The Unconditional Despise

Chapter 18

You don't know what is going on with you.
You just had to wait until the pain fades away.
Cause, Time is the biggest medicine.



All of them looked at the direction of the voice. especially Jungkook when his eyes caught the figure he just looked at that in confusion but then sighed. It was none other than his one and only princess Yoonmi.

Yumi: but princess, why didn't you liked her.

Ym: No, she snatched my uncle from me.

the little girl said while glaring at Aerin and she didn't know what to saY.

*WTF Girl? It's your uncle who is behind me. Not I am*

Aerin thought and scoffed internally. The little girl ran and hugged jk by his leg.

YM: She is so bad uncle. Please leave her... i don't like her. She snatched you from me.

Yumi: Shut up Yoonmi you are-

JK: It's okay noona.

YM: I didn't liked her... THAT'S IT.

she said and jk chuckled. he picked her up in his broad arms pecking her cheek.

JK: aww princess, there is no one who can snatch your uncle from you. Why are you so angry.

YM: No, because of her you forgot my birthday. you didn't even called me that day. All because of her. she is so bad.

she said and jk twisted his eyes remembering yoonmi's birthday which he forgot. cause he was in Sanghai at that time. he closed his eyes and took a deep breath.

JK: No princess, it's not like that... uncle was busy that's why. but uncle brought so many gifts for princess. Uncle is really sorry. pleaseee frogive me. pleasee.

he said with puppy eyes and Yoonmi pouted.

YM: Okay... but i don't like her...

she said pointing at aerin and all sighed. Yoonmi ran away from there.

YG: Yah Yoonmiyah... You-

Jk: It's okay hyung... she is a kid.

Mrs.Min: Well, you both must be tired. go freshen up. till then i will send your food in your room.

she said warmly and Aerin smiled. Yumi helped her in standing up.

Yumi: I hope you didn't minded Yoonmi's behaviour. Sorry actually she didn't know what to say and-

AR: It's okay unnie... I didn't minded her. She is a kid. And kids are innocent.

Aerin said warmly and Yumi smiled and sighed in relief.

Yumi: Thanks.



Little bunny boy ran inside the living room and sat down while pouting. His mother chuckled and sat beside him while riffling his silky hair.

Mrs.Jeon: what happened to my son. hm.

JK: Mom, I don't like that girl... she always teases me that I look Like coconut head. She is so bad.

Mrs.Jeon: Awww... So my son is angry because of it.

JK: Yes.

Mrs.Jeon smiled and pick him up making him sit on her lap while combing his hair.

Mrs.Jeon: Did they know that my son is world's most handsome boy. hmm.

JK: No I'm Not.

jk pouted while looking down.

Mrs.Jeon: she was just teasing you kookie. why are you sad. hmm. You know that you are so handsome. You know, you shouldn't take it seriously what she said. she was just teasing you.

JK: hmm...

Mrs.Jeon: Good boy... now tell what will you eat. mom will cook for you.

JK: I want to eat strawberry cake... pleasseee.

he said with puppy eyes and she chuckled while ruffling his hair.

Mrs.Jeon: Okay...

JK: Yeaaahhh... I love You mom.

he said and hugged her.

Mrs.Jeon: I love you more my son.


Warm Tears fell down from his eyes whilr remembering something about his past.

Jk was standing at the terrace while looking at view of the night from his eyes. it gives him relaxation, calmness and power to fight back from his emotions. The moon was conveying coolness to his eyes.

Jk: Happy birthday eomma.

He sniffed a little and wiped his tears with his palms while sighing. He was feeling light headed now. After sometime, he felt a hand on his shoulder. he turned around to see who it is.

JK: Oh... eemo (Aunt)..

Mrs.Min: What are you doing here... don't you want to sleep. it's so late.

JK: Ah yeah... i was just going...

Mrs.Min: Jungkook ah...

Jk: Yeah?

Mrs.Min: Is something wrong?

Jk: huh? um No no... everything is fine.

eventho his face was not looking like if he is fine but still Mrs.Min nodded.

Mrs.Min: Okay..

Jk: Good night.

Mrs.Min: Hmm. good night.

With that he left and went downstairs leaving her alone. Eventho he said that there is nothing but still, Mrs.Min's heart doesn't wanted to accept the fact that he is sad today. She sighed and turned to watch the moon. The moon was her older sister's favorite thing. Everyone knew that how much she loved the moon.

Mrs.Min: Happy birthday unnie. Your son grew a lot. He has married now. He is going to start a new life from now on. I hope you are happy too.


Jk come inside his room but next moment he clenched his jaw tightly when he saw a figure laying on the couch. He fisted his hands looking at her.

JK: What the fuck she wanted to prove to me.

He went there with heavy steps and caught Aerin by her elbow making her come out of her dreamland and she looked at him with her sleepy eyes.

Ar: What now?


Ar: Why? Now i can't even sleep.

