The Unconditional Despise

Chapter 20


The way of expressing my emotions to world, is really different.
But when it comes to you, I started feeling something different.
No matter how hard I tried to control this stupid heart. But It starts beating faster.




After dinner everyone went to sleep. Jk was standing at the balcony of his room. He dialled V's number to ask something important.

V: Yeah?

JK: Is work done?

V: Yeah, I have sent the invitation.

He said and a big smirk appeared on Jungkook's face.

JK: Good...

V: See you tommorow then. Bye.

JK: Bye.

He hanged up the call and his smirk grew wider on his face remembering about today's incident with his biggest enemy, Ahn Jaechan.



Jaechan was in his office's conference room, attending the meeting for their another mission. He finished up everything wisely And the meeting got finished. His mind was on longest pause after what he heard from agencies about his sister and Jungkook. But still he needs to be calm infront of everyone also when it comes to his bussiness. He can't show any his weakness.

He was feeling weak when he got the notice about that Jungkook, the underworld mafia wanted to do a meet with him. He even knows the reason why that so. But still, he was not fully aware of the situation and the second reason he can't make him furious when his sister is in his control.

He simply agreed to jungkook's man and they fixed the day to meet eachother. And, today was the day. He even called minho to stay with him. As he was feeling like of there is no one on his side. and somehow, this time, he was feeling weak to face Jeon jungkook. The biggest mafia.

Finally after sometime, The man in black come inside with a wide smirk appeared on his face. His few bodyguards were behind him and others were outside of the room. V was next to him. A big smirk appeared on his face seeing Jaechan's expressions. It was giving him inner peace and was making his blood warm.

No doubt, he was enjoying seeing jaechan like this. He come out of his dark thoughts and forwarded his steps towards jaechan and shakes hand with him. But Jk can see how cold jaechan's hand was. means that he was angry and nervous both.

He was standing infront of Jaechan with a proud expression also because of another position he got as jaechan's brother in law. And he knews very well, that jaechan didn't wanted to see his sister suffering because of himself and this was the second reason of Jk's happiness.

JK: It's been long. Mr. AhnJaechan... And Mr. Kyun MinHo.

JC: ah yes, Mr. Jeon. nice to meet you.

MH: ah yeah... we too.

Eventho their hostility was pure, there are some rules under mafia world which every one follows and one is to keep your relations good with your partners infront of the world even if you are pure enemies. Inside Jaechan's heart, he wanted to give jk an unforgetabble death. But, Because of their next target, they both have to come together and that thing become a plus point for jk to play with jaechan like a owner with his doll.

Jaechan and Jk both were aware of the situation. They need to stay focused on their next mission. It's also because of their both's good relations with the top political leader of SK. And, they both are well aware of what it takes if your oponent have found out about your weakness.

JC: Well, I must hope If you've not waited too long.

JK: No not at all... It's fine. Work comes first.

JC: Yeah... um, shall we begin with our discussion.

JK: Yeah sure... V, the papers?

V: Yeah sure.

Taehyung handed him the papers and he nodded and went to sit on the couch. V sat down next to jungkook and Jaechan and Minho sat opposite of them. Facing them.

He smirked and jaechan clenched his fists to prevent himself from expload out. If It wasn't Mr. Kang's request, Jaechan would have never come to join hand together with Jungkook. Even in his mind, he was cursing Jungkook and Jk was well aware of it. But he was enjoying the situation.

They both started discussion for their changes in the projects... And took and 50-50 decision.



JK: So, I think It won't be much trouble for us... What you say V?

V: Hmm... Mr. kang will be impressed.

He said and Jk smirked. He diverted his gaze to jaechan and Minho as they were discussing something.

JK: So, Mr. Ahn and Mr. Kyun... I hope It will work. see you in the function then... and yeah, one more thing.... I've organized a reception party for purpose of my marriage... So, I will be highly pleased, If you will come... At xxx.

He said putting pressure on the word "marriage" and he can see jaechan's changed expressions.

JK: Okay then, We must leave now...

he said getting up from the couch and four of them did handshake and left the cabin. Jaechan cursed under his breath and Minho can see him getting furious.

MH: relax jaechanah... we have to do this.

JC: If It wasn't related to Mr.Kang, I would've shoved my gun's bullet into that bastard's skull.

MH: Calm down Jaechan... We have to work with mind... Also, Now Aerin is in that's bastard's prison. We have to took every step very carefully...

JC: Hmm.. You are right. I don't want my sister to suffer because of that bastard also when if he forcefully married her and he will try to show his shitty Rights on her. I wish if I could kill that bastard.

Jaechan murmured in his breath facepalming himself in disbelief. Minho's phone started ringing so he went out to answer that leaving Jaechan alone. He punched the window in anger but it has no effect on himself and the window.

JC: I will gonna kill you one day... Jeon Jungkook.

JK: Don't even think about that Mr.Ahn... If you love your sister.

jaechan's thoughts got interupted with the hard manly voice. He already knows it was jungkook. He turned around to face him and saw him coming back with his pretty little smirk on his face.

JK: Don't. Even. Think. About. That.

He repeated every single word putting the pressure on his voice and words both... This time, Jaechan can't control his anger and grabbed jungkook by his collar as this time they were alone. No men, No showoff. but jk's smirk was never leaving his face.

JC: You Motherfucker...

JK: Voice low Jaechan... Don't forget, I'm your brother-in-law now... Show me respect.

he said between smirk.

JC: You-

JK: Noo... No... Use your mind Jaechan... I'm sure you don't want your sister suffering because of yourself. And your stupid mind.

JC: You Bastard... Why her in all this... Huh?

