The Unconditional Despise

Chapter 14

"Never show mercy to them,
who doesn't deserve it"



AR: please....

she pleaded him and jimin didn't know what to do here. It's not like he didn't wanted to help aerin but the fact is he also can't betray jk. he is his best friend, actually a brother.

JM: AeRin ah... Listen i-i--

AR: I know you can't....

She said annoyingly while pouting and looking down in her lap. He sighed and cupped her cheek and make her look at himself.

JM: dearie... You can ask me for anything except that.

He said sweetly and she sighed.

AR: it's okay, Jimin ah...

She said and looked away. He sighed. He didn't know how to make AeRin happy again. But he is really feeling pity for the girl.

"I wish if I could help you AeRin ah. But, I'm sorry"

JM: okay... Stop this Matter... Here take this medicine.

He said handling her a medicine and she looked up at him with confusion.

JM: what? I know that your having a backpain. Here take it.

He said and gave her the medicine. She sealed her lips into a thin line not wanting to smile and took the medicine.

Jimin really become a good guy in her eyes. He even is one.
He knows very well to take care of others. It's not like he is just a playboy. He is also a caring guy.

She gulp the medicine and he smiled and patted her head.

JM: good. Now rest.

He said and left the room after that.
An unwanted smile formed on AeRin's face while seeing him.

"He is such an angel. A really very caring guy. But God knows how he end up meeting that Bastard Jerk"

"It's okay... I know you are bonded because of your friendship Jimin. I can understand.
But don't worry, I will help me by myself."

She rolled her eyes just think about jk and layed got up from bed to take a shower. As now, it was jk's room so she have to wear his clothes as she doesn't have her once.

On the other hand, Jimin come out of the room and locked it back. He sighed after that and started taking his steps forward.
He found jk sitting on the stool near by the kitchen's island which is completely looking like a bar.
He kept on sipping his wine till Jimin appeared on his sight.

JM: people drink coffee in morning not wine. Mr. Jeon.

He said and starts preparing for a coffee for himself. Jk didn't pay any attention to his words and kept sipping his wine. He needed it this time really very much.

Jk: did you made her eat.

JM: yeah... Don't worry she ate the breakfast and I also have e her the medicine which you gave me.

He said while continuing making his coffee and jk twisted his head and continued drinking.
But Jimin twisted his eyes at him and look up at him.

JM: btw, caring much. Huh.

He said with a smirk and jk gave a "wtf" look and Rolled his eyes.

Jk: I did this so she will not die. I wanted her to suffer more.

He said while smirking but Jimin gave him a "I don't believe you" look.

JM: whatever.....

He continued doing his work as he wanted a coffee really Badly this time. His head is also aching because of last night. He didn't get to sleep last night. He don't himself know why... But the sleep was nowhere in his eyes. He was only thinking about AeRin.


Here, in Seoul, everyone member of Ahn's family is getting stressed day by day.
Jaechan still didn't get to know anything about his sister.

His sleeps all became vanish since the day AeRin got kidnapped. He is trying every possible and impossible way to find her out. But still nothing is working. Mostly, his mind is not getting rid of the thought that I'd AeRin is fine or not....

He throws the file in frustration and ran his hand through his hair. MinHo also come to meet him today as he got to know about AeRin's kidnapping some days ago.
Minho himself is trying every way to find AeRin out.

Also, he wanted to find AeRin for some of his personal reasons. There is a lot of things and plans which are going in his mind. And if he didn't find out AeRin and didn't get to marry her, than his all efforts gonna wasted. And he can't let it happen.

A little glimpse of hope come in JaeChan's eyes and he went up to Minho who is looking like if he got betrayed.

JC: did you got to know something.

MH: no...

JC: what is happening here... Why can't you All able to find AeRin. Why... Why.

He shouted out in frustration while his eyes were damn glossy and red in anger. Minho sighed and continued.

MH: I can understand your situation JaeChan ah... But still, we don't have any idea where that Bastard kept AeRin.
We Tracked every of his location but got nothing.... We even attacked on all possible areas which is related to him but still got nothing.... I also called Matthew (one of his friend and an underground Mafia himself).

JC: so what Did Mathew said.

MH: he is doing everything to find AeRin out... But it looks like that our all power is completely a waste infront of Jeon's.

JC: so what... That doesn't mean i will quit. What do you mean by that . Huh.

