The Unconditional Despise

Chapter 16

"Sometimes, we should compromise with ourselves to deal with the situations.
and that's what I did.





V: Yeah, i'm here... i got the kid too.

Jk: well, nice. but how did you succeeded. i mean it was difficult.

V: don't worry dude, that's not a big task for me.

Taehyung said smirking looking at eunho's unconscious figure. he was playing with eunho's hair looking at his inncoent baby face that somehow melted his heart.

Jk: good... but, make sure not to hurt him. we don't have anything related to him. and after the work will be finished, make him safely land to his school without no-one recognizing you. got it.

V: you don't have to tell... enjoy your wedding.

V said smirking which jk can feel and he rolled his eyes. and hummed in response after hanging the call. V sighed and look out from the window as they were on their way back to main office.

On the otherhand, jk look at the time and there was time in the ceremony. jimin was arranging everything. Jk only wanted a simple ring ceremony as also the situation is not good. afterall, this all is a forced marriage. So, Jimin arranged a simple outdoor venue in the same building they are keeping Aerin.

Jk sighed and went inside the changing room to change as one of his man arrived with the tux and left it inside the room.


Aerin was still sitting on the cold floor. Her leg was better than before but still hurts like hell and not completely healed. She was looking outside from the big glass in the room. it was evening. the sun starts setting and the sunset was beautiful. but she wasn't happy. and why would be she.

She heard the door opening sound and looked only to find Jimin with a bright smile. He comes towards her and sat on the floor near the glass in front of her. she was kept looking down which make him sad.

Jm: dearie... did something happened... why are you so sad.

AR: I don't want to marry him.

she said in her weak tone and Jimin didn't know what to say. he just can calm her nothing except that. Cause Jk was his friend too. he held Aerin's cheek and gave a warm smile to him.

Jm: You are strong right?

he asked and aerin nodded. he smiled and pecked her forehead.

Jm: Then why are getting weak now. you have to be strong. You know a person should always be ready for the next moment of his/her life. And you know what... Someone said to me... that cute people didn't cry.

he said making aerin smile. she remembered when his childhood love also said the same thing to her. But still, her mind isn't accepting it. Jimin smiled when he saw her smiling.

Jm: Okay, I'm sending the maids... they will help you in changing into the gown since your leg is not completely healed.

he said and left. Aerin sighed till the maids come inside the room. they bowed at her and one went to the closet to take out the wedding gown and other accessories that he bought for her.
Aerin closed his eyes and sighed. after a minute she gets with the help of her elbow stick and the maid helped her sitting on the chair. and starts doing her makeover. After one hour, she finally got ready for the ceremony.

She was looking so beautiful. the maid smiled and complimented her. but with every other passing moment, her mind was shouting at her. she was still in need to get any help which will help her in the escape. she still didn't lose her hope.

Maid: You are looking beautiful...

AR: Can you please help me... please.

Maid: Yes... but in what mam?

AR: can you please give me your phone... I need to call someone.

Maid: sorry mam... but boss didn't permit us to give you phone.

AR: please... please.. I'm begging you... please.

Her beggings make the maid's heart melt. and she sighed. she took out her phone from purse and landed it to her.


Jk finished getting ready for the ceremony. he put his wristwatch on his wrist till the Jimin entered the room.

JM: omo! you ready?

JK: didn't i look like?

JM: c'mon dude... why so rude all the time. huh. anyways... i came here to say everything is ready downstairs. the priest is also here.

Jk: good, I'm coming.

he said looking himself in the mirror and take his coat from the couch to wear it.

He finished wearing coat when his phone beep. he took it and take a look on it. his eyes twisted and he started fuming in anger. he quickly shoved his phone inside his pant's pocket and left the room while leaving Jimin in confusion.


Aerin tried to dial a number but soon the phone got snatched from her hold. she look back only to found him looking at her with an emotionless face.

He gave a hard slap on her face and she fell there on the ground holding her cheek. The next moment she looks up at him only to found him fuming in anger. the maid behind him was also shaking in fear.

Jk: I Told you... I fucking told you not to mess up with me. HUH

He shouted and she shivered in fear while holding her cheek. her elbow stick was also thrown far away from her and without it was impossible for her to stand up.

Jk: And you! you don't love your life. Huh. OKAY THEN.

he took out the gun ready to shoot the maid who was already shivering in fear. her eyes become teary and she started begging to him. next moment aerin realized that the maid's life was in danger. and just because of herself, she can't let anything happen to the maid. there was not her mistake in it at all.

She quickly held his hand in which the gun was. she started begging him to leave the maid. while he was trying to get his hand free from her.


AR: N-no please don't shoot her... p-please. there was not her mistake in it. please... you can slap me, hit me instead.. but please leave her. please.

he smirked seeing her being so helpless. he looks at the girl who was shivering standing there. and gestured her to leave the room. she quickly left the room leaving them alone.

he kneeled down to her level and held her roughly by her jaw squeezing it tightly making her eyes shut in pain.

