The Unconditional Despise

Chapter 17

No doubt, I loved you the most.
But the way you broke my heart,
An unconditional despise for you has adapted my heart."




Jungkook turned his head to the side and found aerin sleeping. her head was leaning against the seat and she was looking breathtaking beautiful not less than any sleeping beauty. sometimes, it becomes hard for himself to control seeing her like these. he just wanted to devour this goddess.

But the next moment, it replaced with despise. yes, the despise which he now started to feel with her. An unconditional despise.

The reason that she is the daughter of the man who became the reason for his trauma, his sorrows, and his fear too. the reason for which he started hating life. His life.
All the things which happened to him still haunt him, Scare him.

He started hating himself but then he realized that hating himself is not enough. and that's why he thought to take revenge. he made everyone's life a living hell, miserable who became the cause of his painful childhood.

Where he supposed to enjoy his childhood with friends, he fights with men who are almost twice of his own age. When he supposed to play with toys, his boss handed gun in his naive hands. Where he supposed to sleep peacefully, he spends his nights on the street roads. Where he supposed to study, He started dealing with illegal businesses.
That's how his childhood passed.

He sighed and shake his head to recover from those haunted memories. His eyes went on her face, no doubt she looks so naive. but, in reality, she is the most clever girl whom he met in his life of 26 years.

He started looking out. the weather was sunny. Soon he felt a weigh on his shoulder. He turned his head towards her again and found her sleeping while resting her head on his shoulder.

He just kept starring at her emotionlessly. No doubt, his heart was drowning in pain. But his face was showing nothing.

He took her soft hands slightly in his hands. it sends and electricity whenever her naive, soft skin comes in contact with his hard, cold skin. He bends down and slipped his one arm on her waist and the other behind her knees and lifted her up in the bridal style and He went towards their private room in the jet.

He softly laid her down on the white mattress of the bed. her hair sprawled all over her face so he tucked them behind her ears observing her face. He didn't know why but he felt an urge to taste those luscious lips of hers.

he slowly placed his lips over hers and started sucking onto her lower lip. it gives him a strong, very strong feeling to devour her.

He wanted to devour her so badly. But still, he is not that much of a monster who will take a girl against her will. It's his right on her soul and body. But her will matters to him.

But little did he knew, Every right thing he thought about to do got disappear when his soul replaced with satan's soul.

He pulled back after getting a taste of her luscious lips and then covered her body with the cozy duvet and left the room.



Ahyeon was keep trying to calm down the scared eunho who is now crying and sobbing while hugging his mom so tightly. they fetched eunho from school some hours ago. school principal said that they found eunho walking randonely on the roads of the street.

but still, the boys mind was filled with all those black scary men. and the other who has a hard voice and was calling himself as V. It's true that V didn't affected eunho but still the boy got so much scare from him.


Jaechan shouted at his men who are now looking down while gulping in fear. since, ahyeon called jaechan that eunho was missing he put his all power to find out his one and only son. His only priority eunho.

Man: S-sorry boss.


he shouted at all and they left after bowing leaving jaechan fuming in anger. his biggest enemy did so much and he didn't even get to know about his tricks. most importantly, in his eyes, jungkook brought their family in between them which cause triggered jaechan so badly and the rage filled him.

on the hand, eunho was still crying and sobbing dugging his face in ahyeon's lap. she was keep saying her soothing words to him but it was not leaving any effect on him.

AY: Baby don't cry now. everything is fine. mamma is here. nothing happened. hm.

she said while patting his back. jaechan sighed and went towards the couch where they both were.

EH: m-mom.. i-i'm scarred.

he said sobbingly and ahyeon felt her heart sinking in pain. she can't see her son crying like that. she continued comforting him till then jaechan kneeled down to his level.

JC: Hey my cham... don't worry, dad is here now. hmm.. nothing will happen.

EH: D-dad.. t-that ahjussi.. V-V..

AY: V..... who was he baby.

JC: Yes baby... V... what he did.. tell dad.

EH: H-he w-was talking t-to s-someone. j-jun..

JC: Yes... Jun... tell dad about it eunho.. you are dad's strong boy.

EH: Jung..jungkook.

he breathed and jaechan felt the land slipped below his feets. now, he becomes sure a hundred percent that it all was planed. and the tricker is none other than jungkook. His biggest enemy.

JC: Don't worry cham,.... dad will punish that bastard. hm

he picked up eunho in his arms securely and made his way towards upstairs in eunho's bedroom. Ahyeon also followed him. and they both reached eunho's room. jaechan leid him down gently on his bed while patting his head.

An appealing smile appeared on Ahyeon's face seeing both father and son like that. atleast he loves his son. and that's enough for ahyeon.

JC: Now sleep for some hours baby... and don't worry, dad is with you. hmm.

he said stroking eunho's stained face and poor boy nodded. Jaechan smiled seeing him like that. after Aerin, Eunho is his second priority. he loves both of them more than his own life. that's all. but still, the sad fact is that he didn't get to know about his baby sister.

after eunho drifted to his sleep. Jaechan sighed tiredly and got up from the bed. he turned around and faced ahyeon who was now shivering in fear. he caught her by her elbow and pulled her harshly making their way out of the room.

he come inside their bedroom and slammed the door harshly behind them and slammed ahyeon on the wall harshly. she yelped in pain and closed her eyes to bear it. he again caught her by her elbow while jerking her.

