The Unconditional Despise

Chapter 19


Jk opened the door of the room which wall's was coloured with baby pink colour. He roamed his eyes inside but didn't find Yoonmi. He come inside while looking for her but she was no where to be seen. He sighed and went to the balcony of the room where he saw the small figure was sitting on the floor while playing with her plushies.

Jk sat down next to her and she look up at him. He smiled while joining her.

JK: What are you doing princess.

YM: Shhh! Kookie uncle, Bobo is sleeping.

She whispered cutely while caressing her little bear making jk chuckle and he nodded.

JK: Oh okay... i will be silent.

YM: Let me took him to his bed. He will gonna disturb.

She said and placed his lil bear on a little bed with other bears and joined back jk.

JK: Princess, Why did you talk like that to your aunt.

He finally asked making little girl's change. she pouted while looking down in her lap making jk confuse.

JK: What happened... tell me.

YM: I don't like her... she is so bad... She even scolded me... She is really bad... I will never gonna talk to her.

She said in anger making jk sigh.

JK: No princess, This is wrong... Okay let me tell you... Why did Aerin aunt shouted at you, because you pushed her. Am I right?

He asked and Yoonmi looked down again in guilt. Jk sighed and continued.

JK: Why did you did that... She was just helping you right, But you shouted at her. You didn't respected her... Why.... Afterall, My little Yoonmi is not like that... She is not a bad girl, She is a good girl than why did you do that. Hmm?

YM: I'm sorry... It will not happen again.

JK: No.. not to me... But you have to say sorry to your aunt. You know if you will make her your friend, she will gonna play with you all day long. She is a good girl.

YM: Hmm?

JK: Yeah, now tell me... will say sorry to her... c'mon you are uncle's good girl. right?

YM: hmm.. I will.

JK : Yeah, that's like my little princess. See what uncle bought for you.

He said making the girl confuse and he handed a bag to her. Her face sparkled while looking at what was inside it.

YM: wow... new doll and chocolates. Thanks Kookie uncle. Yoonmi loves you.

JK: Uncle too princess. Now go, it's your bedtime. Hmm.

He said and the little girl nodded. He lied her down and covered her with blanket and wished her goodnight.



Jk woke up from her dreamland with the sound of some door opening. He opened his eyelids and the first thing captured her orbs was Aerin's face. No doubt, His day was gonna nice today. He saw her getting ready for the day. He looked at her leg which was looking a little normal than before. His eyes were never leaving her figure. He kept looking at her while dugging his face on the pillow. And Little Aerin didn't even know that someone was checking her movements.

Finally after sometime, He got up from the bed and groaned gaining her attention. She look up at him but soon looked away. Only god knows why this man had a habbit of sleeping half naked with her. Jk smirked looking at her reactions but soon his eyes caught something else. She was getting ready in a decent dress. Probably to go somewhere.

JK: Why you dressed up like this.

AR: I'm going out.

JK: Took that dress off.

he said and her eyes got widen and she turned around to look at him.

AR: Excuse me.

JK: Just took that dress off and wear something normal cause you are not going anywhere.

He said like a boss and Aerin expressions changed. She became furious and walk there while limping to ask him.


JK: Don't you dare to shout on me Bitch otherwise, you will not like consequencess. And yeah, Be mannerful towards me. Got it. And you can't go out cause It's my order.

Ar: Why I have to follow your orders.

He said making jk smirk and he turned around to face her.

JK: As You are in my mansion now, You have to follow all the rules and orders which I will give you. And Yeah, Because of work yesterday I forgot to tell you the rules... So listen and listen carefull... Cause, I hope You love your oppa, Unnie and that little brat Eunho... And don't wanted to see them getting destroy because of yourself... You already know what I can do as I already gave you a demo.

He said smirking and Aerin felt like her heart dropped. Whenever Eunho's crying and scared face come in her mind, Her world collapsed. This man is now blackmailing her. She clenched her fists. And Jk started.

JK: 1-) You will not go out as long as I will not grant you permission.... 2-) From Now on, You will cook my breakfast, lunch and dinner... 3-) You will help the maids in the chores and You dare to keep sitting your ass down while doing nothing in my house... 4-) From now on, You will wake up before me and your death line is 7am.... and last but not the least, 5-) I want you on my bed at sharp 11p.m.

