The Unconditional Despise

Chapter 22

Obey me for your better day.
If not, then you gonna face the consequences at night.




They all come back after the reception party. Mrs. Min and lil Yoonmi were already present in the mansion and they were sleeping since, it was late night. Yumi and yoongi also went to their room. JK and Aerin come a little late in Jk's car so they found whole mansion empty.

They simply made there way towards the room and Jk closed the door behind him and went to took a warm shower to relax from his fatigueness and Aerin changed in the room as he was inside the bathroom.

After changing, Jk come out and saw her settling her clothes in the closet. He smirked and went there. He approached her from behind. She flinched when he put his chin on her shoulder while locking her in his arms.

JK: So did you liked the surprise wifey.

He asked as she can feel him smirking. She turned around and let go of his hold while looking deep in her dark brown orbs.

AR: Why you did this?

JK: What I did... I did nothing wifey.

he said with an innocent yet dangerous look on his face and Aerin knew very well how much he was enjoying.

AR: You love to see me and my family suffering... huh?... You loved to see me in pain. Right?

she asked with complete hatred visible on her face and JK smirked. He leaned closure to her face while caging her between the wall and himself and placed his lips over hers. He gave a slight peck to her lower lip before sucking it slightly and pulled back looking at her. He can see that Aerin's eyes were glossy.

JK: So much.

He gave her the answer and left while smirking and went to the bed to sleep while aerin kept standing there and tears fell down from her eyes.



Aerin's eyes opened slightly when the chirping sounds of birds reached in her ear. She smiled in her own but suddenly her smile dropped when she tried to move. She looked back and found him sleeping with open mouth again and he was hugging her tightly.

She pressed her lips into a thin line not wanting to smile while looking at his cute face. But still, that was the only time in the whole day when she didn't feel getting angry on him. Instead, she wanted to go near him and wanted to give him butterfly kisses all over his face.

She turned around again but then her smile dropped and she gasped when she found that his hand was inside her shirt and also above her right breast. He was cupping her left bosom. She glared him but he didn't get any effect because he was in his dreamland. she quickly pushed his hand out of her shirt and got up from the bed.

*Aish!! Pervert!!*

He growled and turned to other side while still in his deep slumber. She sighed and shake her head went to closet and took out her clothes and went inside the bathroom while shooting her last glare at his sleeping figure.


3:00 PM (noon)

JK: You know what I called you for?

Jk asked while walking through the aisle of his mansion. His guards bowed at him and he went towards his library.

V: Yeah I have to go to talk with that landlord.

JK: Yeah but I have a another work for you.

V: whatt is it?

JK: You have to go that bastard jaechan's house, And give him the documents Mr.Kang told to give him.

He explained leaning back on his master chair. V nodded from next line.

V: But the documents?

JK: Go to Jimin hyung. he will give you the papers.

V: Okay... hey, but won't you come today?

JK: No actually I'm feeling a little bit of tired so I am not coming.

V: Okay, enjoy.

V said and Jk can feel V smirking. He rolled his eyes and hanged the call and leaned back on the chair and closed his eyes sighing.

Till then he heard a knock on his cabin's door. He said "come in" and then a smirked appeard on his face while looking at Aerin's appearing figure. He eyed her from head to toe till then she come towards him. She placed the tray infront of him and he chuckled.

His words are leaving effect on her and he is so glad to see that nowadays Aerin is in his control. It pleases him and his dominant side so well. And finally, his threats are working on the girl. She started being obedient nowadays. and he just wished her to be like this from now on.

AR: Aunt sent this for you.

JK: aww... My lil bird is being obedient. But you know what I told you...

He said while standing up from the chair and towering over her.

JK: That I would like to sip you instead of that soup.

He whispered in a dirty yet husky tone above her ear and she felt the chills running down in her spine. She backed off quickly but he didn't let her and pulled her by her waist. She placed her hands on his chest to keep the distance but it was looking like if he wanted decrease that too.

His lips were almost touch hers and he closed his eyes. It looks like if he got addicted to her everytime he was near her. She was his biggest yet greatest addiction. She works like a drug for him which he is addicted to so badly and wanted to take it again and again.

JK: Co'mone, Let's just fuck now... I really wanted to fuck you so badly... You are looking so fuckable right now.

He whispered in a husky voice while closing his eyes... But, warm tears started filling Aerin's eyes. She quickly pushed him and went out of the room leaving him furious yet confused.
He clenched his fists while thinking that his own wife didn't allow him to let her touch even for once.

JK: What's this bitch's problem... Can't I even touch her?

It's not like she is was tied with an animal like the way she acted always. She is with her own husband but still she didn't let him touch her. It's his right on her body. And he wanted claim what's his but she still didn't let him which always make him furious. That's what he was thinking and He throws the files on the ground in anger while thinking all of this.

On the other hand, Aerin come inside the bedroom and closed the door behind her. Unknown tears started falling from her ground. She hugged her knees and started sobbing slightly. She dug her face in her knees while crying.

Is this what everyone thinks of her... Only a doll to please... Today Jungkook's words hurt her because they were same like Minho's... The way he talked to her yesterday night at party..