JK: Listen you... don't you dare to keep this drama of yours. Now get up and Sleep on the bed.

Ar: N-no... i don't wanted to.

She said stuttering being scared about thinking that maybe he can do something bad with her. She isn't in the situation to face all of it and she wanted time for it.

JK: You!

he clenched his jaw tightly and she backed off on the couch. He quickly picked her up like a ragdoll and move towards the bed's direction.

AR: Wtf you are doing... put me down you bastard.


she started hitting his back with her fists which was of no use. Soon he throws her on the bed and hovered over her making her eyes wide open. She gulped down her saliva hardly when she felt his nose tip almost touching hers.

He smirked and squeezed her waist making her gasp. She looked at him with and she can tell how scary he was looking like that. His intentions were clearly visible in his lusty eyes. He forwarded his head more to touch his lips with hers But she backed off.

Ar: No no no no... Not today. please I'm Tired and I need rest.

He can see the fear in her eyes. The fear of getting ruined. He sighed and rolled beside her and pulled the duvet on both of themselves to cover.

Jk: WHATEVER and... You dared to sleep on the couch again and you will regret. I don't like bullshits. Note it down in your pretty little dumb brain.

He said and turned to other side closing his eyes forcing himself. She sighed in relief and closed her eyes too to sleep.



The day went normally Aerin gets to know everything and everyone in the mansion. She was feeling much better than before. Mrs.Min and Yumi doing their best to make her happy. eventho Little Yoonmi still didn't talked to her. Aerin tried to talk with her but Se didn't let her even close to herself.

Today, Jk went to office after a long hiatus as yoongi told him everything related with the leader of the new political party of korea. He wanted to meet Jk and wanted join hand to hand with him with that he will get the political power and Jeon will be benefited highly from Officers which are after him from a long.

They final their deal and come together for a better and beneficial tomorrow for them and everyone celebrated the function at Mr.Kang's (the leader) house.

On the other hand, here in the mansion Everyone was doing their work. Aerin felt quite boring so she thought of going downstairs. She took her elbow stick and went downstairs with it's help.

It was night already so the place was looking quite empty. She saw a doll on the floor. she sighed and went there and bend down to pick it up.

Before Aerin could pick it up someone snatched the doll harshly from her hands. She looked their to find Yoonmi glaring at her.


Ar: Yoonmi ah, i was just.... it was on the floor. why are you getting so much angry.

Ym: Don't You dare to touch my things again.

*No less than that bastard* Aerin thought and closed her eyes sighing.

Ar: Why the hell you are shouting too much on me huh. don't you have manners. You mannerless girl.

YM: I'm not mannerless. You are mannerless. You don't even know how to talk with kids. YOU ARE SUCH A WITCH.

She shouted and pushed Aerin making her stumble but she caught the couch and balanced herself once again with the help of elbow stick.

She glared back at Yoonmi and fisted her hand.



On the hand, jk come inside after a long hectic day and he saw something unexpected. He saw that AeRin was glaring yoonmi.
She even shouted at the little girl. Jk clenched his jaw and fists and took his steps there.

AR: You... I will hit you. YOU MANNERLESS BRAT.

She was about to slap her but he was fast enough to stop her.
The little girl flinchéd at the sudden change in the environment and backed off.

JK: What was you doing with her. Huh

He shouted at Aerin making aerin flinch.

JK: Yoonmiah. Go in your room.

He said and the girl ran away from their leaving both of them alone.

AR: What the hell.. leave my hand.

Jk pick her up and throws her over his shoulder making her shock. And went upstairs. He throws her on the bed while jerking her with her elbows.


AR: S-she was...


Ar: Listen to me-



She felt a tight sting sensation on her face and hissed in pain. she shut her eyes tightly while sobbing. It's Not a new thing for her. He slapped her innumerous times.

Her leg started hurting because of his actions. The way he throw her on the bed will surely leave effect on her already broken state. The pain started rising in her muscles and she closed her eyes to bear it.

JK: Stop being a pathetic bitch. and you dare lay a finger on her again and i will chop you to death.

Her blood turned cold with his scary psychotic words. He didn't even let her finish Like if it was her fault.

Ar: atleast let me finish...

Jk: What... that you are a fucking bitch who didn't even know how to handel kids. Huh. How the come you can be so low. Don't you have a heart. You-


She shouted back at him and he just look at her with wide shocking eyes. She was crying. The way he said that she is so low stabbed her heart.

Ar: It's you who is heartless here not I am. Remember that.

AR: and secondly, She is the one who is being mannerless there. I was just simply picking the doll but she come out of nowhere and started shouting at me. She even pushed me and called me a Witch. Am I supoosed to listen all of this. Huh.

She said out loud while sobbing and jk let go of her elbows relieving them. Aerin pushed him aside and got from the bed with the help of elbow stick and left him alone making him think on what he just did.

JK: What I just did?

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