Her breath hitched at the last rule as she didn't understand what he just said. He left from there while smirking. Before she could ask something he already left and went inside the bathroom leaving her all furious.

JK: And yeah, don't you dare to break any of the rules otherwise you know the consequences as you already faced them... I hope you love your other leg.

Aerin's eyes twisted and she opened her mouth to say something but he closed the door leaving her dumbfounded. She groaned in frustration and left the room.

*Why the hell he want me on the bed at sharp 11. If that bastard is thinking of doing something with me, Then he is wrong. Never ever... It's okay aerin... You can face him. You are a strong girl... Yeah, a strong girl *

She left the room and went downstairs slowly and carefully as her leg is getting better day by day. She went to the kitchen where she greeted by a happy Yumi.

Yumi: Good morning..

AR: Good morning unnie.

Yumi: Hows your leg now.

AR: It's better than before unnie... see I can walk a little without that elbow stick.

Yumi: Ahh! That's a relief.

AR: yeah...

She said and started preparing for the breakfast making maids and Yumi confuse.

Yumi: Hey, why are you doing this...

AR: it's okay unnie... He told me to... and I'm fine with it. I don't have any problem.

She said smiling and Yumi nodded. She started preparing for everyone's breakfast and finished cooking within a half hour as she is already a genius cook.

She settled down all the breakfast on the dining table with the help of the maids and thanked them. The spoons fell down and she sighed but two little hands picked all the spoons up and gave them back to her. Aerin kept looking at Yoonmi with surprised look.

YM: I'm sorry for yesterday. I hope you will forgive me... Aunt.

The little girl said with her pouty lips and Aerin smiled. She bend down to her level to look at Yoonmi. Aerin smiled and ruffled her silky hair making the girl confuse.

AR: It's okay princess... Aunt forgave you.

YM: What really?

AR: Yes... hey friends?

YM: Okay friends...

the girls giggled and aerin ruffled her silky hair again.

Yumi: woah woah... Look who are laughing. Aren't you angry with your aunt anymore.

YM: Noo... we became friends. Right?

AR: Right..

The girls giggled while talking but soon their laughs interupted when she heard throat clearing noise. All the maids bowed at Jk and he went to sit on his chair. He went their and the maid served him.

JK: Noona, where is Hyung.

Yumi: He already went to office.

JK: Oh okay...

He finished his breakfast and wiped his corner of the lips with the tissue and got up. Yumi went back to do some work and Jk was ready to take his leave.

JK: Remember, Not a single rule should be broken otherwise you will broke by me.

He whispered to her and she felt herself shivering. She looked down and he left not wanting to waste his more time on her.

YM: Aunt... come, I will show you my little bobo. He is my little baby.

The girl said while running towards and caught Aerin's wrist to lead her to her room but Aerin's mind was filled with Jk's words. She forced a smile on her face and left with Yoonmi.



AR: Wah They all are soo cute...

YM: Thank you... They all are my babies... You know uncle bought that on my birthday... This one... And this one is from appa... and this one from Grandma.

She said showing Aerin her all toys and dresses.

AR: Hey btw, where is your uncle's eomma and appa... Didn't they live here.

YM: Shhhhh! Don't talk about them.

little girl whispered making aerin confused. She even asked JK many times when they both were in relationship But he always changed the topic. And now, Yoonmi is reacting like this.

AR: But.. why?

YM: No one talks about them... They are now with god.

She said according to her knowledge but it was enough for Aerin to understand that they both are dead.

YM: grandma said that it hurts uncle when someone talk about them... So we didn't. Otherwise, Uncle gonna angry.

AR: Ohh okay... Thanks for telling me.

YM: your welcome... If you want to ask any other thing... Just inform me.

she said making Aerin smile and she nodded.



Jk and Yoongi both come back together as the day was hectic.

YM: Welcome back, my dear hubby.

YG: ahh! thank god you are here.

They both hugged eachother as Yoongi got welcomed by his dear wife but there was not a single sign of Aerin. Jk just left and went inside leaving the couple alone as he don't wanted to be a third wheel. But before going an idea popped up in his mind and he smirked and turned around.

