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The Unconditional Despise

Chapter 1

The morning is looking bright as every day. The sun was shining and giving its most beautiful lights to the earth here.

People were doing their work like they used to do. Kids were going to school like every day.
The fast pace and sounds of cars in the city were uncontrollable.

But who knows that what is happening between all this shines.


The man kissed her hard while pressing the girl hard on the wall. Their tongues started fighting soon. As he makes his way towards the bed while not leaving her mouth.

They both fell on the bed but still, they don't care about anything soon the girl hovered over him and started placing wet kisses on his chest. He started caressing her hair and soon they turned and he made her underneath himself and started kissing her neck while she was leaving pleasure full moans.

The alcoholic taste between both of them got exchange again when they started fighting with their tongues. After a while, he finally pulled away and looked at the girl who was also smirking. He smirked at her and held her hands in his one hand while the other was massaging her up to down.

He placed his lips over her collarbone and she heaved her chest up in pleasure that he was giving her. While he was giving her pleasure and she was busy moaning.

Soon his hands reached down to his pant and he took out the gun.
The girl got startled by his actions.

Girl: what are you doing...

??: Where is Sunghyun.

He asked and the girl's breath just stopped in her throat for a second. She didn't know what to say.

Girl: i- I don't know.

??: You know... Cause you are his top prostitute. You know every single thing about your boss. Now you don't know that where he is... Huh.

Girl: w-who are you...

She asked while stuttering as the sweat started dripping from her forehead. Cause he was handling him above her head. If he wants he can just shot her in a second.

??; The one with whom everyone feared. The one who shows other their real places. The one whose order even government can't deny. The one who rules here. Jeon Jungkook.

He said and the girl's eyes become wide open. The sweat started coming with 2× speed from her forehead.

Girl: sir.. i- I don't know.

Jk; just tell me...

He shouts and she got scared. She was trying to find a way from where she can leave. She was about to get up but he again made her underneath him.

Jk: you know what... I never raise my hands and my gun on children, Women, and olds. But sluts like you never should be forgiven.

He said clenching his teeth and the girl looked at him. Within a second a loud gunshot heard in the room as he just shot her on his forehead.

Her blood stains go to his face and shirt. Staining him badly and giving evidence that he is the most feared mafia. The mafia of the mafia's Jeon Jungkook.

He gets up from the bed and left the room while putting his gun back in his pant.

He came out of the room where the two bodyguards were standing like a statue. They bowed when he came out and soon all of them left the building and make their way towards their black shiny cars. The bodyguard opened the door and he sits inside while clenching his fist in anger as he still didn't get to know about his biggest enemy.

The stains on his shirt and face were making him look more dangerous but who cares. Everyone is made to fear from him.

Soon his phone rang and he took it out from his pocket to see his friend, partner, and second most feared man of the city. Kim Taehyung. A.k.a. "V"

Jk: speak...

V: we found about Sunghyun's location.

He said and his eyes twisted in amazement.

Jk: okay.. took him to our most beautiful cell.

V: got it.. On the way.

He said and cut the call. He smirked widely cause now his plan is going to finish.

Soon, after some time he finally reached one of his most dangerous cells where he kept his enemies and betrayals after kidnapping them.

He came inside the dark building and made his way to room no. 155 where V kept Sunghyun his new target who is not giving him the land which he wanted for the past one week to start his new mall project.

He reached the fourth floor where room 155 is. Jimin was standing outside of the cell waiting for him.

Jk: where is V.

JM: he is inside. Taking care of your new friend.

He said smirking and jk also smirked in pride. They both entered the dark cell. Where they kept Sunghyun.
When V saw him he gets up from his spot and marched towards him.

V: We finished talking to him.

Jk: what did he say...

He asked eyeing the bloody body of Sunghyun who was writhing in pain.

V: actually... He still didn't say yes.

He said slowly and here jk's anger gets on 2× high. He clenched his jaw and took the beer bottle from the table and marched towards Sunghyun's figure while opening the cap of the beer bottle.

Sunghyun tried to get up but his state was not in his favor. Soon jk marched towards him and stands in front of his figure. He started putting the bear on him making him scream in pain which is a musical sound to his ears.

