The Unconditional Despise

Chapter 23

Sometimes, It's impossible for me to understand you.
That who the actually are you.

- Aerin



JK turned around and placed his hand there while still closing his eyes as he was in his deep slumber. He found the place empty which was little awakward so he opened his eyes slowly.

Soon his mind recollect all the memories of some hours ago that how he throws Aerin out of the room. He sighed and sat up on the bed while rubbing his eyes. He yawned because of waking up in midnight and then turned to side. He poured himself water in the glass and gulped it down in one go.

His eyes fell down on Aerin again as she was lying there and he can see it through the big glass door. He rolled his eyes and put the glass back and looked at the wall clock. It was 1:30 AM in the night.

He sighed and was about to lay down back when his cellphone buzzed up as it was some sort notifications. He growled in annoyance and took his phone too see. He saw that Jimin messaged him.

Jimin Hyung:
"Your work is done. The truck is now in godown"


"Okay... thanks and sleep well."

He sighed and about to put the cellphone back but his eyes went on the night tempurature notification. It was showing "1.5 degree". His eyes went opened in shock as he didn't expected this.

*The fuck!!... It's so damn cold outside*

He quickly got up from the bed and ran towards balcony and quickly opened the balcony door. He went towards Aerin how the way she was shivering because of the cold. Her lips were shivering so badly. She was hugging herself to give herself some warmness which was nothing for her.

Her eyes were closed and she was sobbing lightly. Jungkook gulped seeing her trembling figure like this and quickly kneeled to her level. He touched her hand and his eyes become wide open in shock when he touched her trembling body.

*Oh shit!! She is Ice-cold. I need to take her inside*

He quickly pick her up in the bridal style and went back in the room. He lied her down the soft warm mattress of their bed and covered her ith blanket till her chest and sat down beside her looking that how damn much she was shivering because of the cold.

*Damn! I shouldn't have done this. She is shivering so much. What should I do now*

He started thinking when his eyes fell on her again. He felt so bad for her. More like, he wanted to hit his head on the wall for doing something so stupid. He can threat her, Scare her. But he did that which leads her to almost her death. He started cursing himself for doing something so silly.

But this was not the time of cursing. He quickly sat beside her and took her hands in his and started rubbing them and blowing his hot breath onto them. He started rubbing her palms in a fast manner to give her some warmness but it was of no use.

She was still shivering like before and his efforts didn't affect her state a bit. He bit his lower lip because of nervousness. And then he quickly went up and stormed towards her legs. He removed the blanket below her legs and took her legs and started rubbing them the way he was rubbing her palms before.

He went and turned on the warm heater and it starts throwing warm air in the room mostly on Aerin as he continued to rub her palms and legs. Minutes went as he was continously trying to give warmness to her but it was no use. Her lips were still shivering as she was holding blanket so tightly over chest while sobbing lightly.

He looked at her as the fear of losing her started filling in his eyes. He bit his lower lip again before standing up. He went towards her and saw her trembling yet helpless state which was somehow hurting him too.

JK: She will gonna hate me more tomorrow.

He sighed while murmuring but then looked at her again.

JK: but it doesn't affect me. I'm sorry.

With that he removed the blanket from her body and starts stripping her. He took off her shirt and her lose PJ leaving her only in her Black innerwears. He again covered her half naked body with the blanket and throws her cloth at side.

He got up from bed and stripped himself too and then went towards bed and lie down beside her covering both of themselves with the blanket. He locked her fragail body in his arms securely and attached himself with hers completely. He started rubbing her back with his palm slightly while she was dugging her facce on his chest.

Ar: p-ple-ease d-don't l-le-eave me... i-i'm sorry.

JK: Hey shush... relax, I'm here... nothing will happen... Relax.

She was murmuring in her sleep and he quickly calmed her with his soothing words. He whispered soothingly in her ear and kissed it slightly while caressing her hair. He was rubbing himself on her continously to give her the warmness she was craving for.

For jk's surprise Aerin even pulled him more closure to herself and and dug her face in his neck while hugging him so tightly like if her life was depended on him. Well, it is really right now.
He pulled her more close to himself and covered her completely with himself and shared the warmness of his body with her.

He can feel her breathing was going normal and her shivering lips were not shivering anymore as her lips were in contact with his skin because her face was dugged deep down in his neck. He can feel her hot breaths on his skin and closed his eyes while caressing her hair.



Aerin's eyes got opened when the sunlight slowly blessed her forehead. She was feeling so warm yet so comfortable. She started smiling at the comfort warmness her body was feeling which she didn't wanted to leave at all.

But her smile didn't took too long. suddenly the last night's incident fill up her mind and she almost started tearing up. she looked under the blanket and found that how hard she was locked in a pair of arms. Jk's face was dugging in Aerin's neck's crook. She turned around and saw him hugging her. Their bodies were attached with eachother's completely. and his hands were surrounding her back and waist.

*Wait! why I can feel him contacting with my skin.*

She looked down again and found both of themselves half naked.

AR: What the fuck!