JK: Noona, Make sure to tell Aerin to bring my coffee in the library within 5 minutes. I'm going to take shower.

YM: Okay, I will.

He nodded and left leaving the couple alone.

YG: I think he got jealous.

YM: That's why he was asking for Aerin.

Both husband and wife laughed at his behaviour. After that Yumi went to kitchen where Aerin was preparing for Jk's dinner. Yumi chuckled and went near her.

YM: Aerin ah...

AR: yes unnie.

YM: Your dear husband called you... Make his coffee and go to his library.

She said and Aerin's knife stopped on the chopper.

*What that bastard want from me now... He can order someone else to do so... But No, He loves seeing me suffering now because of him, I have to make his coffee and go to library with my broken leg*

YM: Hey what are you thinking.

AR: Huh? umm... nothing. Okay I will give him the coffee.

She said and Yumi nodded. Aerin prepared his hot coffee and went to the library where she was told to.

She come inside and welcomed by Jk who is sitting on his chair while doing his leftover work. He looked up when he heard foot steps and smirked while leaning back on the master chair with leg's crossed while watching Aerin's every movement. She felt uncomfortable with his stares but put her thoughts aside and went infront of him.

AR: Your coffee.

JK: Hmm.. That's like a good and obedient wife. Place it on the table.

He said and she placed his mug infront of him on the table. She was about to leave but his words stopped her.

JK: Where..?.. I didn't told you to leave.

He said and she rolled her eyes and turned back again to face him. She looked down while saying nothing and he took his mug and took a sip of his coffee.

JK: hmm.. It's Hot.

He said smirking as Aerin clearly where his words are going. He placed the mug back on the table and stands up towering over her making her backoff. He came towards her closing their distances and the girl backed off again but this time the table was behind her preventing her to move and Jk was infront of her.

He smirked and placed his both hand on the table caging Aerin between himself and the table. She started leaning back to maintain the distance but he didn't. He leaned his face over her while smirking.

JK: But Not hotter than you... I will be more pleased if I will sip you instead that coffee.

He said shamelessly and Aerin felt something is happening inside her her as she was shivering. His words made her chill which didn't go unnoticed by his hawk like eyes.

JK: So, Tell me... Should I start sipping you... hmm.

AR: I-I..I need t-to leave.

JK: I didn't told you to leave.

He said as his hot breath fanned his face. Their lips were almost touching. Aerin fisted her hand to control a strange sensation which she was feeling and a different feeling which was rising inside her.

He placed his right hand on her waist while gripping it and pulled her by it making her chest collapse with his hard rock like chest. He gazed her luscious lips and gulped like if a thirst started rising inside him. He started feeling thirsty just by starring at her plump rosy luscious lips and within a millisecond he smashed his lips over hers making her her eyes wide open.

She started jerking him to let go of his lips but he groaned between the kiss and hold her even tighter while sucking her lower lip. The tears started filling her eyes. He was kissing her forcefully which she didn't like a bit.

He gripped her hair and gave them a slight pull to open her mouth and she parted her lips. As soon as her lips parted, he shoved his hungry tongue inside her mouth and started devouring her like a monster. She moaned between the kiss which felt just like melody to his ears and he smirked between the kiss feeling proud at his doing.

She started hitting on his chest with her left fist as her right hand was on his tight grip. He became furious and gripped her left wrist too while leaning on the table as the files started falling down on the floors because of them. He held her both hands in his left hand while gripping her waist with his right one as the position was awkward for Aerin.

Jk pressed himself over her and an unwanted gasp left her mouth. He continued devouring her mouth. He kissed every inch of her mouth making her shut her eyes in disgust but he didn't cared a bit about it. While he was busy exploring her mouth, his phone started ringing and he groaned between the kiss. After getting satisfication from it, he let go her while leaving her lips as both of them were panting heavily.

JK: I guess this one was hotter.

He whispered shamelessly over her lips and backed off leaving her on the table and went away to answer his call. Aerin calmed herself down and sat straight on the table glarring a dissapearing figure of jungkook. She groaned in frustration.

AR: Aish!! this Jerk.
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