He asked in a loud tone and Minho sighed again.

MH: I can understand it... But still we didn't get any information. And also... We didn't know if that Bastard kept AeRin alive or just killed her-

Before he can finish completely he felt a tight sting on his face. He hissed in pain and rubbed his lower lip. He found out that blood is comming out of his lower lip. Jaechan just gave a tight punch on his face.

Well, he did right. Afterall, no brother can listen bullshits about his sister.

MinHo clenched his jaw tightly. He just wanted to hit JaeChan so Badly. But he have to control himself. He sighed and looked straight again.

JC: think before talking....

Jaechan said while gritting his teeths and left from there leaving Minho alone with rage filled eyes.


Days started passing, jk made her sleep with himself in his room so that she will not run away. But still, AeRin's mind is continuing thinking about her plan of escaping. And she is ready.

...After few days...

AeRin was sitting while looking outside from the big glass of the room as it is already evening now. So the sunset there was looking a little calm to her.

Till then, she heard same sound clicking and hot alert. Soon the one entered the room which give her despise. She rolled her eyes and look back out side.

Jk smirked and entered the room and closed it. But this time, he came with so many bags in his hand. He went there and throws the bags infront of her and she look up at him with confusion.

AR: what is this....

Jk: they are some clothes of your needs and also.... Your wedding gown with accessories.

He put the pressure on the words and she clenched her jaw.

"No fucking way... I don't wanted to marry him. And I'm not.... Just wait and watch... You jerk"

Jk: oh doll... I'm so excited to marry you.

He said with a smirk and she scoffed while looking away.

"Only in your dreams... You jerk"

He saw her not paying any attention to his playful talks. So he thought of leaving the room.
But till then her voice stopped him.

AR: can I go out of this room...

She said and he stopped. He twisted his eyes and turned back only saw her with pleading eyes.
But he control himself not to fall for those fake pleading, innocent eyes of hers.

Jk: why... Again trying to plan something in that little mind of yours. Huh.

He spat and her facial expressions changed. But she didn't stopped.

AR: Nooo... I will not try to escape... But please let me out of this room. I felt bore here all day... I'm feeling like sick.

She said and pouted while thinking on the matter. If he let her out of the room or not.

He think about this for several minutes and than break the silence in the room.

Jk: okay.....

He said and she smiled. But next her smile fade away when he took his steps dangerously close to her, almost above her Face.
She gulped down and looked down but next his eyes change into dark brown orbs.

Jk: but... If I Found out that there is something going in this Pretty zero IQ mind of yours.... You will see the devil inside me.

He said and she quickly nodded. He gave a pat to her cheek which she felt only disgust. And dyer that got up and left the room.

AR: Don't worry... You will never get to know what is going inside my mind.

She said to herself and smirked at the success of her first step of escaping.


AhYeon come to the room after putting eunho into sleep and sighed sadly after seeing JaeChan. He was looking so stressed.

She felt pity for him. Also, they are not getting any clue about AeRin which is more stressful for all of them. All day, eunho just kept ask about AeRin and JaeChan said him to that AeRin went to see her friends and will come after some days. But little boy didn't know that where his aunt was.

AhYeon tighten her grips around the plate and went inside. She always scared of being infront of him. It's true that they are husband wife. But they never lived like one. They don't share common happiness, sadness with eachother. All thanks to JaeChan.

It's true that AhYeon bring herself to like him after their unwanted marriage but JaeChan didn't. He think of it as a mistake for which he is paying. Like every other young adult man, he also was some desires which he thought of fulfilling when he first saw AhYeon and he did.

It's not like he didn't fuck any other girl before AhYeon. But AhYeon was different and also AeRin's friends since highschool. That's what made JaeChan want her and he did. And when his desires got fulfilled his lust become dust.

But this lead him to another door of his life. Where he played with her but didn't think that she will get pregnant with his child. And unwantedely he married AhYeon just to protect his baby. It's not like they don't have any kind relationship. They still have, they have relationship of bed at night. That's all.

She shook her head and went inside. She took a seat beside him and slowly placed her hand on his shoulder.

Ay: JaeChan ah... Please eat something...

JC: I don't want to... Leave me. Go from here.

He said and she sighed.

Ay: JaeChan ah... You didn't eat anything from yesterday... Please atleast eat a little. You will fall sick.