He shouted at jk and Jk started laughing like maniac making jaechan even more furious. But soon jungkook's expression changed into an cold one.

JK: You are saying this? YOU?... The one who involved her in his dirty games... HUH?

Jk: You are the one who used her in your dirty game of revenging on me. And now, If I'm doing the same, Than why you are having problem. Huh?

Jaechan clenched his fists. But The things Jungkook said was hardcore true. Jaechan can feel his heart clenching in pain but he managed to stand properly.

JK: YOU..... You used her in your games.... Now, I will gonna use her in my games. Just wait and watch.



JK: Keep your voice down Ahn Jaechan... Otherwise, Your sister will suffer.

JC: She is innocent... Don't you dare to do anything with her.

JK: Oh yeah, I already How much innocent she is.... BTW, She is really good in bed.

he whispered testing jaechan's level. And Jaechan grabbed him again with his collar. Jk chuckled seeing the reaction jaechan did.


JK: Oh come'on, don't act like a pathetic trash... She is mine now... I have rights on her... Your duties for her are now over.... AND, you will see how much she gonna suffer. Just wait and watch... I know very well how to took control over both you and your that pretty little sister.

He said in a cursing tone while gritting his teeths. His expressions were dark and eyes were red and showing the pure hate. He jerked off Jaechan's hands from his collar and adjusted his collar back like boss.

JK: Make sure to come in the reception Mr. Ahn... You will get a lot of surprises... Someone is waiting for you.

He said with a smirk and took his lighter from the table which he forgot and went outside of the cabin again Leaving Jaechan all furious.



Jk come back inside the room after finishing the call from V and sat on the bed rubbing his forehead which was aching because of the long tiring day. He sighed and went to his closet and took out his sweat and shirt.

He was about to enter the bathroom but same time Aerin come out looking like if she took a shower as her hair was wet and she was wearing her night clothes. They both got shocked to saw each other infront of eachother.

JK: She was inside... fuck.

AR: He was about to come inside... Oh god, Thank you... You saved me. What if he would have seen me.

Their thoughts got interupted when Jk cleared his throat. He really didn't have any idea that she was inside. Maybe because he was deeply drown in his thoughts.

JK: Umm.. You go first.

He shook his head and backed off to give her a little space and she went away exhaling her breath which he can hear and smirked mentally. He went inside to took the shower and she went to sleep.

After sometime, He come out of the shower only wearing a sweatpant as he dropped the thought of wearing the shirt. There was a instant level of heat rising up inside him. Maybe, everytime seeing her he loss his power on his hormones.

He shook off and throws his dirty thoughts off of his mind and went on the bed. He took out his medicine bottle and took his sleeping pill and gulped that down with water and took a deep breath before laying down beside her.

He turned his head to her side but found her sleeping peacefully and her back was facing him. It sometimes make him angry how she always keep a distance between herself and him which he wanted to decrease so badly.

JK: Just wait for tommorow Jeon Aerin... You biggest surprise is waiting for you.

He thought and smirk automatically appeared on his lips.



The sunlight hit her above her eyes and she twisted her eyes and groaned. She tried to move but was unable to move even an inch. The hold on her body was so tight. Like if someone has put it's whole eight on her and the weight was almost twice of her own body.

She opened her eyes when the reality hit her and turned her head only to found him sleeping peacefully with open mouth. He was snoring lightly and was holding her by her waist so tightly like if his life was dependent on her.

Some beautiful memories flashes in her mind when she used to see the same face every morning. He was looking like the same he used to be before. old Jungkook. A caring one, A loving one. She chuckled seeing him snoring lightly.

*How could someone look so innocent while Why are you being like this... This side of yours makes me fall for you... Wait whatt?... Huh?... Am I falling for him... HUH? No shit sherlock... Not at all... But, Why I'm not so confident over this... Like If I am lying to myself... Please, jungkook... please be like before... I miss you a lot.*

JK: Done starring?

Her thoughts got interupted when his deep voice reached her ears with a vibrating sound.

*Oh fuck! He is awake... Oh NOOOO Aish!!!*

AR: Huh? Umm.. I..I..Umm.. NO.

Her stuters were the biggest evidence of her nervousness. He smirked She bite her lower because of it and It was hard for jungkook to resist this action of her... He pulled her even more closure and slamed his lips over hers leaving her all shock and with wide eyes.

She closed her eyes slowly like if she was melting under his touch and kiss. He wrapped his palm on the back of her neck and pulled her closure while never leaving her lips. He gave a slight bite on her lower lip and she moaned and winced at the same time which sounds like music to his ears.

He smirked and gave another bite on her plumpy rose lip and this time she moaned louder and gripped his shoulder while dugging his nail on his hard tanned flesh. Even her assaults blessed him so much and he pulled her closure while rolling on the bed and get her on top of himself.

she circled her legs on his torso and he started rubbing her back in an erotic manner. Probably to turn her on. He knows very well how to make a girl horny for himself. He made his left hand on her thigh and hiked up her nighty and starts caressing her buttock.

He burrowed his other hand to her bosom and gave a tight squeez on her bosom making her come out of the honeyland of physical pleasure and she gasped and pulled back dettaching herself from his leaving him confuse and furious at the same time.

JK: Whattt?

AR: I-I..I need to go...

She managed to say between her heavy breaths and left the bed and went to bathroom and closed the door without even making an eye contact with him. And the man remained on bed all furious and horny.

JK: Fuck!

He cursed under his breath punching the pillow.

JK: Playing hard to get... huh...

*Don't worry, I will make you scream my name on this bed underneath me while writhing in pleasure very soon... Jeon Aerin*
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