JC: If you can't do a single job. then, tell me. i will bring someone else to take care of my son.

he said while gritting his teeth not even knowing that how deep his words could affect ahyeon and her already broken heart.

AY: J-jae-jachan ah..


he growled and she flinched.

JC: If something would've happened with my son, then today will be last time you've seen the sunrise.

he said and with that he let go of her elbow harshly and left the room leaving her alone in the room.



Aerin's POV:

I slowly opened my eyes while hearing some strange kind of sounds. i was feeling light headed. finally, after a so long. i'm relieved from mind until the reality hit me when my eyes went on my gown. I slowly sat down on the bed while rubbing my eyes and adjusted the sight according to the light there.

Aerin look beside herself where jungkook was having his meal while eyeing her intedly. and his stares are hard enough to make her shiver.

*Who the hell eats like this. was he starving for years*

Aerin thought and scoffed.

JK: do you want to share it?

his voice make her come out of her thoughts and she shake her head in response no. He didn't pay much attention keeps eating his food. offcourse he was hungry. In all this bullshit, he didn't even get to eat. and now, he is finally out of this bullshits, he was eating peacefully.

AR: where are we...

JK: We are about to land... so be prepare yourself.

he said smirking while winking at her. she gulped down her saliva as she can clearly tell that his intentions weren't good at all.

she leaned backward on the bed while hugging her other knee keeps watching him eating his meal weirdly.

Finally, after some minutes he finished eating. he wiped his mouth with the tissue and leaned back on the couch closing his eyes after a long delighted meal. there was not any single sound in the room except his hard manly breaths.

he got up from the couch and before leaving turned towards aerin.

JK: Go freshen up.... we are about to leave. Goddamn, i can't wait to see you on my bed.

he said smirking and aerin gasped at his playful words. she cleared her throat and tried to got up without even looking at him. she started searching for her elbow stick but didn't found it anywhere and sighed.

No doubt jungkook was enjoying seeing her being helpless. he smirked but then turned towards the side. he take the elbow stick from there and forward it to aerin.

JK: here....

*Stupid freaking bastard. the injury was also given by you.*

Aerin thought and fisted her hands. she was hating being so helpless in front of him. He sighed and dropped the stick on the bed near her.

JK: Come out QUICKLY. I don't have the whole day.

he said and with that he left leaing her alone. she sighed looking at the stick in front of herself but then took it and stands up properly.



They finally arrived at the mansion with Jimin. Aerin's eyes gave out a cute surprising look making jk chuckle and proud at the same time.

He has a beautiful home. But, she wished if his heart would have also become beautiful. but no.
In her eyes, impossible things can't be possible. and that was one.

But she don't know that everything is possible if someone wanted to do it or to make others do it

JM: Finally, we are at our destination dude.

he sighed and jk come out first from the car adjusting his coat and shirt. he forwarded his hand for aerin in romantic manner like if he is the loveliest guy in the world. she rolled her eyes in her mind off course. if she would have do it in front of him, he will probably gonna took her eyeballs out.

They entered the mansion where everyone was waiting for them. A smile appeared on his face when he saw his family there. His aunt, his hyung and his noona. Yoongi smiled and hugged jungkook which he accepted gladly.

JM: Hey hyung... it's not fair huh. you forgot me.

jimin said and yoongi laughed. he also shared a brotherly hug which he accepted gladly.

YG: How can i forgot you jimin ah. my brother.

till then his eyes went on the girl who was standing beside jk with her one hand gripping her elbow stick while supporting herself.

YG: Oh so you are the one who has so much effect on jungkook.

he said and aerin faked a smile. she bowed at all of them respectedly and Yoomi and Mrs.Min hugged

Mrs.Min: Beautiful.... so beautiful.

she complemented aerin and she faked another smile on her face while feeling jk's stare on herself.

YM: Hey, now let them inside... c'mon come.

they let them inside and went towards the living room of their mansion. Jk sat on the couch while crossing his legs feeling tired after a long journey. Aerin too placed her elbow stick there and sat beside Mrs. Min. which didn't go unnoticed by yoongi.

YG: Yah! by any chance, is she disabled--

He tried to whisper in jk's ear and his eyes went wide and he cut yoongi's sentence.

JK: Hyung noo... she is just injured.

YG: OH! i thought.

he murmured to himself and jk rolled his eyes.

JK: Seriously, you are.

he murmured in disbelief.

Mrs.Min smiled while caressing aerin's hair. They got to know everything from V and Jimin about it. That jk is marrying his girlfriend. yes, according to them, they are lovely couple. but they don't have any idea that what is going on between Him and Aerin.

Ym: I really like my sister in law. She is so pretty.

Mrs.Min: Yeah, i like her too. soo pretty.

AR: Thanks...

they were busy complementing her and examining her facial features while talking till then a voice echoed in the hall.

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