SH: p-please leave me... What will you get after killing me?

Jk: nothing. But I can't leave people who tried to deny me.

He said and again poured the beer over him and he screamed in pain.

Jk: sign them.

He said showing him the paper and pen. And he looked at him with rage-filled eyes.

Jk: sign them otherwise get ready to die.

He again shouted and Sunghyun quickly took the pen from him and signed the papers. Jimin and V also chuckled while seeing the scene in front of them.

He finished signing the paper and gave them back to him. Jk smirked while seeing the paper and then patted his shoulder while getting up.
He closed the pen but at the same time his eyes changed into devil's eyes and he smirked. He pressed the tip of the pen and it started burning from the tip Sunghyun's eyes startled by it and jk throw the pen at him and within some seconds he started burning.

The room filled with his uncontrollable screams but jk smirk was growing wider and wider.
Soon he left the room and gestured to one of his bodyguards to take the dead body of Sunghyun.

Jimin and V also left with him and they all sit inside the black car.
Which made its way to one of jk's hotels in the city.

After some time they finally reach there as Jimin and V went towards their destination and Jk came inside one of his suits to change as he was all bloody and messy and he can't go to his mansion like this. It's true that everyone knows about his works but he created a better and nice atmosphere in his mansion because of his family.

Yeah, his family. In the name of his family, he has His aunt (jk's mother's younger blood-related sister), His cousin Yoongi, His noona(Yoongi's wife), and a cute little princess (Yoongi's daughter).

His mother and father have died a long ago in a horrible accident. And he already killed the one who is responsible for her mother's death.


He gets inside the bathroom and took his daily warm shower to relieve his stress. But when he was showering he saw the most beautiful and innocent face which he used to see always.

"Jungkook... Look look... Kids are playing there. Come on we should join them.. pleaseeee. Please..."

He saw her innocent pleading eyes while closing his eyes and a slight smile appeared on his face.

After finishing his shower he looked himself in the mirror. Now there was not a single bloodstain on his face.
He wore his robe and came out of the bathroom to rest for some time. The lunch was already placed on the table.

He sits on the couch peacefully and starts having his lunch.
Till then his phone ranged. He looked and saw his cousin Yoongi was calling him.

Jk: yeah Hyung..

YG: we finished the work and also talked to our lawyer. The is now Ours completely.

He said and jk smirked.

YG: congratulations...

Jk: you too Hyung.

YG; so tell me. From when we will start the project.

Jk: umm.. what you think.

YG: what about after 15 days.

Jk: 15 days... Okay.

"I will also get some free time."

YG: okay I have also to finish some other work okay. So see you in the evening.

Jk: okay..

He said and cut the call. He leaned back while smirking widely at his other success. Till then his eyes twisted as he remembered something so important. He quickly picks his phone again and dialed V's number.

V: yeah speak bro..

Jk: Buy Chocolates, Toys dolls, Candies, beautiful colors and a special drawing book.

V: oh god-oh god.. okay, speak a little slow man.

Jk: buy all of this within half hour and I will be also downstairs after that. Okay.

V: okay man... Don't worry.

Jk; thanks.


After half hour.

He came downstairs and was ready to go to the mansion also V was just waiting for him. He soon marched towards him.

Jk: did you bought all the things.

V: yeah. Here take them.

He said giving the bags to jk and thanked him.

V: well I have to say that. Yoonmi is your niece but you love her your own daughter.

Jk: yeah... Cause she is the first princess who shined the mansion.

He said blinking at him and then sits inside the car to make his way towards his mansion. Taehyung waved at him and then went to his destination as he has to meet someone for their business.


After sometime.

He finally reached his mansion and parked his car on the lawn and come out of it and make his way inside the mansion.

He gets inside the mansion and here a small figure came towards him while running.

YoonMi: uncle came. Yeaaa!

She said while running towards him and he picked her up in his broad arms hugging her.

Jk: Ah.. uncle's cute Princess.

He said kissing her puffy cheeks and she kissed him back on his cheek.

Yoonmi: Kookie uncle... what did you bring for me.

She asked him with a curious face e and he chuckled.