Jk: YOU WILL MARRY ME! IT'S FINAL... Now, nothing can happen. your efforts are just a waste of time. GOT IT!

he shouted at her making her eyes shut in fear. with a little courage in her heart she look up at him.

AR: i-i don't want to marry you... You are forcing me.

she shouts back at him making him fist her hair. she winced in pain when he pulled her hair.

Jk: You don't want your little nephew to be dead... Did you?

he said smirking and her eyes became widein fear. she didn't get what he just said.

JK: or should i say... Ahyeon and jaechan's only son.



AR: You are a monster.

JK: You want to see the monster inside me. huh. okay then.

he said and grabbed her by her hair making her yelp in pain. and starts dragging her to another room.


she cried out but he didn't care at all. right now his mind is only filled with rage, anger nothing else. He didn't even care that he is hurting her knee which isn't healed yet. he finished dragging her inside a room and throws her there.


he ordered and soon a TV Screen infront of both of them got on. aerin adjusted her eyesight to look clearly when she found out that it was her nephew.he was tied up on a chair and he was crying so badly.

AR: Eunhoyah!!! no no please... don't do anything with him. please.please.

she started begging jungkook but it was of no effect. he was just enjoying the show with his pretty little smirk on his face. the scenario infront of his eyes was so plasureful to him. he wanted aerin to beg for everything. for every single thing.

eunho was crying badly while all tied up on the chair. the fear in his eyes was clearly visible. there was man who is standing at a far from him while holding gun in his right hand which is clearly can be seen on the screen. And eunho was continously shouting and asking for his mom and dad.

Jk: You want to loss him. don't you?

AR: No no please don't do anything with him. please.let him go. please..

she started crying hardly giving an inner peace to jk's heart.

JK: Marry me silently then.

he said and she look up at him with disbelief. she didn't utter a single word and jk smirked.

JK: okay then, shoot that boy.

he tried to order someone through the device but aerin quickly held his hand.

AR: NO NO PLEASE NO...i-i will marry you.please let him go. i will m-marry you.

she said sobbing hardly and he smirked widely at his success. he ordered to turn off the screen and held aerin by her elbow.

JK: Intelligent.

he said while patting her cheek but she only felt disgust with his touch. she closed her eyes preventing herself to explode in anger. and he him do whatever he was doing. he dragged her out of the room.


he shouted and a maid quickly comes with aerin's elbow stick. jk took it and turned towards aerin who is looking down. he smirked and gave her elbow stick to her and she made herself stand properly with the help of it.

JK: Let's go.

he whispered and she felt herself shivering in fear. he smiled like a psychopath and held her by her waist and took her left hand in his one to give her his support and led her to their wedding venue.


JK: I do...

he said with a smirk looking staright into aerin who was looking down still not feeling confident on her decision. The priest turned to aerin and asked her the same thing and she nodded slightly.

AR: I-I do...

Priest: Good, You both are officially married. now, You may kiss her.

he said and aerin's heart got sunk. jk bite his lower lip and held her by her waist. he held the nape of her neck and pressed his lips on her tasting them.she sealed her lips. and he got furious. he bites her lower lips harshly and she whimpered between the kiss because of the pain and he smirked.

he pulled back while she was looking down. she was feeling helpless at the moment. she can't do anything at the moment. her hopes are dead now. she was standing there like a dead body. Jimin come towards them and cheered both of them.

Jm: finally, congrats dude.

JK: thanks Hyung... well, is the jet ready.

JM: yeah... all things are ready. I also tell the servants to place your both's luggage. We should go now.

JK: Hmm. come wifey, let's go home.

he said while smirking and aerin look at him with confusion. he hold her carefully by her waist and took her hand in his to give her support and led her out of the venue. where a big open land was. and there was a jet. his private jet.

JK: we are going back to Seoul.

he said and aerin got surprised. she isn't in Seoul. so where was she till now. this man didn't even let her know where she was staying from so long. and finally, she gets to know that she was out of the seoul till now.

Jimin gets inside to fix the last thing and went towards the cockpit to join the pilot as he doesn't want to disturb the newly wed couple. also, he has good experience of flying jets in rare cases or wars.

On the other hand, Aerin was feeling helpless standing there. she didn't know how to climb as her leg is not in the condition of climbing the stairs. she tightens her grip around her elbow stick which didn't go unnoticed by jk. He took of her elbow stick making her shock and throw that inside from the door.

AR: what are you doing-

before she can finish he pick her in the bridal style making her gasp in amazement. she didn't expect him to help her. he looks at her emotionlessly and then placed his first foot on the stair. he climbed the stairs and the door automatically gets closed. He finally led her inside the jet.

JK: welcome to hell. my dear wifey.
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