her two nights before too. But that wasn't a real slap.
A hard one.

He sighed and went out towards the balcony of the room while looking at the sky.

He still remember every single thing which make him like this. Those hurtful memories still haunts him. So much.
He even become sleepless for nights because of it.

He became a beast, a monster after that. He actually get to know that if you wanted to rule you have to be powerful. By physically, mentally and most important... Financially.

After years of hardworking he achieved all of this. Between this way AeRin entered his life.
He started getting normal when she entered his life. But her lies also made him broken once again.

And now he doesn't have any power to get break once again by someone.


...Next morning...

AeRin woke up with the sound of clicking. She groaned in annoyance as someone disturbed her sleep.

Till then, last night's incident roamed in her mind and her eyes became wide.

She quickly sit up with fear in her eyes but her fear was gone when the door get open.
This time, it's wasn't Jungkook.
It was the guy with whom Jungkook was talking and Calling him hyung.

The boy smiled nicely and entered inside. AeRin Just rolled her eyes not paying much attention to him.
But still, he said nothing and placed the food plate nicely infront of her.

JM: good morning dear lady.

He said happily but got nothing in response which was kinda awakward. But still he didn't mind and took a seat infront of her.

JM: So how are you dearie.

He said while trying to sound frankly but she didn't pay attention.
He sighed and sat infront of her.

JM: dearie... Don't be sad please.

AR: why you care... Who are you..

JM: um... You can call me Jimin. Btw, my name is park Jimin. I'm 28 years old and I completed my education from XX college and currently I'm in partnership with Jungkook. We both work together.

He told her and she look at him with open mouth.

AR: woah!!! You are not on an job interview.

She mock and he scratched his neck's back in embarrassment.

JM: well I like giving my complete introduction.

He said and she laughed. For the first time she is laughing here. Only because of him. Jimin just can't took his eyes off of her. She is so beautiful.
He made her eat the breakfast as she didn't eat anything from past three days. And they both talked for a long time.

JM: so Friends?

AR: umm.. let me think?

She said and Jimi look at her with really looking. She smiled and shared a handshake with him.

AR: okay friends... But I want you to help me in something.

She said and Jimin looked at her.

JM: what?

Ar: please help me in escaping.... Please.
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