Jk: first give uncle another kiss on the cheek.

He said while showing her his cheek and she again pecked his cheek quickly and he chuckled. He show gave her the big cute bag and she took it and start searching for what is inside it.

Till then YuMi also came there and she again sighed while seeing Yoonmi like this.

YuMi: Jungkook ah... Aish! why again toys and so on...

She said while approaching them.

Jk: so what noona. She is the princess.

YuMi: just your too much love is the reason behind her stubbornness. She getting stubborn day by Day.

Jk: wow.. that's my real Princess. After all, WHO GOT ATTITUDE.


JK: Yeah...

They both exclaimed and yumi sighed again.

YuMi: oh God.. you both. Well, when Will Yoongi come.

Jk: huh.. he will come after some time he told me.

YuMi: oh okay... Go get fresh till I will cook something for you.

Jk: No... Actually, I already have my lunch in the hotel so I'm not hungry.

He told her politely while smiling while YoonMi was busy checking her gifts.

YoonMi: wow.. mamma look. Uncle bought chocolates, candies, and dolls for me and colors also. Wow so pretty.

She said while showing her things to her mother and she again sighed while looking at jk.

YuMi: gosh.. Jungkook ah.. you are spoiling her.

Jk: Nope...

She sighed while saying this they both chuckled. After that, she left.

Jk: now go princess and do your homework. Okay.

He said while kissing her cheeks and put her down. She quickly runs towards her room with the belonging in her tiny hands.

He also came upstairs to his room. He thinks a minute and then took out his big Bag from the closet. And throw it on his bed. He opened the zip and then again started going towards the closet. He took out some of his clothes and all the necessary belonging and put them inside his bag.

Till then his aunt came inside his room. He smiled and wished her good evening while packing his things.

Mrs.Min: So again packing for your trip huh.

She asked and he laughed nervously but continue doing his work.

Mrs. Min: well from last year don't you think you are going on trips too much.

She asked teasingly and he looked at her.

Jk: no it's not like that aunt.. it's just a business trip.

Mrs.Min: oh really... Jungkook. Just tell me. If you've found a girl. Hmm.

She asked again but a little serious this time.

Jk: I will.. but this isn't the right time. Okay, then I'm taking my leave.

Mrs. Min: and when will you come back.

Jk: after 15 days.

He said while winking and then closed the zip of the bag and put it down. He soon made his way downstairs and Mrs. Min was also behind him.

He came downstairs and saw Yoongi was also here. He came inside while twisting his eyes seeing jk with his bag.

YG: so again trip huh..

Jk: yeah... I've just completed all the work. Now you've to see that land matter. Okay. Make sure to talk with that principal. If he agrees then okay otherwise shoot him.

YG: don't worry..

He said till then Mrs. Min and Yumi came towards them.

Jk: okay bye... I will come back soon.

He said and soon made his way out of the mansion.

YG: I can bet... He is in a secret relationship with a girl.

He whispered in his wife's ear and they both chuckled. Well, it's true.


He soon made his way towards his car. Jimin was also waiting for him while sitting in the passenger's seat as he also has to go somewhere.

Jk shifted his bag to the backside and then get inside. Jimin again chuckled while seeing him with his bag. Soon jk started the engine and starts driving.

JM: so again trip...

Jk: well...

JM: you know... That you were gone on 8 trips since last year. I'm mean since when you started adventuring that much.

He asked and jk chuckled.

JM: Or just tell me if you always go to meet your girlfriend. Tell me if someone you found.

He asked and jk again chuckled.

Jk: well...

His smile was the evidence of it. That he is definitely going to meet someone special.

JM: so, how much time went by...

Jk: Just... one year.

He said while riding and Jimin get shocked completely. Really one year. The man who can't stay with a girl for more than one or two days. Now, is in a relationship with a girl for one year. Wow..

JM: whatt...

Jk: yes...

JM: looks like she did some kind of magic on you. Huh.

he asked in a teasing voice and he smiled in his own.

Jk: yeah. She did. She did beautiful, lovely magic on me.

JM: wow...

Jk: hey, you know how I met her.

JM: how...???


To be continued

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