The Unconditional Despise

Chapter 21


Everyone have different ways of hiding the pain.
Some hide it in their emotions.
I hide it in my smile.



AR: ahh fuck... please.

She arched her back up while digging her nails on his biceps as he was thrusting harder and faster inside her. The bed was shaking and getting hit by the wall again and again. She was moaning continously at the feeling he was giving her.

AR: ahhmph..

she moaned and winced at the same time feeling the electricity running through her body. He was hitting her right spot continously with a faster pace while moaning her name over her ear.

JK: Ugh! oh god!

He growled over her ear making her eyes shut as she was breathing heavily. He was panting hardly with her while fucking her hard. she again arched her back while holding his biceps tighly when he hit spot with faster pace.

JK: Fuck.. so tight... arrhh!

He growled in her ear and throws his head back in pleasure. He hold her leg in his hand and make it wrap around his torso giving himself more access to fuck her hard. His front hair were wet with the hot salty water which was dripping from his forehead. They both all sweaty.

The atmosphere of the room was hotter than their bodies. He smirked while looking at her while she was crying in pleasure. he kissed her lips quickly while fastening the speed to fuck her andclosed her eyes tightly while responding to his kiss.

after a minute of kissing her harshly he pulled back to look at her. Her face was stained and wet to with the sweat and she was breathing heavily.

JK: Remember what I told you... I will gonna fuck you hard while you will be writhing in pleasure underneath me. huh.

he whispered over her ear and she arched her back up closing her eyes as the feeling was overhelming for her.

AR: ah honey, it feels so good.

JK: keep moaning my name jagi... just like that... ahh oh fuck.

JK: You are so damn tight... I love your little pussy around my cock so much... Fuck ah!

he kissed her again and she kissed him back quickly.

JK: Oh fuck aerin ah... You feel so good.

He murmured while panting hardly and his eyes quickly got opened as he was breathing heavily. He sat up on the bed while breathing heavily. His whole chest was covered with sweat.

*Wait whatt!!! I was dreaming... I had a wet dream again... what the fuck*

He cursed in his mind and held his hair and started pulling them. Till then the bathroom's door got shut opened revealing a confused Aerin and she looked at him weirdly while he was pulling his hair.

He noticed her and quickly stopped his weird doings and got up from the bed leaving her in confusion.

JK: I Guess If It was reality

he murmured in his breath and aerin looked back at him again.

AR: What was reality.?

She asked him in confusion and he sighed... He ignored her and went to closet to took out his clothes.

JK: None of your bussiness bitch. Go and make my breakfast. You have only fifteen minutes.

He spat and shut the door tightly laving still confused. she shake her head and continued getting ready for the day.



Jk finished his breakfast and was about to leave. Yoongi alrady left as he got some important calls. Before going jungkook come towards Aerin and whispered in her ear.

JK: Your dress will be in bedroom within 2:00 p.m. Be ready for tonight, We are going our reception and your surprise is waiting for you.

He smirked and pulled himself back leaving Aerin in confusion. She noded and he left without wasting any other second.

YM: Aerin ah... come let's have breakfast with us.

Yumi called her where she and Mrs.min were having their breakfast. Aerin smiled and nodded. and they all had breakfast together.


Aerin was lying on her bed while closing her eyes thinking about morning's incident. The flashback of jungkook kissing her hungrily roamed in her mind. She unintetionaly touched her lip where jk kissed her. It was not like if they kissed for the first time. But the kiss in the morning was different for her.

She sighed and turned around while dugging her face in the pillow. she started punching on the mattress.

*aish aish!! what's wrong with me.*

She cursed under her breath till then she heard a knock on the door. she got up and went to opened the door. It was one of their maid.

Maid: Boss sended this for you Mrs.Jeon.

AR: oh okay... thanks.

she took the bag and thanked her and went inside the room. She sighed looking at the bag but then thought of opening it. she was curious to know what jungkook sent for her.

she gasped seeing the dress as it was really very beautiful. she smiled thinking about the fact that he knows very well what kind of fashion sense Aerin has. It was a dark blue gown which was looking so beautiful yet so decent.

She went inside the bathroom to take a warm shower as the evening was near. And finally at the correct time, in the evening she got ready. The dress perfectly hugging her curves and she was looking so pretty in that.


She waited for jungkook to come to pick her up. Everyone already left for the party. Only Aerin was still here. Finally after sometime, she heard car's horn.

Maid: Mrs.Jeon, Boss has arrived...

AR: yeah...

she nodded and got up and left the mansion. She went towars where Jk's car was. and he was leaning back on the driver's seat.

She went there and he eyed her from head to toe. He smirked and she looked away saying nothing. He gestured her to sit inside.

*How mean! he can't even open a door for m like every other gentleman does for his lady*

She internally pouted and went. she opened the door by herself and sat inside while huffing in anger. He didn't payed much attention and starts the engine. The drive was silent. All the time, she was looking outside. Finally after some time, he stopped the car infront of a big building.

She come ot of her thoughts and found herself infront of the building. she was about to open the door of the car but jk stopped her.

JK: stop...

she halted on her place and looked back him with confused expression. he took out something from his pocket and opened the box revealing something. she got amazed when he took out a beautiful necklace from it.

He leaned closure to her face and she became stiff at his closeness which didn't go unnoticed by his hawk like orbs. He simply make her wear the necklack and then pulled himself back.

JK: your neck was looking empty... That's why... don't get your hopes too much high. And yeah, make sure to behave.

He warned and she looked down rolling her eyes. They both come outside and he held her by her waist and interlocked their arms and went inside.

YG: Oh finally, the couple has arrived.

Yoongi said and went towards them with yumi following him behind.

YM: Oh so matching matching...hmm.