She felt hurt... Is this what everyone thinks about her. Is this what men want from her. Is this what her value. Is this what her importance in jk's eyes. Only something to fuck with.

She wanted her husband to be like a hero but destiny played a vicious game with her and she bonded with a satan. A satan only knows to hurt her. Only wanted to use her for his physical needs. that's all. She wanted to get loved by someone. But she never knew that One day Jk will become that much heartless that only lust for Aerin will served in his eyes.

It's okay... Cause, Aerin knew that it was her fault afterall. That's why he become a heartless monster towards her... And she is not guilty afterall for it. Cause what she did was for her beloved father... The only person who showed her unconditional love.

Otherwise, now she get's to know about it very well that this world is only filled with heartless monsters. Only monsters. And Jk is one of them for her.



Aerin's eyelids lit up feeling heavy with a knock on the room. She looked at the watch and her eyes become wide. It was 9:00. she looked outside and saw darkness is surving with a whiteish moonlight. She get to know that it was night. and she slept on the floor for freaking 5 hours.

She quickly got up and went to open the door. she saw that a maid was there with a tray in her hands. Aerin looked at her confusingly.

Maid: Boss, told us that you will have your dinner in room.

AR: Oh.. But did everyone already ate?

Maid: Yes Mrs.Jeon... Everyone went to sleep now. Boss is in his library and he will come after sometime. He told me to give dinner to you in the room.

The maid said and Aerin looked at the tray which was send by Jungkook. She took the tray and thanked the maid before closing the door. Her stomach was also making weird noises as she was hungry. She skipped her lunch too because of Jungkook's nonsense doings. So she was double hungry.

She tied her hair into a lose bun and then washed her face before wiping it with towel as now, she was feeling fresh. And then went to have her dinner. She finished her dinner quickly because of her damn hunger and then lean back on the couch rubbing her stomach.

After dinner she went downstair with the dish in her hands. she washed her dish in the kitchen and then took out a water bottle and went back.

When she was passing by the hall, she found that the room which always remain closed was open. She got amazed to see it open because no one was allowed to enter the room. Jungkook has the key of the room and he never lets anyone allowed to enter here including Aerin too.

She got shocked to see the closed room open suddenly. And her desperate mind didn't let her go away from there. Instead she went inside it to see what actually inside that room and why Jungkook didn't allowed her to go there.

She went inside and saw that there was darkness serving the room. she got amaze to see this so she turn the light switch on. she adjusted her sight according to the light in the room and then opened her eyes again.

She got confused to see some big wooden boxes and some different type of old furniture. Everything was covered with white sheets. Her eyes twisted at a wall which was also covered with white sheet.

She went there and tried to remove the sheet but a hand quickly grabbed her by her arm and yanked her to other side. she gasped seeing jungkook was standing there with a furious yet dangerous look on his face.

She gulped down feeling like if her breaths left her lungs. He was looking so damn dangerous and angry. His heavy breaths were the proof of his furiousness and his eyes were reddish black like if he is not jungkook but a devil. he tighten his grip on Aerin's arm and she yelp in pain.


He shouted at her and she flinched at his high tone. She closed her eyes while trying to let go from his grip which was hurting her so badly.


AR: I-I was j-just.....


AR: I was passing b-by th-there... I found it open... so I-i came here.

She told him everything honestly but yelped at the same time when she found his grip was tightening on her arm instead of losing.

He clenched her jaw and held her hair roughly with his other hand making her look into his dark brown orbs.

JK: If I ordered you to not to enter this room. Nomatter what.... THEN WHY THE FUCK YOU COME HERE... HUH.

AR: I-I'm sorry... P-please leave me.. y-your hurting me...

JK: It was just hurting... but now, you will face even worse then this.

He spoke dangrously and she looked at him with her glossy hazels. Her eyes were the proof how damn scarred she was. Don't know that what worse he will do with her.

Within a millisecond he pulled her harshly with himself and closed the door before leaving her. He dragged her to their bedroom while she was pleading him to let her go. He throws her inside and closed the door behind himself and come towards her.

JK: If I told you to obey something then you should.... GOT IT!

AR: Leave me please... Your hurting me ahh..

She felt his harsh grip on her scalp again and closed her eyes because of the pain.

JK: If you did a mistake then you should take your punishment... GOT IT... also, when you mess up with a satan like me.

He spoke dangerously and Aerin's blood turned cold. She backed off but jk was enough to catch her again. He yanked and she cried. He made her stand by pulling her harshly. she didn't know what he was doing.

He dragged her harshly towards the balcony and throws her there. She yelped in pain when her legs come in contact with the cold floor.


AR: n-no Jungkook p-please let me i-in... p-please don't do this.


He spat and then closed the balcony's door and went inside leaving Aerin on the balcony of their room which was completely open and the sky was surrouding there. She facepalmed and started sobbing.

On the otherhand, Jk come inside the door after closing the balcony's door leaving Aerin outside with cold temperature. He didn't even thought how cold it was outside and the girl could probably die there.

He sat down on the bed while huffing in anger and looked at Aerin's figure which was lying on the cold floor there while hugging herself and sobbing.

*she rejected me in the morning. Right?... Now fucking die there. bitch*

He turned his head around again completely ignoring her lie down on the bed while closing his eyes.
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