The Unconditional Despise

Chapter 15

Warning: The chapter is going to be dark. So read at your own risk. Otherwise, skip the first part.


Jungkook started dragging her Inside the elevator by her hair. She started crying and begging him. Her scalp started burning in pain as his grip was so tight.

AR: ugh!!!

She groaned in pain when she felt her hair been pulling. How came he became so much merciless. This side of his was unknown to her. She never imagined even in her dreams that one day he will behave like a monster. Like a beast.

AR: ah leave me! Your hurting me. Jungkook please.

Jk: hurt huh? Now, you will get to know what it means to be hurt.

Jk: now, I will block all the ways of your escaping sweetheart. Just watch me.

He said in a deadly tone and she felt like her soul left her body. Only she can tell the time, how much dangerous he was looking. He was looking like a complete psychopath who will not listen to anyone.

Soon the elevator arrived at upper floor and gots open. But what her eye caught was something else.

The floor was not the same, it was a different floor, a dark one.
Nothing were inside except weapons for showoff.
Soon she comes out of her thoughts when she felt him being herself pulling out.

AR: Jungkook please. Don't do this.

She said begging again but it looks like if he became deaf. There is not a single effect of her pleadings on him. He became a complete devil now.

Jungkook dragged her out from the elevator and they entered in a dark, creepy type apartment which was enough to send shivers in her body.

Next moment She tried to run away from him but he was fast enough to catch her again. But this time, the incident pour fuel on the fire and he became so damn angry that he gave a tight slap on her cheek.


She fell down on the ground holding her cheek. Her tears were falling continuously but it was no use.

Jk: trying to run. Huh.

His psychotic tone send shivers in her body again. And she tighten her muscles.

Jk: looks like, there is so much strength in your feets. It's okay. I know what I have to do with them.

He said caressing her legs and she stumbled backwards.

What he will gonna do with me.

Was the only question which is continuously roaming inside her mind. She already became so weak after his acts and now, she doesn't have much strength left in her body to fight.

He caught her by her elbow and dragged her inside a cell which was dark and creepy. There was dangerous weapons all around there. Some on the walls, some over tables, some were thrown here and therr.
The sight made her scare till her core.

Will he gonna kill me. Oh god. No no. Please.

AR: Jungkook please. I will not do it again. Please leave my hand. Please. I'm begging you. Leave me.

She started crying and sobbing hardly but there was no effect of it on him. He throws her inside the cell and she falls on the floor. She quickly sat up and hugged her knees tightly.

Jk: now, I will do something which make you regret for using your pretty little mind.

He said in a deadly scare tone. And went to other side.
Her muscles starter getting tighten thinking about what he will gonna do next with her. He wasn't even listening to her.

But the next moment, what she saw him doing. She can feel herself getting weaker.
He come back towards her with a thick ironic rode in his hand.

The rode was so thick that it can kill a person within one try. Her soul left her body while seeing the rode in his hand.
How can he became that much merciless.

She started back off continuously and he was taking his steps forward.

AR: no no please don't kill me. I'm sorry. I will never try to escape again. Please.

Jk: who said I'm going to kill you sweetheart. I'm just giving you a reward for what you did.

He said tightening his grip on the iron rode while clenching his jaw. Her heart dropped in her stomach seeing him like that.

what he is going to do with me.

AR: Ju-ngkook please i'm sorry... i-i will not repeat it ag-again. p-please.

she started fearing him. he was making her feel what she never felt before with whenever they both were together. she started slidin' back wards but this time it looks if her luck is not with her. soon, her back got hit by the wall and the fear inside her heart increases ten fold while looking at the way he wads sliding the iron rode on her leg.

Jk; No... i already warned you that, if you will try to do something nonsense. you will see the beast inside me. now, face the consequences.