She teased Aerin and Both jk and aerin looked at their clothes... Unintentionaly, But they both were wearing dark blue and they were getting all the attention there because of the standing out clothes they were wearing.

Jk faked a smile and Aerin too. He thanked yumi and yoongi and went away dettaching himself from her. Deep down in her heart, Aerin didn't liked it but said nothing. Yoongi too left with jk and the girls remained.

YM: I guess, that's why you two took this much time... huh?

AR: unnie please...

She teased aerin again and aerin hit her shoulder playfully while looking down which make yumi laugh.

YM: Okay okay... i will not tease you... come let's enjoy the party.

She exclaimed and aerin nodded.


One hour went up like this, Jk introduced Aerin to almost his all partners. But still, something was remaining. Jk smirked mentally and pulled her closure by her waist.

JK: I have another surprise for you. wifey.

He whispered and she looked at him puzzled. He chuckled and pulled her closure and made his way to other direction. where two men were standing. Aerin looked up and her eyes become wide open in shock and her breaths hitched.

JK: My beautiful wife, Jeon Aerin.

AR: o-oppa...

She breathed seeing jaechan infront of herself. He was looking at her with teary eyes and soon aerin's eyes filled with warm water too. She looked at jk who is enjoying there interactions. Minho was also present there.

JC: aerin ah... I-

JK: enjoy Your conversation dude... I'm leaving you brother-sister alone for sometime...

JK: Have good conversation with your brother wifey... But make sure to good... Otherwise, you know what I can do.

He whispered while smirking looking at aerin and left Jaechan and aerin alone. She sighed and looked back jaechan. Jaechan quickly embraced her and she hugged him back. The tears filled her eyes but she didn' let them fall.

She didn't wanted jaechan to know how helpless she was feeling at the moment. She faked a smile but jaechan can see the pain in her eyes.

JC: aerin ah... You...I-i..I-m sor-

AR: no need to say anything...Oppa... It's not your fault... That bastard is playing games.

JC: did he did something with you... ar-are you fine or not..

AR: Oppa no need to worry about me... I'm fine (save me).

JC: I promise you... I will get you out from that motherfucker's prison. My babysis.... But you have to be strong.

AR: Don't worry oppa... don't worry about me... I will fight from that monster by my own... Your sister is very strong.

JC: I know my little butter is so strong. That's why, oppa always feel proud of you... and don't worry. we will cross these storms together... You are not alone, Your brother is with you.

He said in a ressuring tone and aerin smiled. she nodded. she knew that her brother is always there to protect her from monsters... and she is glad of that. Everytime she got in any problem, jaechan was always there to protect her... and she is so lucky for it.... and she knew very well, that his brother will gonna save her in future too.

AR: i know oppa... I know that you are with me... but this time, you only need stay by ahyeon and eunho's side... You have to protect them first... they are your family.

JC: You are my family too...

AR: I am... But, your sister is enough to tolerate him... You only need to protect them at this time.

JC: I will... but i will get you too... from that bastard... He can't imprison you...

AR: You no need to worry about it oppa... He will not do anyth-

JK: Conversation done wifey....

Aerin's words got cut by a sudden interruption. she saw jungkook joined them again with a smirk and jaechan clenched his fists. Jk went near Aerin and wrapped his arm around her waist again while squeezing her waist. she closed her eyes to let jaechan notice it and breath deeply.

JK: Well the excuse me my dear brother-in-law... I need to bring her with me... My friends are waiting.

Jungkook left from there with her and stopped at far place from jaechan. He glared Aerin but aerin didn't give a fuck about it.

JK: I hope you love your family... And, behaved yourself infront of jaechan.

AR: no need to tell me... I know already... Now let go of me.

JK: stop being clever fox infront me wifey... You know, that you are caged with a Lion.

He whispered while smirking... and aerin got goosebumps. She freed herself from his grip and went away from there leaving him chuckling.


aerin went towards the balcony. she called waiter and took a glass of orange juice from waiter and thanked him. he bowed and went back inside leaving her alone.

She took a sip of her juice while looking at the moon. The cold breezes were calming, refreshing. She was feeling fresh there... but her freshness didn't took too last and she heard a manly voice.

MH: oh so Babygirl is standing alone here...

She heard a voice and turned around. she rolled her eyes and turned back again... completely ignoring minho.... Minho smirked and went there and stands infront of her.

MH: No doubt.... You are looking fuckable hot tonight.

He whispered and Aerin glared him.

AR: Be in your limits.... even if you are oppa's best friend, I won't hesistate to tell him everything about you.

MH: I can't whenever I see you.... You are making me cross every limit between us.

He said hovering over her and she clenched her jaw and pushed him back making him chuckled.

MH: Aww you look even sexier in anger... I wanna fuck you right now.


She shouted at him but it was looking like if he didn't have any shame. He chuckled deeply and came near her.

MH: Why... Can't we do this... Oh come'on baby... You know, Your so-called husband won't know anything.... Let's just fuck for once.

He said trying to kiss her and she again pusshed him with all her strangth and huffed in anger. She throws the juice at his face making his expressions completely changed and he glared aerin. Aerin smirked and went near him.

AR: Do you really have thick dick to fuck Ahn Aerin huh? Go check yourself first... I don't fuck with randoms... You don't have any strength to fuck Ahn Aerin Got it... Go and find some sluts for yourself... Cause you will never gonna get Ahn Aerin.

she said smirking making minho's anger went ten folds high and he clenched his fists.

AR: Shameless Motherfucker.

She murmured and went inside leaving him there with rage filled eyes... He wiped the liquid on his face from his hand while still glaring her dissapearing figure.

MH: Wait for my turn Ahn Aerin... You will gonna my slut one day... Even If I had to do something your brother never like.
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