She said softly but next thing he did, make her scared to her death like always. He took the plate of food and throws that on the ground making her flinch.


He caught her by her elbow and lead her out of the room didn't even listening to her pleads. She wiped her tears when he closed the door at her face.

She sniffed and make her way to eunho's room. Eunho, only person which keeps them in a bond. Jaechan's behavior always makes AhYeon hurt. Even tho he is the one who destroyed her life but still didn't treat her rightly. It's not that he abused her, but he didn't love her which is not less than any abuse for her.


...Two days later...

It's been two days since AeRin is out of room. She stayed calm and did some work and read magazine all day and most importantly, waiting for right time so she can escape.

It was late night also Jimin was not here in the building. And about jk, she didn't know.

"Today is the right time AeRin... What are you waiting for... Just escape."

She thought and took a deep breath. She peek out of the room to see if anyone is there but found no one. She sighed and went out of the room.

When see found her way is clear. She quickly ran out of the apartment and opened the door as it was not locked luckily. She sighed and went out.

She went where the elevator will lead her to first floor and than she will run out of this freaking building.
She switched the button and the elevator got opened. She sighed as no one was inside. She quickly get inside and the elevator gets closed. A smile appeared on her face thinking that she is out now.

But little did she know that she will end up in the worst condition.

Soon the elevator door got open and she comes out. There were so many bodyguards here and there.

Ar: Fuck! What should I do now.

She breathed and then peeked out. She tiptoes to the other side where she found something opening to outside. A bright smile appeared on her face. She quickly ran there and went out.

Man: Hey... STOP!!!

she heard a man shouting and she quickly started running.

"This time... No one will catch me."

She started running out and found the men running behind her.


She breathed and continued running. It was a greenish land. She passed through the paths but she herself didn't have any idea where she was going. Also, the guards saw her. What if someone told jk.

There was a big land from which she was going through but she didn't have any time to see the beauty here. She had get out of this hell at any cost.
She continued running even after breathing heavily.
Her breaths were becoming heavily with every second and her heart was pumping so loudly.

Soon she felt like if someone hit her leg with something-something and she falls on the ground while screaming.
She heard the beep sounds continuous and it make her alert. She look up and found that the big walls started surrounding the land.

AR: Nooooooo!

She screamed as she found that her last hope of escaping is being waste. Everything got ruin. Everything.

Tears started falling from her eyes as she was just few steps away from her freedom and she lost it once again.

Jk: Done running doll?

The voice echoed in the hall and she look up only to found him. She gulped down her own saliva seeing how dangerous he was looking. His eyes were completely red in anger and his face too. His fists were tight showing the white knuckles of the hands. And he was fuming in anger.

Man: boss... We don't know from where she come out. Even the security was just right before the apartment-

The man tried to explain jk but the next moment a loud gunshot heard. He shot him while looking at AeRin.
Here eyes become wide open while looking at the scene infront of her.

Jk just shoots his own man. He even didn't give him a chance to explain. All the men look down in fear. The man landed on the floor with a loud thud as the blood oozed out from his chest.

Jk: I don't give chance to explain.

AeRin wanted to run away from here. This made her scare till her core. How can he be so much cruel.


He shouted in anger and the men quickly nodded and picked the lifeless body of the men and make their way out.
She was sitting on the floor with eyes down and he was standing infront of her while fuming in anger. The smoke inside the gun got vanished in the air. As she can she how tight he was helding the gun in his hand. Probably going to shoot her too.

There was a silence in hall till he approached her and held her by her hair making her scream.

AR: AHH leave me...

Jk: I told you not to mess up with me.... Right.

AR: Leave me!


He shouted on her face making her close her eyes as the tears were continuously falling from her eyes. And the next moment she realised that she did the biggest mistake of her life while trying to escape.


JK: okay then.... Now I will make sure to you that you did the biggest mistake of your life.

He said and her glossy eyes gone wide in fear. His words make her scare to her core.

Jk: You will gonna regret escaping from me sweetheart.

He said in psychotic and dangerously tone and she gulped hard. And next moment he pulled her by her hair didn't give her time to get up.

AR: Ahh leave me... Your hurting me.... Leave me.

Jk: SHUT UP!! Now you will get to know what hurt means.

With that he started dragging her back to the building and throws inside the elevator and himself got inside.

And the next moment she knows that he will gonna hurt her so much.
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