AR: i will not do it again.m please please... don't do this. it was my mistake. please.

she mumbled in her breaths while closing her eyes begging him to have some mercy. but it was looking like if he becomes deaf.


with that he hit the rode hardly on her knee and an painful loud screame left her mouth. he gave a tight hit over her knee resulting in breaking her leg.


she screamed on top of her legs when he hit her hardly with the iron rode. he just break her knee. So, she will not be able to stand up even correctly on her feets.

after what he did with her, her head started throbbing. her tears were never leaving her eyes. her right leg become numb. the black dots started appearing in her vision and she can see a blurred imagae of jk who is still standing there looking her with emotionless eyes. and within minutes she lied down unconscious there.


...Next day...

jungkook, jimin come to the club which is owned by them. They also took V with them as V come back sanghai for something of his bussines. so he thought of visiting to them too.

Well, V is not like them. he is not a playboy like jimin nor like jungkook. he didn't like clubbing and whoring much. he just joined them for respect of their friendship.

they all come inside and went to VIP section in the club and take their respective places. jungkook leaned back on the couch but hissed at the same time which didn't go unnoticed by jimin.

Jm: Dude... you okay?

Jk: yeah... why.

Jm: nothing... i just thoight.

V: whatever... yah both of you listen to me, i have to go back to seoul also. so i need to leave.

Jm: oh god! chill dude, enjoy your adulthood.

V; i'm not interested in losing my character.

Jm: whatever...

Jk: btw, did you working on the thing which i told you about.

he asked to V while taking a sip of his taquilla like jimin.

V: yeah... i found out the information about the school. Don't worry.we will fetch that kid.

Jk: good... I wanted it to be done by tomorrow.

V: don't worry.

JM: well come... Let's enjoy. See so many girls with pretty legs.

He said while eyeing the dance floor where so many girls were. A smile appear on both jk and Jimin's face. But V rolled his eyes. They both got up ready to go to enjoy their night. But jimin look back at V who is still sitting on the couch and drinking his drink silently.

JM: aren't you coming.. c'mon bro, let's have some fun.

V: you both go and enjoy. I'm fine here.

He said while sipping his wine and Jimin rolled his eyes at him.

JM: why the hell you always act like a virgin bitch. Huh.

He said annoyingly and V glared him. Jk chuckled.

Jk: Hyung, he is a virgin bitch.

He said and they both laughed making fun of V. But he payed no attention.
Yeah, it's true. He is a virgin. He never fucked any girl in his whole life. Nor he wanted to.

Cause, in his there is someone else. His first love.

His only one and first.

Jk: well, I still can't believe. You are a 27 year old grown man and still... Gosh!

He said and laughed and V said nothing he just kept drinking his wine.

JM: whatever... He didn't deserve to be enjoyed his adult hood. Why we waste. Come. Let's go.

Jk: yeah...

They both left him alone and went to enjoy their night.

V always tolerate their shits. But these two fuckers didn't know what it meant to be first love.

He still can't forget his first love. Eventho he was not so mature at that time. But still, feelings are feelings.
And he will be glad, if that girl will come back to his life.

He sighed remembering some memories of him with her. He sighed when her innocent, pretty face come in his mind.

V: years been passed... Still I can't forget about you.


AeRin felt her leg been hurting so Badly. She opened her eyes and felt her whole body being numb. Her whole body was burning in pain. And she was feeling suffocation. Her throat was burning like if someone scratched it from Inside. And her head was throbbing very Badly.

AR: Ughh!!!

She groaned in pain when she turned around to change her sleeping position. Her leg was not working properly. All because of his merciless act.

She felt softness around her body. She opened her eyes slowly and saw herself laying down on the soft mattress of his bed under the soft cozy blanket.

Who brought me here.... He?
No no... He is a monster. Only a monster.

She shake her head to let go of his thoughts. And slowly sat up on the bed. She saw her leg is being bandaged securely not letting it move a bit.

Who did this...

Her leg was tied up securely under the plastic dressing and she can feel the warmness inside it which is somehow, helping her to receive from pain a bit.