She gasped and quickly dettaching herself from her and sat up on the bed while covering herself with the blanket. Jungkook growled and opened his eyes. The first thing his eyes catch was a furious Aerin. He took some seconds to recollect his memories and then sat up on the bed. Aerin's eyes become wide when she saw that he was only in his boxers and nothing else on his body.

JK: What bitch?


JK: STOP SHOUTING... CAUSE I ALSO KNOW TO SHOUT... and second thing, I saved you. Instead of thanking me your cursing me. Huh.

AR: How the hell you saved... You simply get what you wanted from me... You ruined me last night... I hate you jeon jungkook.

With that she started crying and jk looked at her with an unexplainable expression.

*The fuck! STop being a crybaby. bitch*

JK: Bitch, If I didn't shared my body's warmness with yours, You would've probablt die... got it... And second, nothing happened between us so stop being a crybaby. Stupid.

He said and went away from there and entered the bathroom leaving her alone. She stopped crying while deep drowing in her thoghts.

*Wait! He was right... cause I'm not feeling any kind of pain in my lower body nor the blood stains... Aishh! Thank god. I'm safe.*

She sighed and leaned back on the bed while holding blanket tightly over her chest waiting as jungkook was in the shower.



V was keep sitting therwith his black bagpack in his hands waiting for jaechan to come downstairs. And after sometime, jaechan finally come downstairs as he already got the news from his man that V will come to give him some important papers and a CD related to their mission.

V got up from the couch and shared a handshake with jaechan and sat back on his previous spot.

JC: So, what is the work for me.

He asked and taehyung took out the papers and CD from his bagpack and forwarded the papers towards him. He took them and started examining the papers.

V: Mr.Jeon, told me to give them to you... It's an order from Mr. Kang too.

JC: Oh so, I Have to go to Taipei.

V: yeah... You will talk to the dealer and get the weapons under your control.

JC: Hmm.. okay. and...

V: This is the CD, I've put all the necessary info in it. It will help you to work on the mission with guidness.

JC: Hmm, Thanks.

V: But, be carefull and aware... because enemies will try to attack you on taeipie. and Your success in this mission matter for both jungkook and Mr. Kang.

JC: Okay don't worry...

Jaechan got a call from Minho and attend it excusing himself from V and he nodded.
V was sitting silently while rubbing his hands together looking at the whole mansion as there was nothing to do in alone.

Suddenly he found a small boyish figure running in the hall and he fell there on the ground.

EH: AHH mamma...

Eunho started crying and V got up and went towards eunho as he was crying. V kneeled down to his level while examining him and asking him.

V: Omo! Kid, Are you fine...

EH: Ahh mom.... It's hurting...

He was continously calling his mom while crying and V picked him up in his arms.

V: Where are you hurting........

AY: Omo! Eunhoyah..

V heard a female voice and turned around with Eunho in his arms to see who is it. Ahyeon quickly come towards them.

But they both got shocked to see each other again and after so many years... V blinked several times but gulped hard when he found that she was really standing infront of him.

V: A-ahyeon ah...

AY: Taehyung?



Taehyung was smiling widely with a little rose flower in his hands. His friends were cheering him while hooting his name. He went towards a girly figure and looked at in her brownish hazels while forwarding the rose towards her.

Ahyeon was so shocked to see her senior and also the most dangerous boy in their centre was standing infront of her and also forwarding rose towards her. taehyung smiled and said.

TH: I... umm.. I really like you Cha Ahyeon.

he confessed and all the boys started hooting and cheering also the girls gasped at the sudden confession of their IT centre's badboy. They all come here to take Tech classes and they all were friends. except Ahyeon and Taehyung. She always scarred of him and his flirty nature towards girl. Also he was the most dangrous boy in the boy group whom everyone scarred of.

Ahyeon tucked her lower lip while holding her books tightly and looked down not knowing what to say.

TH: I said I like you Ahyeon ah... will you be my valentine?

AY: N-no... I-I don't l-like you...

She said stuterring and ran away from there leaving taehyung alone with his feelings for her.

Taehyung eyes filled with tears and he clenched on the flower in his hand as the thorns of the flowers pierced his palm's skin but he has no effect of it.



Taehyung was so surprised to see Ahyeon infront of him also after so many years. He was feeling like if his all old memories were piercing his heart again. Till then Eunho's cried again filled.

EH: Mom, It's hurting...

AY: Where.. where are you hurting?

She asked while taking eunho in her arms as taehyung was standing there all shocked and surprised.

EH: Here...

The little boy pouted while showing his mom his knee and ahyeon wiped his tears while soothing him.

AY: Let mamma do your bandages..

She was about to leave but taehyung's words stopped her again.

TH: He is your son....

She felt her heart was sinking deep down in pain and she closed her eyes to not cry infront of him. she looked up again and nodded.

AY: Umm yes.. He is my and jaechan's child.

She explained and taehyung felt pain in his throat and chest. He was about to say something but till then jaechan come there.

JC: What happened to eunho..

AY: He fell down while playing.

she said and Jaechan took eunho in his arms while soothing him and he was sobbing.

JC: Hey cham.. don't worry, let dad do your wounds... Then you will be fine again.

He said and left from there. Ahyeon also went behind them leaving Taehyung alone standing there with his broken feelings and hearts.
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