But still, he hit her. He broke his leg. She was feeling abused.
He just played with her like a doll. She feels weak here. So hurt and weak.

Tears started forming her eyes remembering the incident that how mercilessly he hit her leg with that iron rode. He broke her leg. Why? Just, so that she will not be able to walk for some days.

Why you became so much merciless Jungkook.
What was my mistake in it... That I played with you. Your feelings.
But I felt nothing towards you in whole year where we spent time together.
It was just a work for me. A plan.
You are the one who stands on guilt since starting.
First you killed my father.
And when, I wanted to do something for my father, you also hurt me.
Just because I didn't love you.
Just because I don't have feelings towards you.
Just because I never think of you as a partner.
Why you are doing this to me.
I didn't even killed you that day when you was infront of me and my brother.

You know why, Because... Because.. somehow, my heart didn't granted me the the permission for it. To kill you.
And you, you became that much merciless.
I hate you... I hate you.

She started sobbing and crying hard while facepalming herself. When a hard voice roamed in her ears.

Jk: you woke up...

She got starlet and tighten her muscles. Her body stiffened just after listening to his voice.

He was laying beside her. All time he was looking at her crying face. She didn't get to know about his presence because he was laying on his spot. Not so close to her. Also, because her leg was broken.

She quickly wiped her tears not wanting him to show how weak she was feeling from inside. But the truth is, she was feeling weak from inside.

AR: I need to get up- Ah!

She whimpered in pain when she twisted her leg. She was not in condition to move his leg. He sighed and got up and sat beside her.

Jk: lay down... You are not healed.

He said and AeRin look at him in disbelief.

AR: don't fucking show your fake concern.

She seethed while gritting her teeths. But it didn't effect him much. She was feeling disgusting towards him. How came he be so much merciless.

She tried to get up but he held her by her wrist not letting her move nor her leg.

Jk: you need to rest....

AR: leave me... I don't WANTED to.

Jk: I'm not asking you to, I'm telling you. Got it.

AR: I said leave me... Your hurting me.

She said weakly and he listen his grip in her wrists when the realisation hit his mind. He ruffled his hair and got up from the bed. He went towards the table and pour down the water on the glass and took some tablets with him and come back towards her.

Jk: here, take them. You need to take these medicines.

He said handling her the medicine and she looked up at him in disbelief yet Anger.

He is really a psychopath. A bipolar!

AR: why are you doing it now. First you hit me and now.... WHY.

Jk: listen you, I fucking don't have any time for your bullshit. If you don't try to escape. You would be not laying here like this.

He seethed in anger didn't even seeing that she is sobbing.

Jk: now drink this...

AR: I don't wanted to...

She said being stubborn and he closed his eyes preventing to explode out in anger. He held her by the map of her neck and make her look towards himself.

He quickly placed his lips over her cold shivering ones making her eyes wide in shock. She started struggling under his grip but his hold was the way too strong.

AR: mmphh...

A whimper come out of her mouth and she started to sturggle more under his touch.
How could he kiss her after what he did with her. He tucked her hair and her lips parted. He quickly shoved his hungry tongue inside her mouth and started devouring her.

Her struggles increase ten folds and she gripped his collar too tightly resulting the opening of his shirt's buttons.

But, what her eye caught next she herself didn't get to understand what was that.

There was brownish and purplish marks on his chest and shoulders even on her stomach.
How? When?...

His upper body was looking like if he abused himself.
Well, he did.
He whipped himself for hitting her leg with that iron rode.

She gasped while seeing is abusive body. His chest was whipped and has reddish marks there.

He is really a psychopath!

She thought and shake her head on disbelieve when he was busy kissing her. Finally, after minutes of devouring, he let go of her mouth and gave a slightest peck on her lips.

He was breathing heavily as so was she. But in her mind there was something else.

Ar: why you did that...

She asked in a low unstable tone but he didn't look at her like giving her an answer. But throws his decision infront of her.

Jk: we are marrying the day after tomorrow.
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